Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wedding Debt 1

This is a translation done by Witchtwitch off a Chinese creation by 不见不爱不痛, who wrote these lists on her blog. Read and enjoy, because it really is adorable!

Parts 2,3 and 4 to follow!

Thanks Witch for translating and 不见不爱不痛 for allowing me to share your wonderful work with the rest of the Joongboers!


To my dearest Kim Hyun Joong,

Due to the fact that we have already divorced, I believe there is a need to calculate the expenses we have incurred during these 31 weeks of marriage and make a list.

1. Rental of the beetle convertible, yacht and suite during the honeymoon --- 2,000,000

2. Rental of the luxurious apartment in the city--- 1,200,000

3. Water used to fill up your favorite pool-like bath tub during house warming--- 60,000

4. Food purchased for hosting friends and brothers-in-law during house warming--- 100,000

5. Entrance tickets to the outdoor swimming complex--- 60,000

6. Birthday cake and gift bought specially for your birthday--- 100,000

7. Dress specially bought to be worn on your birthday--- 100,000

8. Shifting house--- 400,000

9. Medical fees incurred while knitting your muffler--- 20,000

10. Baby blown up pool bought specially for you--- 20,000

11. My trip to Japan because I missed you--- 2,000,000

12. The vacation with AlShin couple--- 500,000

13. Fireworks bought to make you happy--- 20,000

14. Wedding photo shoot for our 100th day Anniversary--- 2,000,000

15. Petrol used during the trip to the rural village--- 60,000

16. First farewell dinner--- 100,000

17. Ant Couple Tour--- 100,000

18. Trip to your favorite amusement park--- 40,000

19. Match-making dinner planned for my beloved brothers-in-law--- 100,000

20. Loss incurred for doing weird actions during my performance all thanks to your strange
mission --- 200,000

21. Skating together--- 20,000

22. Vaccine taken to take precautions for your health--- 40,000

23. Your favorite ginseng chicken--- 20,000

24. Dress and hairdo I prepared specially for the farewell--- 400,000

25. The tasty kimbap bought for the Halla San hike--- 10,000

26. The countless couple tops that originally can be recycled but in the end were ruined by you--
- 100,000

27. More than 10 types of conditioners bought for you and secretly stashed in your bag---

28. Countless facial treatments done for you--- 800,000

29. Gained antis after being married to you, lead to visits to psychiatrist--- 200,000

30. Vitamins and ramen bought for you during your trip to Japan--- 20,000

31. Summit wine bought to celebrate our successful hike--- 15,000

32. SS501 album bought in Japan to support your band--- 25,000

33. Vet medical cost for Jins, you strangled her because you liked my aegyo too much during the Busan trip--- 50,000

At the present moment, these are the items I can think of. If you have doubts to any of the items above, please reply this letter or call my cell phone.

The total amount is 11,200,000 Won.

If there is no issue, please credit this amount into my bank account.

Thank you.

Your first wife,

Hwang Bo Hye Jung

*Credits: http://ssangchu.blogbus.com, http://ssangchu.blogbus.com/logs/38403169.html *


Anonymous said...

omg!!! hahahaha~!!! this is damn cute!!! thanks for sharing!!! :DDD

Anonymous said...

haha. that it's funny. my lettuce couple

Hyunika said...

LOL....this is hillarious!!! tks for sharing Chonsa....will look forward for the rest of the parts!

Anonymous said...

muahahaha! very funny. looking forward for another part. thanks chonsa and witchwitch.

Anonymous said...

lawls that was finny :]]]

Anonymous said...

it is so cute!!!!!!!

sureL said...

lol!!! awwwww <3

Anonymous said...

very funny, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I can't read it , tried to find the link but there was none to the fanfic.

Anonymous said...

just asking.. at number 6 and 7... about celebrating hyun joong's birthday.. was it shown in we got married?? i can't recall that.. can someone please tell me what episode was that??

Anonymous said...

lol, that ia just sooo lettuce style. This is just too adorable, thanks unnie C and witch for the translation and for sharing it.

Witchtwitch09 said...

Hihi, HB celebrated HJ's birthday in Ep 15 after they came back from the outdoor pool. Remember HB making the white vest for him? She also made him seaweed soup which he mentioned in the later eps.. :) Hope this clarifies your qn..

Stay tuned for Part 2 tonight... :)

lsmoney said...

it's damn funny. can't wait for part 2.

Anonymous said...

This letter is so cute! I really can't wait for part 2 of this letter hehe. Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

So funny, but I thought the Skating was paid by HB for she dugged out his wallet. Haha.
Thank you chonsa.

Anonymous said...

awwwww sugue... amazing!

soooo darn cutie!

i hope hwang bo sees this! im sure she'll be laughing :)

Raia said...

That's seriously cute! I can't wait for Part 2! ^^

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the translation~~
And by the way i'm 不见不爱不痛~

Anonymous said...

puahhahaah... CUTENESS!!!

omg... i hope someone would post this somewhere in daum or so... then both HJ n HB could read it... and LOL... hehehe...

thanks for posting chonsa...

cati_21 said...

onmg! whahahaha really really good!
made me rofl! hehehe

Anonymous said...

this is so hilarious!!! great job!!

Anonymous said...

No.29 Antis-200,000. Eventhough this amount means as cash but suddenly I notice the figure is same when Hyun Joong mention 200,ooo antis during Coca Cola CF interview. Coincidence or did he read her blog????

Minaruu said...

xDDD omg haha...cute this brought me to tears

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing. GodBless!

Anonymous said...

awww. someone should translate this in korean and send HJ and HB each a copy. <3

i really really miss the original WGM. they put on a really really good reality tv show just like in the original XMAN.

UnTouch@bLe ^guRL said...

i wisH i haVe soME1 to LOve Like thiS...iTs so cuTe anD toucHing...
wonDEr if unnie anD HJ eVer sEe thiS...they suRe be smiLing anD remembEring thoSe gOOd memRies oF them 2gEthER~........eVen they are not 2gethEr anymoRe...suRe this wiLL neVer be 4gotteN by them....memriEs thAt they wiLL cheRIsh 4eVEr!~
anD i do beLieVe they haVe "thinggy" 2gethER..its possibLe 4 them 2 be togethEr...many famOus ceLebs dATe youngEr guys nowadays!~

Anonymous said...

this is great, i just finished watching WGM, episode 8-38, (I know i'm a bit late)...and i must say, the Wedding debt, settles the score, this will be my "HAPPY ENGING"...

Anonymous said...

bravo~~ is it the real letter from sshangchu couple? or someone wrote and post such as fan fic?? howeever,it's so cute and remind all memories to me ..many thks to guys to post