Tuesday, July 29, 2008

WGM: Hwang Bo and Shin Ae's fight?

The competetive sides of the couples were shown in the broadcast of WGM on the 27th, which was about their summer holiday mission.

Alex-Shin Ae and Hyun Joong- Hwang Bo went to Haeundae in Busan whereas Andy- Solbi and Crown J- In Young went to Kang Pyong for their holiday.

Both the Alex-Shin Ae and Hwang Bo- Hyun Joong couples spent a happy time in Haeundae playing games and going fishing together.

However, the still awkward Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong were feeling jealous towards the somewhat natural Alex- Shin Ae couple as well as towards Alex's skills.

The previews for next week also showed a fight between Shin Ae and Hwang Bo, which even resulted in tears.

Although the reason for the fight has not been disclosed, members of the audience have written on the bulletins that they think that both Hwang Bo and Shin Ae are pranking their husbands. Their speculations are that if they really did have a fight, it would not have been shown in the previews.

The fight between Shin Ae and Hwang Bo are currently the most searched for topic in portals and search engines by the netizens who are anxious to find out the truth.

*Credits: Digital News, Soompi*


lovesub said...

jealous? jealous? haha. tell me bout it.

Alex-Shinae has more to be jealous of Hyunjoong-Hwangbo than the other way round. honestly. i really do think all couples are starting to feel jealous of this couple. reason, for them to know, n for us to think of. haha.

medias made hyunjoong-hwangbo sound like such loser. eugh, can't be help i guess. *shrugs*

Thank you for the trans. appreciated.

pseudoalia said...

I really appreciate the translation, thank you! HB and HJ is closer than ever this epi, despite how the epi reflects some feeling of disappointment from them. :D

Anonymous said...

Jealous? since when these two became jealous persons? why made them look so bad?
Well pairing them up with AlShin is not bad idea why don't make these two couples have...
oh!wait a minute, i remember one thing, last time you translated a news which PD said sth like he set up or had a plan sth

here i found it..
He also hinted that there will be memorable instances for the cast in this special.

this can't be a bad thing right? is this what episode will be? hmm...i wonder


Anonymous said...

I think other couples are jealous of HB/HJ too. Crown J gets jealous when SIY talks about the "fresh boy" and wanting to be around him. Alex seemed jealous of Hyun Joong. Everyone wasnts to be around this couple because they are funny. Andy is good friends with Hwang Bo and calls her. LHL talked trash to HB/HJ when they were in the studio to the point they had to shut down the show. It appears that people are jealous of the fun/laughter the two of them seem to have with one another.

Anonymous said...

who's LHL?

Anonymous said...

yeah, who's LHL and what episode was that in?

Anonymous said...

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