Friday, May 1, 2009

Pic Spam!!

Just felt like a pic spam... not much news lately... ^^

*Credits: ss601*


Anonymous said...

ahh i want to know what question they asked in the fanmeeting that they all pointed to hyun joong! x]

lisha0815 said...

nice set of pics!
especially the first and the last ones... that was so cute..

JeNgGA said...

i don't know for sure but i read from other forums...apparently they asked the cast whose personality is most different from the character they play. everyone pointed at hyun joong and he himself did too =) but we all know what they mean so it's all good =)

Anonymous said...

Yea! The first and last pics! Shillang & his 4Dness! XD

He looks so cute in that traditional Korean garb! All he needs is HB in a hanbok by his side~ ^^;;