Friday, November 5, 2010

Hwang Bo's sexy back revealed

Hwang Bo has released another set of photos highlighting her sexiness following the revelation of her semi-nude photo which was taken as the jacket cover of her single album 'I am still beautiful'.

These pictures feature Hwang Bo revealing her sexy back, and were taken by Star Hwabo using the 'Sexy Queen' concept. The photo shoot was conducted in Macau, also known as Asia's Europe and was a 5 day 4 night project which began on the 11th.

Hwang Bo posed in several outfits, including a bikini as well as several glamourous and luxurious outfits, and her femininity exuded in all these photos.

An official spokesperson stated that Hwang Bo is one of the first to be featured in such a pictorial in Star Hwabo, and the response has been good thus far, especially since the revelation of her album jacket. He also said to look forward to more from her in the later part of 2010.

Previews of her pictorial can be viewed at



Anonymous said...

sexy back~ sexy front~ hehehe so glamorous and elegant ^ ^

Anonymous said...

she's certainly got style.

Anonymous said...

more tv will be broken..:)