Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hwang Bo's letter to Hyun Joong

Hi Hyun Joong! No, I should call you little groom.

Two months have passed since we first appeared on WGM together. Initially it was so awkward between the both of us that we could not even look each other in the eye, but now I think that things have become more natural between us. Why am I remembering this? Remember how when we first started filming, the director just told us "You are the husband and you are the wife". Now as time passes, it feels that we are really husband and wife, and the feeling of "How should I do this" has also changed.

Hyun Joong, you know this too, that I have never once dated a younger man before. That's why when we first started together, I didn't have anything to say. I was also afraid that I might do something wrong and get it from the younger brothers in law. Before, if any younger guys asked me to go out with them, I'd say that he wasn't thinking straight, but now if I met someone like you, I'd think that it would be good to try it out. I'm someone who has never dated another celebrity, but now I'm seeing one.

Nowadays, everyone calls me "Hwang Bu In". I guess they find it fun. There should be a lot of people referring to you as "Kid Groom" too right? Everyone has been saying that they are seeing a different side of me, but I'm not too sure myself. I really wonder if I was really that boyish in programs before. But those who are really close to me were not surprised at all. I've always liked cooking and have always been good at cleaning. Afterall, the one thing that I hate the most in this world is dust. Haha! Although you’re rather blunt and seem rather absurd, I was surprised to realize that you are a rather deep thinker. Although you only treat me well when we’re alone, haha.

You also seem different on this show as compared to the other programs that you have participated in, such as Love Letter. In previous programs, all we had to show was how to win the other person’s heart right? Now, we have to live together and show how close we have become ever since getting married, which can be rather scary. Who would have known that this program would have gotten so out of hand? In the previous programs we could have displayed partly real sides of us, but this is a completely real program right? I'm sure that everyone would like it even if we show a side of us that's more compatible, right?

Even so, I still have some difficulties. Since this is the main topic spoken about wherever I go, I worry if I can still continue doing other programs. But the worries that I had when we first started about the SS501 fans are no longer on my mind. I have received messages from them saying "Please don't worry about us and have skinship!" and "You're very well matched". These messages have really made me feel very happy. You have to help me thank them later on. Right! Last night I received a message from someone who is living with her husband who's six years younger than her. She said that the program was really interesting and she found strength from watching it. This made me feel very happy as well.

Another thing! I came out with a new album after such a long time. Koo Jun Yub oppa and Shim Tae Yoon oppa helped me out in this album. The song that I have been singing lately is called "It's Hot" paired with techtonik dances. I've been practicing dancing the whole night, till I nearly collapsed. Everyone says that I look better when I am dancing rather than when I'm singing ballads. If you ever see it, please monitor it. I'll teach it to you when you return. It's a lot easier than one thinks!

Live well in Japan, and come back to Korea healthy. I'll see you when we're filming. Bye!

*Credits: Soompi*


SyaHmE said...

omg..can u plz tell me why did she wrote this letter?was this supposed to be private?
thanks in advance..ur blog is uber cool.. i check on it everyday!!~

Anonymous said...

wahhh where did you get this?hehe... i always check this site... as in like everyday... hehe thank u so much for all the posts ....

Anonymous said...

to answer above question, she wrote it around..July 18th

really wish this was sent to him (but how???) but who knows, he might have visited her cyworld and found this article just like he watched the programs she was on.

if I met someone like you, I'd think that it would be good to try it out.
this is the best thing that she ever said that assured me that she didn't get tired of him...sometimes his bluntness drives me crazy! so i'm worried if she feels the same.

Although you only treat me well when we’re alone
so him! can't do this in front of anyone else...

thank you so much for this, never get bored reading it hehe


Anonymous said...

but.... I dont understand why she'd write this if you kno what i mean?

n i done understand this part
"I'm someone who has never dated another celebrity, but now I'm seeing one"
is she admitting to that celebrity scandal with shim tae...
she better be talking about hyun joong but somehow that doesnt fit?!
why would she say to him she's seeing someone else?!?!
IM CONFUSED .. could someone clarify please?

Anonymous said...

awww...that is so sweettt...

well good luck for both of them.. best wishes...

Jacqueline Tan said...

On the confusion by Anonymous on Hwang Bo statement that she has never dated a celebrity but she is seeing one refers to Kim Hyun Joong himself.

They are 'tied' together a 'relationship' because of the program.

We know that the ground rule of the 'We Got Married' celebrities are that they must not be in an actual relationship themselves in real life to qualify to the show

The other two men she mentioned is helping her with her new album and could be someone Hyun Joong knows as well. A wifey thing to tell your husband who you are spending time with while he is away.

Cat Lynn said...

Is it really written by Hwang Bo?
I just feel...... really not like her.

Anonymous said...

did she ever give it to hyun joong?..or was it on her cyworld.? i dont get it..
hope he had received it.. but i remember him sayin that they feel less like a couple afer coming back from japan in ep 20.. if he had this letter shouldn't he be more in the relation..

i feel she wrote this when he made a video mail..saying he's in he wrote him back..