Saturday, January 10, 2009

Reasons Why We Love KPN: 1

They have a singing van! A singing van!!

And please look below for the consequences of having a singing van.


Instead of putting up a summary of the episode, Shar and I decided that we would just compile reasons as to why we love the drama! It's less time consuming, plus we get to discuss the drama together and laugh/ cringe at all the different parts!

Plus, it suits our concept. Being random.

Hence, we present the order of our compiled scenes in no particular order at all. Well, maybe one. The way the scenes came back to our memories.

Enjoy guys! ^^

1) The way Jandi went up to a guy who was about to jump off a building, and asked him for money! And the way she haggled! What a way to distract a guy from committing suicide!

2) The fake helicopter they used as Jun Pyo's mode of transportation. It kinda reminds me of GI Joe. In the words of Shar 'GI Joe meets low budget Hollywood movie!'

3) This is for you Ama! The food! The food! The glorious food! The only good thing about this school being entirely fictional is that I won't be tempted to try enrolling and get myself completely the size of three full grown whales. Our bodies thank us.

4) Jandi's whole speech to him about money.
"Am I richer than you? Did you even earn all that money? You're asking me if being nosy is my concept? My concept is this, not letting go of freeloaders who sponge off their rich parents, so what?"

*takes money out, throws it at him*

"Our dry cleaning rates are at 2,500 Won, but I'll even give you Kangnam rates for this. If it still doesn't come off, then bring it to us."

*starts walking off* *comes back, sticks ad sticker on his head*

5) His expression! Need we say more?? *rolls on floor, laughing*

6) Hyun Joong's smile! He seriously looks amused when he sees the over the top reactions from Hye Sun. Cute!
7) The making of Jandi the pancake. And the way she looked so sad when she remembered her father ironing her uniform and saying that he'd never be too tired to iron such a precious item for his daughter. Bad Shin Hwa high school students. Bad, bad, bad!

8) Gu Jun Pyo and how he is so amazingly self absorbed. But we love his arrogance. And we love his expressions when his plans backfire even more! Like here, when he was so sure that she would appear in front of him. And she didn't. HAHA!!

9) Jandi running into her room with the rice cooker! And being chased by her mom!

10) Aigoo, Hyun Joong-a, you really can sleep anywhere and everywhere. Shar loves this, she's been laughing at it for the longest of times. I wonder if he really did fall asleep...

11) Jandi's expression when she sees all the paparazzi outside her workplace! She amuses me, although she can be a tad bit annoying at times. But she's Jandi.

12) This has got to be Shar's favorite! The cheesiest line in the world!

Girl: How did you know I was a chef?
Guy: Your delicious looking hands...

Me and Shar: What the heck was that??

13) Jandi's brother and dad super excited about her joining Shin Hwa High. Despite her strong objections. Ignorance is bliss must be their motto when it comes to Shin Hwa High.

Little Brother: This is the first time in my life ever since birth that I was proud of you!

14) The cheesy music and the sunbeams that make them glow whenever they walk in! It's like Twilight meets Star Wars! Makes us laugh all the time!

15) Our favorite group!! The best b*****s of the lot! They are seriously the best in all the three different adaptations! And their 'Oh my GAWD'!!! We love them!!!

B1: I'm Ginger
B2: I'm Sunny
B3: I'm Miranda

Chonsa: Lol! I thought they were gonna call themselves Ginger, Garlic and Onion!
Sharry: Or some cookie like name!!

16) Hyun Joong changing! Need we say more??

17) Jun Pyo saying that he was disappointed that he didn't get what he expected. A hot chick with a S line and a D cup size Wonder Woman. Lol!! You've been reading too many comics, boy!

18) Jandi's utter distaste and non-carish attitude about F4.

"Why can't I talk badly about them? So what?"
About the red card:

"What's this red card? Is this some kind of football stadium?" *stomps on card*

19) Hyun Joong being bitchy to Jandi, calling her noisy and reminding her to at least get Jun Pyo's name right! Hahahaha!!!

20) The way the drama was done realistically. We loved the bullying scene, the kid seriously looked beat up. And we love the fact that the drama didn't look CHEAP.

List of things that we thought were amusing, but didn't care for much:

1) The toy guitars that the guys played. It seriously made their masculine factor drop like ten points. But we still love them as eye candy. Plus, NO ONE looks cool playing guitar hero. They are little guitars with flamboyant colors...

2) The Hogwarts theme they had for the school. Did you guys notice the robes and the owl? I half expected Jun Pyo to start talking to the owl, telling it a password that would miraculously make Jandi appear or something...

Episode 2 will be coming out soon!! ^^


Sharry and Chonsa


Anonymous said...

i like KPN bec... HJ and i like HJ bec... HB.
HB fighting love and miss you

pinksiren said...

ive watched both episodes and i love it!!! cant wait for your commentaries on the second one... =)
and yes... i love hyun joong's expression and the "unexpected" heart skips a beat everytime he does that... and when he was changing clothes...ohhh... hot!!!

crazyforasiandrama said...

Ginger, garlic and onions?!!!? kkekeke. that's a cool line. anyone for kimchi and ramyun?

twacy-wacy said...


maika said...

JiHoo sleeping at the gym ?
i have seen that and i thought ..
"That's some awkward position isn't it. i'd probably get back pain after half an hour." :)))

and i so hate the part where F4 gets inside with the shining shimmering SHplendid light behind them. it was so unrealistic. and the fact that there were less students. it doesn't seem like they were very looked forward to.

i think it's better than HYD and MG. -no offense-

Anonymous said...

chonsa, i must watch kpn after this because of your comments.

Anonymous said...

i also love the singing van hahaha! and the way jandi's father mimicked the drivers to make her look cool!.... i love every time HJ smiles!... im starting to like Jun Pyo too! hehehe

Miss Ama said...

I seriously love Ginger, Sunny and Miranda. Their engrish cracks me up everytime. THE FOOD. Yes, it tempted me greatly even though I didn't know what most of what was on that table actually WAS, however, it looked yummy.

"Your delicious looking hands..." has to be the cheesiest line in history. I will never recover the brain cells I lost due to hearing this line being uttered LOL. It did make me LOL for a good three minutes though as much as it made me cringe.

P.S. I told Sharry about the Hufflepuff tie and Hogwarts robes lol it's very funny. The girls have Gryffindor inspired ties. HMM. It's very strange indeedy.