Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The serenade Hyun Joong prepared for Hwang Bo: " Remembering the lyrics..."

Hyun Joong sang "I'm glad" in front of his make believe wife during the broadcast of WGM on the 29th.

During the 11th episode, Hyun Joong played Kim Bum Soo's "Bogoshipda" on the piano for Hwang Bo before stopping midway, saying that he had only practiced till there.

Hwang Bo smiled happily at that, and brought out her knitting while saying that when she finished it, she would give it to him as a present. Upon hearing that, Hyun Joong promised that he would finish learning the song and play it for her.

Their previous promise to each other was shown during the broadcast. Hwang Bo made a mustard colored scarf for Hyun Joong and placed it around his neck for him personally.

But Hyun Joong was unable to completely play the song "Bogoshipda" as he couldn't practice due to his busy schedule. He played the front part of the song for her before telling her that since he couldn't play the piano for her, he would sing her a song instead and started to sing Lee Jyok's "I'm glad".

Hyun Joong began singing the first few lines of the song before stopping and saying "Hold on a while. Why is it that I suddenly can't remember the lyrics? I'll download it from the Internet and sing it for you". He used Hwang Bo's handphone to look for the lyrics and continued singing for her.

While looking at the lyrics through the handphone, Hyun Joong started saying that the lyrics kept on disappearing and stated that he should sing from the middle for her before the lyrics started disappearing again; and he serenaded to her.

The viewers expressed that Hyun Joong's 4D personality was funny and that they were anticipating what Hwang Bo's newly married life would bring about next.

*Credits: Gonews, Soompi*

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Kristine said...

I absolutely love the translations you give. Thank you. Waiting for subs is a drag, and long period, and having you translate and summarize is great. I love joong bo.

I do have a slight request..Is there a way you could change the color of the font. It's black font on top of a dark blue background. If it's possible. Either way I'll still try hard to read it, but I was just wondering...Sorry for the bug. I'm still very thankful though...Thank you.