Saturday, July 19, 2008

WGM- Partial editing?

In this week's broadcast of WGM, there was a dissatisfaction as to the allocation of time among the couples, and that the editing was partial towards the Hyun Joong- Hwang Bo couple.

The stars of this week's episode is the Hyun Joong- Hwang Bo couple (also known as the Lettuce couple). This is not seen as an exaggeration as most of the time of the episode was spent on them.

The focus this week other than the other three couples was the trip to Japan that Hwang Bo went on in search of Hyun Joong. She went to the SS501 dorm in order to find Hyun Joong. It is because of this that the time slot allocated for the couple has been increased more than usual.

What received the most attention from fans was the public date that Hyun Joong, who was dressed in a Pooh costume, had with Hwang Bo in Tokyo, where they experienced the nightlife there.

Most of the fans of the other couples were dissatisfied and left unsavoury remarks on the bulletin board of the program.

The time allocation for the other three couples were relatively short as compared to the Hyun Joong- Hwang Bo couple.

One of the members of the audience complained that out of the 90 minutes running time, Alex-Shinae were only given 9 minutes, whereas another member of the audience, known as Toro, said that the time given to Andy-Solbi was too short and that the timings should be allocated evenly, expressing his disappointment.

The production team explained that while it was best if they could evenly distribute the time allocations, but in order to produce a more fun program, this even distribution would be difficult as most of the attention would be spent on parts that were most interesting.

*Credits: Cynews, Soompi*


Anonymous said...

ya lor.....they so hanggle over the showing time to their support couple...but you know how many viewer to joongbo per day at a astonishing figure!!!so the production team was RIGHT!!!

Anonymous said...

yeahh.. i think the pd made a right decision.. because it would better to broadcast more interesting part rather than to divide it evenly n then captured a boring show... n oveall.. ep 18 is the best ep so far..

Anonymous said...

aww i hope this doesnt affect japan part 2 this sunday! i ope its realllly long just for our fave joongbo couple :D lol PD's should just not listen to those complaints

abc said...

uhuh, tell me bout it lol. *rolls eyes*
when some other couples had too many airtimes with some *coughs* boring scenes did i hear any complaints? uhmm. lol.
those bitter selfish ppl, when their couple took most of the show, no one said anything. pshh, think they're all that huh?
i had to laugh at response at another blog where ppl bashed the PDs. hello. if the pd are that stupid, those angry viewers won't even be watching the show anymore. haha. WGM is by far one of the smartest show, with a really smart team, they manage to trick everyone including those on the shows itself abt how real it is and all.
i actually love the PDs for coming up with the idea of pairing up Hyunjoong n Hwangbo. that's the ultimate bliss for me.
Fighting Love!

ps: sorry if my comment is somewhat rude n ruin your blog. i really can't force myself to be sweet here. thanks so much for the trans.

Anonymous said...

I agree!! Let the newer couple get some more airtime since they started late, too!

Lol. I'm just biased cause I love our joongbo. kekekeke

Unlike others, I am really guiltily happy that they got so much airtime! I didn't even realize they did until people started commenting on that! XD

Anonymous said...

i think its fair enough, because joongbo couple is funnier and cuter

Anonymous said...

why did they just talk anyway? if they did the math for the previous episodes, they'd find out!
In Ep.18, this couple was so hilarious and interesting (even make a rating higher), they deserve 33 minutes airtime.

Anonymous said...

ah sucks for those fans.
But JoongBo is just so much more interesting :P

Anonymous said...

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