Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hwang Bo's facial expression on Radio Star

A guest on Radio Star mentioned a time when she went drinking with the younger Hyun Joong and Hero Jae Joong and said that there was once that they drank up to 60,000 won on drinks, and Hero left as he was too calculative over the amount.

The other younger guy, Hyun Joong paid for their drinks instead, resulting in an expression from Hwang Bo worthy of being made into a GIF.

Take a good look at Hwang Bu In's reactions. Wow.

She further said that when she realised that Hero Jae Joong left because of the bill, she turned to Hyun Joong and asked "Really?", while watching for Hwang Bo's reaction.

The moment her husband's name was mentioned, she bowed her head slightly and looked the other way. After that, she took notice of the camera, blinked a few times and didn't show any reactions. Hahahaha.

Although Hwang Bu In tried to conceal her emotions, they were still portrayed out. Hahahaha.


What's more suspicious is the way she pretended not to have a reaction even though the topic referred to her husband, Hyun Joong. Hahahaha.

How interesting. Hahahaha.

*Credits: Yonhap News,, Soompi*


lovesub said...

the first thing that came to my mind was..
how irresponsible.
no kidding.
Hyunjoong=how foolishly innocent but responsible. ahaha.
that's why i love him.
ok, now Jaejoong/dbsk fans shoot me, rite?
Hwangbo you lucky unnie. i wonder what reaction she's hiding. hmm, perhaps she actually felt like laughing? eh? hmm. lol.
Thanks for the stuffs as always.
much love.

chonsa said...

heyya lovesub! i heard about what happened to your account on youtube, that really sucks. i was just browsing through it last night to look for episodes to download, sigh. where am i going to find those episodes now?? sigh...

Anonymous said...

sub, you beat me
chonsa, you haven't found those WGM cuts? well, i'll try look it up for you...just wait ok?
whether i find it or not i'll send you PM at soompi.

seriously, chonsa, those "Hahahaha" is in the news? if yes, then hahaha

ah! i saw the GIF last night but i really didn't get why korean fans posted it since there was only a GIF and said "look at HB's expression"

HB did bowed her head and looked at the table, what expression she was about to show??? i wonder...proud of him? sorry for his purely innocence but resposible?
Gosh, she's so lucky!!!!!!!!!!! Catch him, unnie!

BTW, 60000 won? is it much?
and Jaejoong is so dead *get killed*

I must dig the thread up to find that GIF!

You-Know-Who ......

it's me, Muize. hahaha

chonsa said...

muize, 60000 won is about 60USD? roughly, not too sure what the current rates are.

this isn't really a news article, it's a fan's write up about what happened. which explains all the 'hahahaha-s'!! or in korean: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

and thanks for being my source again!! where do you guys usually download from? clubbox? i don't know why but it never works for me. it just won't download. sigh...

Anonymous said...

^ nomarlly i download HQ from CB but if download from CB now, i think it'll take years to finish it <_<

you don't mind if it's not HQ version, do you? but i can tell you that the quality isn't that bad at all
now i got EP17-20 links trying to find more
wish me luck \^O^/

Muize ~~~~

evelyn168 said...

Well, from what I know, I don't think Kim Hyun Jung and Jaejoong are close. I'm a big H.O.T. fan and I know that whenever Heejun calls Jaejoong's Japan number, JJ would hand HJ up. He'll call HJ back cause he thinks it'll be too expensive for HJ to pay the international bill. I'm guessing that JJ left because he had something to do or wasn't close with KHJ.

Also, my thought on this is that Hyun Joong is really well mannered. He wouldn't have KHJ pay because he's probably not close to her and the other reason might be he's drunk. Haha... From the show, it seems like KHJ said that Hyun Joong had his arms on her shoulder or the other way around. I think Hyun Joong wants to pay for her since he probably doesn't want any more connections with KHJ. I mean, if someone treats you to a meal, you'll have to treat them next time. If he treated her, then it means he doesn't have to be connected to her anymore...

Also, from what I know, Hyun Joong isn't close with any female celebs. I only heard that he's close with T.O.P., that's it.

evelyn168 said...

I just went to Chinese Baidu and saw a translation of the show. Here's the link:

From what I gather, HB broke up with her ex-bf because of different personalities. Also, it says that KHJ likes younger boys and stuff. HB also sticks up for Jaejoong saying that they've seen each other at those street tents before and he paid the bill for her. So I'm guessing here that KHJ isn't close with JJ.

I feel like Hyun Joong has alot of competition... The DBSK boys are all so nice to her.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, HJ is close friends with Gummy, right (that was on the soompi thread).

Hwangbo is probably tired of always hearing HJ's name all the time so she was just trying to act like it had nothing to do with her... not really about her having any feelings, per se. I just hope she doesn't feel too pressured by the show.

Anonymous said...

ye I hope hwangbo unnie isnt feeling pressurred due to ss501 fans aswell, luv her too much

Anonymous said...

aww Soompi isnt working for me? or is not working at all...

I really wanted to read the comments n see that GIF aswell :(

Anonymous said...

aiyah...hero just left like that? T.T....

aww...hyunjoong paid all! how sweet =3

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...