Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hyun Joong: Forgets about the separation with Hwang Bo, faces affectionate scene acting challenge with Go Hye Sun and Han Chae Young

Hyun Joong made a surprising remark that he thinks that the director favors him.

Hyun Joong, who is faced with the challenge of acting for the first time, confessed on KBS2's 'Yeonyega Relay' that he felt excited when he was filming.

He said that he filmed both a kissing scene and a hugging scene not too long ago, and laughingly said that no matter what, he thinks that the director likes him.

Hyun Joong filmed a kissing scene with Go Hye Sun and a hugging scene with his first love in the drama Han Chae Young.

The drama will begin airing on KBS2 starting the 5th at 9.55 p.m. (Korean time).

*Credits: Empas News*


Anonymous said...

i hope what he said was for promoting the drama only... he should realize that no woman is better than his buin since she was sent by god to him...
thanks chonsa for the update news.

Anonymous said...

wait, what does it mean that the director favors him? like a romantic interest??
thanks chonsa for the update!
i'm glad to see he's putting a lot of effor into his work....but i just wish he gets more time to relax
anyways, that girl that plays the lead is 'too cute' :( like in the manga she wasn't cute but more normal and likeable. she should be a bit more homely or more normal looking to make it seem like it's what on the inside that counts

sshutingg said...


your buin is still the best.. i think you shld know it better than anyone else... =)

deeta said...

Hm, the title is weird. Nowhere in the article did he say he gone ahead and forget the separation with HB. Anyways.

Anonymous said...

what do you mean forget about his buin!!!!
NO WAY!! it doesn't say that rgt???
thnx for updates.. pls update about HB too :P lots of love

far said...

1st of all, happy nu yr chonsa. n thx for the update on HJ. this post kinda shock me, how came HJ forget bout buin. ugh cant be! he should rmember that his buin will wait for him to come with any prob or stress he faced. cmon. hate the title tho..hurmm.. any news on HB C?

annie said...

I watch the clip too when he said that the pd favor him for he had the hugs and kisses part. but I don't see the part where Hj said he forget about the Buin separation.
Chonsa, where did you see that part? Wait or do you mean it as Hj is too nervous and excited for the filming that he looks ok and moved on? or?? Lol.. my thinking is just going on and on and on.

evelyn168 said...

Don't like the title... But I guess it's for promotional purposes... If he was that comfortable, he wouldn't be having a straight face most of the time while filming the drama... He was rather happy dancing with HB on stage or dancing with SS501 members... I really think he's more happy with singers than actors.

sharry said...

Lol. Aigoooo. Chonsie Lol @ the title. UR so evil scaring the children. They will have nightmares of a world without joongbo now.

and BTW. Eww.. he hugs the plastic one. I have no problems with go hye sun since i think they look cute together in the drama but.. HYC ..eww just eww.

Anonymous said...

If by chance one of these days HJ will say that he has forgotten about HwangBo eventhough it is for the promotion of his drama, I'm going to rethink about my impression of him and will be greatly disappointed ... hope he doesn't say anything negative about HB in the future , coz I may start to hate him if that's the case !!!!!

In the meantime , HJ fighting !

Thanks for the updates chonsa !


Anonymous said...

when thinking about the loyalty, HB is the best. Sometimes i even doubt if HJ is good enough to be with her.

Anonymous said...

I am so with you Hanabi..That's probably becoz i love Hwangbo Onnie better than HJ ( I not only love her but respect her)…….Earlier i thought Hwangbo Onnie deserve better person (eventhough HJ is handsome and all)……but slowly i change my thoughts…during each episode of WG, especially farewell episode.... And now if he says something bad about her (intentionally or unintentionally) then i will be disappointed (both him and his thoughts)….I may also start to (actually WILL) hate him (like Hanabi said)….I don't care how handsome or cute is person...because outer beauty doesn’t last longer than inner beauty …and our Hwangbo Onnie has both inner and outer beauty ….

Well, i am not asking/wishing HJ to date or marry Onnie but he SHOULD respect her ( he can date, kiss, hug as many as girls he likes….that will be none of my business… but he SHOULD NOT SAY ANY ILL WORDS TO her).

Gosh!!I am so protective towards Onnie...Sorry if i hurt any HJ fans out there with my thoughts!


Anonymous said...

did he call hwangbo b4 performing those scenes???? i wonder

falloutjane said...

Hmm. Both your titles for the last couple of posts gave me quite the heart attack.

For this one, I was all "HUH! What does he mean?!?"

The previous one, I really thought something happened to HJ and he landed himself in the hospital or something.

Anyway, personally, I think I'm a greater fan of HB and HJ. They look great together. They interact fantastically together too. Their chemistry is so undeniable.

So I think if they do date for real, it will be utter happiness for me and loads of Joongbo fans out there.

But if they don't, and HB dates someone else, I'd still be totally supportive because she's truly a wonderful person and really quite worthy of any man's love.

But if HJ chooses to date someone else, I'd be totally 'EH. IS HE STUPID?' because HB is really quite a catch.


So if it's true that he can easily forget HB and not bother to step it up and date her for real, it's really his loss.

But hopefully, that's not the case and any implication of that is just for promotional/professional sake.

And I agree, he looked more himself when he was dancing with HB and on stage presenting the award with her and when he was performing with his boys recently.

In other promotional activities for HYD, he looked too stiff, and just plan detached and just not the HJ we knew.

Eh, enough rambling.


Anonymous said...

First, thanks chonsa for the update.

second, Let HJ forget HB but i'll never...

for she is the icon and i agree wt most of you here.
I really hope Hb will meet a better person in the future if HJ cannot treat her well and respect her.

Go HB..

yokesoe said...

omg ...u made my heart break...chonsa
anyway,thks a lot for update.

Anonymous said...

Lol...Hj is filming and promoting a drama that prob. costing lots of money to make and involvin tone of other people. What do yalls want him to talk about, HB...?

Anonymous said...

somehow the head line....just makes me feel real sad....I am a huge fan of them together, probably more as them separately...but any news of them I am willing to read about...regardless if they are together or apart....but I definitely agree on the whole respect thing for each other....don't forget about his personality and the how mean the media can be and twist your words around by their so called editing....JOONGBO FIGHTING!!!!

Anonymous said...

o..whats feelin excited about filming got to do with him forgeting about hb?

Anonymous said...

As we saw in WGM, HJ is very respectful of his elders, or more like scared of them, so he wouldn't be making that sort of comments. Cheer up guys!!!

Anonymous said...

I O_O-ed at the title. But I guess.. Hmm.. I'd like to believe that he is simply following what his Buin told him on WGM -- that he shouldn't fret about WGM, and just concentrate on his acting and do his best. But then, yea ~ If he goes on to forget her, I wish HB meets a man who treasures her. Hopefully, that won't happen, cos no matter what, I choose to believe!

Thanks, chonsa!

Anonymous said...

i hope one day....hwangbo & hyun joong togethER? possiblE? i hope sooo~

Anonymous said...

I ooooh-ed at the title too, and then I re-read it again and laughed at my own silliness. We're all well aware of HJ's anxiety attacks especially in front of elders and strangers, so isn't it only natural that when he's faced with the challenge of intimate scenes with 2 female strangers older than him that he should momentarily forget the one that he's become familiar with and concentrate on the task at hand? Besides, of course he can forget about the separation with HB cuz there is no separation!! ;) Over-analyzing every joongbo-related word/sentence/close-up capture/pendant/elastic hair tie/bracelet/black ring, etc ain't gonna get us closer to the truth. Don't get me wrong, I'm a believer too, but sometimes I tell myself it's time to get another life!:D Still, the hope lives on!

wildhoney said...

sorry, but he didn't mention hb at all... how can they say he forget her?
the bu-ins of the other actors must be really stressed out too if this kind of statement is true? doesn't it means that they also have to forget about their wives?

Anonymous said...

He did't mention about forgetting her , and he didn't say anything bad about HB either, so it's ok for now , but hope he doesn't do it ever to HB , coz I will be hurt and will also have second thoughts about him in the furure ... I love HB more than him , but if they end up together , I will love him like I love HB ... If they don't end up with each other , we will be sad , but their friendship and respect for each other should remain at least ....

Go Hb ! Support you all the way !
Go HJ ! I'll support your drama !
Go JoongBo !!!!! I will wait for your wedding , lol ! ( at least within 6 years , like your deadline , hahah !)

Thanks chonsa ! I love you too ! In a friendly way ...


Anonymous said...

what a header! hahahahaha doesnt go with the article at all, these reporters/writers whatever..-_-

Anonymous said...

and btw chonsa,

if you have time to post HJ's diary also where he mentioned something about Hwang Bo, i cant seem to find the english translations..can you put it up too?

thank you..Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chonsa. Your title had me for a minute but then I found out it was nothing big. HJ is just mentioning about him being favor by the PD and there's nothing he said that he forgot about Buin. You meant he's too busy filming to be with hwang buin right? Cuz that's what I get when I read it. Thanks anyway always grateful to your news on JoongBo.

Anonymous said...

Come on, after all Hj is only 22 in Korea he's 23, so there are many things for him to do, I'm sure in his heart he has not forgotten about HB, he can't just go around talking HB all the time esp. he has a drama airing soon. Of course, he has to say something positive, about his co-star. After all, this is his official first acting in drama. Saying nice things relate to drama is just normal things to do, since he was being asked about it. Don't think too much into it.

Anonymous said...

wow the hate comments on hyunjoong.
wow just wow.
yes we love the couple, but is it a sin anyway, what he did?
don't forget that a show is still a show for heaven's sake.

Anonymous said...

"He did't mention about forgetting her"

Isn't that the whole point about forgetting?
i believe everybody feel at heart,that what is so lucky about kissing hugging any girls other than hwangbo??

we all fear at heart that he might forgetting "joongbo"
while all of us,in the otherhand,desperately,seeking any clue to make believe..that joongbo still goes on...

and's true that over-analyzing ain't gonna get us any closer to the truth..

but why...i still come checking soompi forum googling joongbo,hope to get some some news about them...

hrrr....ques sera,sera whatever will be will be

Anonymous said...

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