Monday, May 25, 2009

Hwang Bo: I am touched by the love shown by my Philippine fans

Hwang Bo, who was in the Philippines recently, was left with a deep impression with the love shown by her fans.

Despite the late hour of her arrival into Philippines, she was greeted with the sight of a huge crowd of her fans waiting for her at the airport. She spent happy moments with her fans, taking photos and doing the 'To the world!' cheer that was featured in the last episode of WGM with the fans, before leaving them while promising to see them again next time.

Hwang Bo said that she didn't know that there would be so many fans waiting for her at the airport and said that she was deeply touched by the love shown by the Philippine fans. She also added that if there ever was a chance, she would want to return to the Philippines and spend more time with her fans.

Hwang Bo is currently preparing for her activities after the launching of her digital single 'Words I can't believe' in April.




Thanks to you guys, she knows of her international fans and how much we love and support her!

We love you guys!!!!!! ^^!!!!!!!!

One more thing, I hope you guys don't mind that I used the photo that was published in the Korean news portals, but if you do, then leave me a note and I'll change the pic. I just wanted everyone to know and appreciate the girls who made this happen!


Anonymous said...

I love Hwangbo.She deserves this treatment.

michsann said...

what else can i say? im also touched.

i think i've been posting about this IG experience for a week now ... just let me do this coz by tom, im back to BUSY MODE again ...

honestly, we just went there to see HWANG BUIN and to make her feel very welcome and to let her know that there are a lot of fans around the globe who support her (that's why it's important that she reads that pic message - coz the msgs there are from fans of diff nationality) ... and if only we have more than a week to prepare and we're not too busy, a lot more Pinays would have been there to greet her.

seriously, our main purpose is JUST TO SEE HER ... being able to hand the gifts to her personally is already a bonus ... being able to hug her, kiss her and have a pic with her is a much bigger bonus ... and being able to LAUGH WITH HER after we shouted "SAEGYERO" is indeed the best thing that ever happened that night ... and honestly, we never thought we will be featured in Korean TV -- it never occurred to us while we were planning on what to give HB and the rest of the girls ... we just realized that possibility when we saw all those cams w/ red lights while we greeted them -- everything you see on the vids are indeed soooo REAL!!!

oh, yeah, i almost forgot we also went there to make sure she receive the couple shirt from a diff continent.

and yes. im touched becoz from her latest interviews, she obviously appreciated our efforts. that one, i expected from her, but i never thought she would say something in public. she's someone who makes sure to keep her promises. she never promised that she'll go back to the Phils to spend time with her fans but the thought that she wanted it, then, soon, it might come true. i just hope all her Pinay supporters will know it when that happens.

SSORY. im still high. to the point that it took me a week to realize and remember what really happened that night. and it's not just me. im speaking also on behalf of my co-bubblezzangs from manila! i guess, that's how much we love hwang bo. she's just someone whose kindness just overflows.

that's hye jung's effect on me. and i believe HJ is not stupid enough to let go of such an angel.

cati_21 said...

meeting her in cebu was a once in a lifetime chance we had to grab without thinking! hehehe... I still have HWANGBOver... im just soo happy I got to listen to her laughter!.....the rofl one! hahaha that made the trip so worth it!..... and we couldn't have done that kind of welcome without the help of international Hwangbo and Joongbo fans.... they were with us in every step of the way..... i know they would have done the same if she went to their countries.....
the TO THE WORLD part is so epic for me! hehehehe by just mere eye contact and a few connivance in tagalog we were able to create that moment!.... if i could just bottle that laughter and share it with all of you..... that laughter sent me to heaven! :)

Anonymous said...

Mich, cati and eun chan...after reading your accounts in soompi and here...all i can do is shout "YAYAYAYA"....woohoo! Well done.

So happy you have made Hwang Bo realised that she is loved, admired and respected outside of korea.

Anonymous said...

"a huge crowd of fans" wow!! Seems like tons of fans came to welcome her!!! Really excited for Hwang Bo.

Anonymous said...

WOW, I still get over the fact that you guys (Michsann, Cati_21, eun-chan and the rest of the gangs) were able to give her such a warm welcome. You guys are amazing! THANK YOU! She's so amazing to have mention about the welcome she received cuz I know artists don't have to do that but the fact that she did that made me realized just how special she is. HJ oppa, don't ever let her go!!! Hehe

Anonymous said...

She's a wonderful person inside and out. I don't usually admire showbiz people but for her, i was amaze of her dedication to her craft and to the less fortunate people. She always been in medical mission a lot. I do respected her and hopefully, she will find someone who will be true to her. Wishin her always the best. If it is HJ is good,( Are you listening?hahaha) ,......if not, someone who is will apreciate her. Love yah, Unni.

Minaruu said...

this makes so happy hearing her words.

jhumur said...

michsan,cati and all u others did she knows how well-loved she is:)

yokesoe said...

Thanks to you guys,she was happy.
i'm also happy for her.

haejin said...

I HEART HWANGBO!!! lolz SHe's my idol hardcore >.<
I'm glad that she enjoyed her stay and I wish her good luck in everything she does.

-Andie Mortis