Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kim Hyung Joon 'Handsome male Hyun Joong acts well since he doesn't say anything at all'

Hyun Joong recently took on the challenges of acting for the first time in the KBS2 drama KPN alongside Go Hye Sun, Lee Min Ho and others.

One of his SS501 members, Kim Hyung Joon, participated in KBS's Star Golden Bell whereby he was asked by MC Kim Jae Dong about his opinion on Hyun Joong's acting.

Hyung Joon replied that Hyun Joong was originally quiet and blunt in character, therefore he's been acting well as he doesn't talk much in the drama.

All the other SS members except for Jung Min are currently working on a project group and have been promoting their song 'U R Man'. They have also received much attention as they assisted in the drama just for Hyun Joong.

Apart from singing the theme song 'Because I am foolish' for the drama, they also made appearances in the drama. They were in the club scene during the 4th episode of the drama which was aired on the 13th.

Kim Hyung Joon also expressed his interest in acting and even displayed his acting skills, to which the other participants praised and said that he would be able to dabble into acting.

The episode of Star Golden Bell featuring them will air on the 17th.

*Credits: Empas News*


Annie said...

I love Khj BEST in WGM. because that's his real self. no acting just his self. open laugh, dork, cute and all that stuff...

in KPN, Slowly but sure I kind of lost track of him, since I love him best as himself in Wgm!!

However, KHJ is still the best with Hwangbuin!!!

Anonymous said...

omg..they were there???in da club scene...guess ive missed it..look like i need to re-watch that ep again..thnks chonsa 4 d never ending info!!!kkk...yes i agree..hj is the best in WGM..but i will always support him though..i really respect d other ss members since they are continued to support hyun joong hyung no matter what..hehe..thats the way it should be..havn said this i still wish he would make a comeback wif hwangbuin soon...

JJ said...

This is what I thought and feel personally. Pls do not be mad. Frankly, among the 5 members of ss501, i think I like hyung joon the less. Of course, he is good-looking compare to others.But I think he is a bit show off and tends to grab the spotlight to himself only. (This can be seen in some variety shows or interviews) In a group, team spirit is very important. You need to show all members are talented and only one of them stands out. maybe hyung joon is jealous of others? I don't know... This is only my own crap..

love joongbo couple always~~