Saturday, May 9, 2009

Escapades in LA - Post One

A quick post as to what Shar has been up to with some of the girls in LA!

Food! Food! Glorious food!!!

Shopping at Koreatown!!!!

Stuff we bought!!!!

Part 2 coming soon!!!


twacywacy said...

I know exactly... where that PLACE is located. :) Ohhh, the food look soo delicious... :p

I wish.. I could have gone.. but hope to see you guys later @ the concert. :)

Anonymous said...

oh, i miss l.a i've been there one time.

Anonymous said...

LA korean food <333333333

i hate you, all those who are there!!!! T.T

i want to be there.....

Anonymous said...

does any one know if there is going to be an official video coverage of hollywood bowl?

fan cams... are too shaking for my eyes.. T.T

Winter said...

Hi! Do you know when she will be back? Sharry that is? I forgot to ask like usual HAHA

KHJ loveeeer. said...

Heyy. For that poster, where did you buut it in Ktown? Cause I went to that spot when I was there for the HB weekend and i couldnt find any merchandise stuff :(.