Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wedding Debt 2

Part two of the lists! And dear 不见不爱不痛, thank you for writing this up! As you can see, we all love it!! Thanks a bunch!!!!!! And our lovely Witch as well! Thanks for translating!!!

To my dearest Kim Hyun Joong,

After much thought, I think there are some areas where I lack consideration.

You can deduct the items below from the list I mailed to you yesterday.

1. The sashimi and barbeque dinner prepared specially for me because you didn't manage to catch any fish during the honeymoon--- 200,000

2. Bringing me for horse riding during the honeymoon--- 400,000

3. Energizing drinks bought for me as I cleaned the house up and prepared the food alone for the housewarming, even though I really wanted flowers from you--- 20,000

4. Meals at the outdoor swimming complex--- 20,000

5. Facial products specially bought for me in Thailand --- 100,000

6. Medicine specially boought from the pharmacy for me when I was ill--- 10,000

7. Our conquests from Japan's 100 Yen shop--- 15,000

8. The blessing party which brothers -in-law organized in Japan--- 20,000

9. Sharing your favorite snack with me- the huge rice biscuit--- 2,000

10. Specially bringing me to your recording studio to produce the special edition CD--- 4,000

11. The message sent to me during my birthday, international long distance messaging is expensive right? --- 2,000

12. The trip to the doctor for having diarhhea (again) after eating the fried chicken my friend prepared to save me from embarrassment--- 20,000

13. Prizes we won during Mid-Autumn due to your amazing performance, ended up being consumed by me--- 100,000

14. Plasters bought for me after hurting me during the marathon--- 2,000

15. Jajjangmyun and ice cream bought for me at the amusement park--- 20,000

16. Dinner specially prepared for me as my manager--- 20,000

17. Daily wages as my manager for a day--- 60,000

18. Ramen, drinks and sour candies bought for me at the skating rink to clear my hangover--- 20,000

19. Our last trip to Jeju Island together (2nd honeymoon trip)--- 1,000,000

Total amount of 2,035,000 Won can be waived off.

So a total of 9,165,000 Won to be credited into my bank account immediately.

If there's any questions, please call me or write to me to clarify.

Thank you.

Your first wife,

Hwang Bo Hye Jung



Anonymous said...

this is too cutee!


Anonymous said...

haha, all the wgm memories flashing back to me right now!! Haha. Thanks for sharing!

- To the World! :-)

Anonymous said...

memories memories....


miss joogbo T.T

Anonymous said...

This is so hilarious. And Yep, it's all coming back to me know! Thanks for sharing Chonsa.


cati_21 said...

just what I need!...
a quick dose of JOONGBO madness! hahahaha

hyejoong said...

haha so cute~
but i think she bought the jjajamein..n icecream..cuz he didnt bring his wallet.. when c checked his pocket..he really didnt bring money..

Anonymous said...

so cute and i think that our hwang bo miss kim hyun joong so much and i miss them too!!!

tahrehsi said...

Hahaha, I love the last part " Your First Wife"

R0FL, this is just too CUTE!

Anonymous said...

i knew everybody was smiling while reading d1 and d2 .it was so cute,and at the same time it brings back the happiest moment of JOONGBO COUPLE,but i think they are QUITS now since our shillang pay the wedding ,do the pedicure,and the massaging,now the money that shillang will put in her acct. is to purchased the house hehehe ,four years from now if they beacome a couple i will fly to korea and watch the wedding bells .hope they will invite the joongboers ....aja..aja fighting.

Anonymous said...

first off! thanks for all this hard work I LOVE YOU!!!! especially since i realize how much work and time must be spent on this blog and to keep it going for so long...gosh! YOURE AMAZING AND A TRUE JOONGBO FAN lol
but yeah I was looking at and i saw this
basically its hwangbo in AMAZING designer wedding dresses and looking absolutely GORGEOUS in them. since youre doing the wedding debt thing, i thought this would be perfect. hope you look at these and thanks for everything! have a good dayyyyy

Anonymous said...

reading to this will listening to SS501 new song 'Let's Break Away' (which recorded with his buin during WGM) remind me much about their wedding... so lovely... until now, their sweet moments keep replaying on my head and mind... miss both of them... JoongBo fighting!!

Anonymous said...

OMG, this is even cuter than the first part! Haha I love the love debts between these two. JoongBo fighting!!! JoongBo fans are the best!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


The cutest, loveliest, funniest letters of all time!!

I smiled right from ear to ear reading it!