Monday, April 27, 2009

KPN news in a flash

Just a few updates on KPN! ^^!! Not very new, I'm pretty sure that all these news has been posted already, but just decided to post it here in brief.

1) Promotions for KPN in Japan may face a setback as Kusonagi Tsuyoshi, host of SMAP X SMAP, and SMAP member, was arrested in Japan for indecent exposure while under the influence of alcohol. It is unsure when the episode in which the cast of KPN appeared on will be broadcast as sponsorships and other programmes in which he partakes in has been held back.

2) KPN is set to be broadcast in Taiwan and Japan in August.

3) Samsung Anycall Haptic Mission ads with Son Dam Bi will be made available on MNet and on from the 25th onwards.

4) There will be a 25 minute KPN special MV set to be released on the 28th. This MV will feature their stories 5 years later.

*fingers crossed for my mini script for Ji Hoo to come true!!*



Anonymous said...

KPN is set to broadcast in Singapore in May too

Anonymous said...

Anticipating tomorrow! Gah! I want Jihoo first love to come back and give him a big hug.
The CF is quite cute. Hyun Joong is the cutest of the bunch of course kekeke

evelyn168 said...

I thought they had other shows besides SMAPXSMAP. I'm really disappointed in Tsuyoshi Kusanagi cause I really liked Smap when I was elementary school. I guess Japanese fans will have to wait till SS501 release their album in Japan to see them.

I think I saw previews of the Samsung ad, but yeah, I wish the main girl wasn't SDB. I wish it was Kim So Eun since it's with F3. But better yet, Hwangbo would be amazing. But I'm glad it's SDB since HJ at least knows her. It's less awkward. Can't wait to see the full ad.

Instead of counting down to the 28th, I'm counting down to the 29th, where it's Joongbo's 1st year anniversary. I guess the 28th is the icing on the cake.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chonsa...I'm an avid fan of khj and hb since WGM was launched in korea (I WATCH IT IN MYSOJU AND YOUTUBE) Since then, I followed their stories and when KPN was launched I was a fan too specially of Jihoo (our KHJ). Im actually from the Philippines and this coming MAY, KPN will be broadcasting IN ABS-CBN one of the largest tv network here in the Phils. I'm very happy and pleased that finally, KPN has reached us. Btw, thanks to you, I'm always posted on what's happening with KHJ nad hwang bo. thanks thanks..-HOPE fr. Manila, Philippines.

Witchtwitch09 said...

chonsie.. keeping my fingers crossed for the mini script too..still trying to find out what time that MV is showing.. x.x