Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Heyya guys!! Remember how I said that we were planning something and would announce it in due time? Well, we've finally finalized everything and will now make the official announcement...


Basically, there are two categories for the contests namely Fan Fiction and MV making. Everyone is free to enter whichever category they want, but can only stand one chance at winning. This means that even though you submit the best works for both categories, we'll only reward you for one category.

Having said that, this time round we'll be rewarding participants who win the respective categories with something special! We won't be revealing what it is just yet, but there will be rewards for the best entries!


Fan Fiction

1. One shot fan-fic based on JoongBo. We're not limiting the genres of the content, but there is one condition. No cliffhangers!

MV Making

1. Just like the fanfic, we have no qualms as to what genre of videos you decide to make.

2. Limited to four minutes of video maximum.

All works need to be completely original to the creator!

Closing date: 28th June 2009

Entries are to be sent to us directly at seoulchonsa@yahoo.com, and we ask that you do not share or post it publicly until after we have seen them. All winning entries will be posted both here and on YouTube. We are also arranging to possibly have them sent to JoongBo, along with the box of stuff that we are preparing to send to them.

Another thing! As we will be sending them a parcel, we would also like to add real letters from their fans in the package, so please please contribute your letters to them! All those interested in sending them letters, do leave a comment or e mail at the above address so that we can direct you where to post your letters!
Thanks guys! And we look forward to all your entries!
Chonsa and Sharry


katty1981 said...

hi C..i love to take the contest but sadly my fic is not very...hmm i think some of the pb writers will....thanks chonsa n sharry...fighting!!!

cati_21 said...

hi chonsa and sharry...
my mission was successful...hehehe
i've already pmed sharry about the details in soompi!
hi5! :)

kratae_kup said...

is no fanart or fandrawing? .. *sigh* T^T

Jan92ice said...

Hi Chonsa and Sharry!!

Thanks for taking time to organise such fun events!!

I'll try my best...urgh! And i'd love to write a letter to Joongbo. So, my email addie is xiaozhu92@hotmail.com. Could you drop me an email? Thks!

Oh ya, do we write separate letters (individually) to HB & HJ? Hahaha!just making sure...

huifen said...

i would love to read the fanfics!!!! :D

lai-za said...

Hey, I'm really new to your blog having stumbled upon it on the internet. I'd love to take part in your contest. especially the fan fic one. Are there anymore rules? just this? really cool. :) Please check out my blog. You'll see i'm a joongbo fan myself.