Monday, July 7, 2008

Hyun Joong: Hwang Bo throws tantrums as we're closer now

Hyun Joong sang a love seranade to Hwang Bo.

The 17th episode of WGM broadcasted the make believe couple Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo's memory making. The both of them displayed their newly wedded life as they cleared and cleaned their new house together.

They were also faced with the situation where Hyun Joong was going to leave for Japan for his group activities. However, although Hwang Bo personally packed his luggage while expressing her reluctance, Hyun Joong's facial expressions were rather frustrating for her.

Hwang Bo said in her private interview that "Although it was make believe, it didn't feel that way. It felt strange when I was packing his luggage. I hate luggage bags and the feeling I get that one is leaving far away when I see luggage bags". She also said "when Hyun Joong jokingly said that he was going off, I felt sad, even though it was just a joke. It was even more so when he didn't seem to show any reluctance at leaving at all".

Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo also filled their mini pool with water and played with toys in there, when Hyun Joong said that he was going into the toilet and disappeared for 20 minutes. He was in fact secretly memorizing the lyrics for the song "I'm glad" as he was unable to do so in the previous episode.

However, Hwang Bo who was unaware of this, said that she could not understand his disappearance and said that it was really annoying. Hyun Jong eventually told her everything and charmingly sang the song for her.

In his private interview, he said "I've done many wrong things today, I didn't play the piano for her and I didn't wear the vest that she made me to Thailand. I did a lot of things to irritate her and she seemed angry, so I just kept quiet. She keeps on getting angry these days, since we're a little closer now," smiling as he said these words.

Hwang Bo who was moved by his actions said "He sang the song because he was unable to memorize the piano piece and seeing him trying to do something for me made me feel good. Compared to before, it seems that he has changed a lot". She also said that what was even better was that she was able to make him change.
*Credits: Gonews*

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