Sunday, January 11, 2009

Reasons Why We Love KPN: 2

Chapter two of our review diaries!! ^^!!

1) It's the classic Rui looking after Makino scene. Or in this matter, Ji Hoo looking after Jandi. Although we like the way he stopped them from abusing her in this drama the best. Compared to the Taiwanese 'Let her go' to the Japanese 'Let her go', we prefer the 'What are you still doing here?' line. So refreshing to hear new takes of the same thing isn't it?

2) Focus not on HCY but on the dreamy look that Hyun Joong has! Aaahh!!! Needless to say, JoongBo fans have already begun photoshopping, as can be seen in the picture below.

Pretty good isn't it?? Credits to the ever talented Korean JoongBo fans from DC.

3) This is my favorite scene! The way he stood there thinking that she was going to pass him the tissues to holding out his hand expectantly only to be brushed off as she goes to clean the poster advertisement instead!! Hillarious! I love Jandi in here!

4) His 'I'm so sure about everything, she's gonna come crawling to me, apologizing on her knees as she bows her head a million times to the Almighty Me' look. Which of course backfires. But it's endearing, his blatant arrogance.

5) And Shar's fave 'Girl kicking ass of guy' scene. Lol, the expressions on all their faces after she did that! Priceless! I honestly have to say, the Korean version is doing a lot to revamp the scenes, and is doing it well. It's essentially the same scene, but there is the element of unpredictability. She back kicks! Jandi kicks!!

6) Jandi's scolding him, which results in him irrationally thinking that she was professing her interest in him. Much to the amusement of his mates. And to Shar and me! He totally believed himself and his one sided thoughts! And he looked gleefully happy! And he rattled on and on, trying to convince the others of the validity of his so called logical theory! Lol!!

There are two ways of looking at it.

One: The boy is confident.

Two: The boy is insane, that's what he is! Insane!

7) Classic Hyun Joong moment! Jun Pyo running away from the bee reminded us so much of Hyun Joong and his dragonflies! Plus, Jun Pyo is too cute! From the fact that he was screaming and hiding from the bee, making him look not as dignified as he usually is to the way he immediately tried to control himself and regain his posture. Aaawww... sho cute....

8) The giant and the ant. This scene seriously depicts how different the both of them are, one is a happy go lucky commoner and the other is a closet coward modern day aristocrat. And Jandi seriously cracked us up here!

"I keep hearing that irritating voice."

*looks up at the noise*

"What are you doing here???"

9) The "What is she wearing?? What is she doing?? Revealing herself to the world??" look. One that we are used to seeing on a certain someone when a certain someone else wore revealing clothes as well.

But he shows signs that he is already starting to feel possessive over her. And he knows that her affections and interest lies elsewhere. Which makes even more the green eyed monster.

10) The both of us thought that Jandi looked deliriously happy when she came back down, something that we didn't quite notice in the other adaptations. Which is good, cause then it makes the whole die hard fan factor that Jandi has for Min Seo Hyun.

Chonsa: Jandi is the only Makino who looks so happy all dressed up. I mean, her happiness is bordering derangement. It's the 'I'm so happy I can fly' look she has in her eyes.

Sharry: When Jandi wore the pink dress she felt like a diamond. She was smiling and just loving her dress. Too bad Plabarb was next to her.

11) I don't really know what this look is supposed to represent. Shar reckons that it's the 'eyeballs about to fall out of his sockets' look. I reckon that he looks lost.

Change of mind. We decided that he was looking at Plabarb.

Chonsa: Gah...
Sharry: I hate Plabarb.
Chonsa: I know. Imagine the anger come Monday. We're gonna need fire hydrants.

12) Aigoo, our poor Wonder Girl. I bet she wishes she really could fly away. But then again, Ji Hoo takes care of her, much to the anger of Jun Pyo. I bet that the three B gang would have given anything to be in her shoes at that moment. Wonder Girl outfit and all.

13) The way she was hiding from F4 after she kicked Jun Pyo's ass! She was hillarious when she was cornered by his men, asking her to leave with them!

"Erm, I'm kinda busy at the moment."

Doing what? Hiding behind a wall?? Hahaha!

14) The way she yelled at him when she saw him standing in front of her after she got off the boat! It was pure fury, coming from straight from her heart!


15) Jandi's face when she sees Ji Hoo standing there with Plabarb. I am starting to like her expressions more and more, although she still hasn't won me the way Makino did in Hana Yori. But she's getting there.

16) The different answers that Jandi gave Jun Pyo and Ji Hoo when they asked her to follow them on the school trip!

To Jun Pyo:

"Even though I have no idea where you're all headed for, it never struck me to go at all!"

To Ji Hoo:

"Yes, I'll go! I'll definitely go!!"

Changing her mind and tone in a matter of seconds! Ah, women, we are so very fickle minded aren't we?

17) Lol!! All I can say is, HAHAHAHA!!!

" I don't like that picture."

18) Jandi's expression when the ball was coming right at her!! She has perfected the look of horror!

19) Jun Pyo's acts of care and affection. He really looked troubled that she was subjected to bullying.

"Where were your senses that you just let the ball hit you on your face? Don't be like that. Crying helplessly like that doesn't suit you."

A nice change from Tsukasa and DaoMingSi, both whom I feel couldn't portray that look as good as Jun Pyo.

Then again we're biased. So there.

20) Their private exchange at the park. And the way he gave her his sneakers after he saw her barefooted.

21) The way she went "Is this really Korea?"!! And the way she kept asking the house manager all those questions! He was borderline annoyed with her, the old man is too funny!

22) We love the way he just went up to her and demanded to know what ingredient she forgot to tell him as his pancakes came out flat! And the way he accusingly stated that they sold pancake mixes. It was like he was accusing her of hoarding information from him!! Hahaha!

23) Jun Pyo's nicknames for her! Commoner and our extreme favorite, Dry Cleaner!! Hahahaha!!

24) The way Jandi looked when she found out about Ji Hoo's past.

25) The both of them fishing in the boat singing the fishing song! Doesn't that song sound familiar? ^^

26) The way Jun Pyo was pacing about in the airport, waiting for her! Dude, it's 20 million to go on that trip. She works at a porridge shop and helps run her family dry cleaning service. Did you really think that she'd be able to go on that trip? Seriously?

27) Hyun Joong's look when Plabarb was surrounded by all her fans. He went from ecstatically happy to extreme disappointment. And this time, his expressions were perfect.

Things we found amusing but don't care much for

1) Ji Hoo's violin playing. Granted he looks heavenly when he plays the violin, but the dude seriously needs to start playing another song.

2) .....................

We seriously tried looking for more, but we loved episode 2! It was such a blast!

Things we didn't appreciate and chose to ignore

1) Plabarb

2) Jandi's extremely bad hairdo when she reappeared at the party. She had the same curls that she claimed was stupid on Jun Pyo! Why, oh why, did they style her hair that way? Borderline ajumma style...

That aside, we loved the second episode to bits!! Jandi was hillarious! And her acting for episode two was perfect, she honestly sounded pretty darned annoyed with Jun Pyo. From the bottom of her heart! And for the first time, the both of us WANT Jandi to end up with Jun Pyo!!

We heart Jun Pyo+ Jandi!!


Sharry and Chonsa


Anonymous said...

That is sooo true Chonsa. For the first time i want Jandi to be with Jun Pyo..


Anonymous said...

Hello Chonsa and Sharry. Thanks for all the reasons why we love KPN. However, as much as I love HyunJoong, HwangBo and KPN's main cast, I do like HCY as well. And I don't think it was proper for you to call her with PLABARB in your blog eventhough I don't really sure what does it mean actually. I'm pretty sure many people will come and read this reasons on your blog. Yes, I know we have right to dislike some people, but perhaps you can view it with more appropriate words. The feeling is the same when people were bashing HJ n HB. Anyhow, I am still one your blog's fan. Thanks for everything!

Anonymous said...

chonsie, what is plabarb means?
because of your review, i just finish watching kpn today and i like it and now i start to falling in love with jandi character.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving how Min hoo acts in the drama ... thumbs up !!!!!!!!!!Junpyo's character is my fav. so far ... As for HJ , he looked ok , but needs improvement in the acting ... I know he will improve as the drama goes along ...HJ fighting !

Thanks for all these , chonsa !


Anonymous said...

Jun Pyo+ Jandi!! I AGREE!!

CAUSE HJ OPPA only belongs to HBuin. (:

Anonymous said...

ill join the jun pyo + jandi club! hahaha..... i agree... its a good thing the korean version did a lot of new things in the old situations!.... even thought I already know how the story would go... I get surprised whenever they do a twist in a certain scene!..... HJ really looks so cool during the dance wearing immaculate white and all!..... thanks sharry and chonsa!

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It's a non-Korean's take on the whole phenomenon. hope you enjoy it, and let me know what you think.

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Anonymous said...

Jun Pyo is soo HOTT hahah
and i love the photoshop!!!! HB <3 lovee

Anonymous said...

i'm still procastinating whether to watch coz of some freaking reasons...

but your summaries make it so interesting...maybe i will watch for JunPyo & Jandi

and himself


deeta said...

Kekeke, I dig that little scene of Jandi's yelling 'What is it now' a lot!!! You could tell how pissed she had been and that was like the icing on the cake. Whae ddoo!!! Puahaha..

deeta said...

I'm pretty sure PLABARB means Plastic Barbie, which isn't unfounded, really. HCY is called Barbie of Korea, and her boobs (along with a lot of her face features, most likely) are plastic. So there you go, PLABARB.

MIZZTIEN said...

I was going to ask what PLABARB was but deeta's explanation made a lot of sense. I totally agree with Jun Pyo and Jandi. I actually like Jun Pyo in this drama even though he is pretty conceited.

I totally love how Hwangbo is photoshopped into the scene. I love it!! Haha go Joongbo!

I can't wait for the next episode!

Anonymous said...

I love your post on this! You and Sharry have highlighted what ought to be highlighted, that I doubt I can remember what else is there to add! :D

Keep up the good work!

Btw, nice name for ehrm "Plabarb", that is so apt!
And, what, Monday's the KISSING SCENE between HJ & Plabarb??? Arghhh! I'll ripping my hairs out! Daaayyyyuuummm.. That plabarb is one lucky woman..

Witchtwitch09 said...

muahahahahhaha... i love this!!! THIS sounds like the conversations we're having in the cave, it's fun! i love this drama, it amuses me.. nt to mention the eye candy.. and i support the jun pyo/jandi pairing.. his care for her when she got hit by the ball got to me..(and did i mention that he has extremely LONG legs???)... and waiting for my fav pairing...the supposed "soujiro/yuki" pairing.. cant wait... bum is so cute!!! thanks shar and chonsie! ;p

maika said...

i love HB's picture. nice editing.

when JiHoo saw Jandi's renewed self after HCY changed her,
his eyes got big. it was funny. so Hyunjoong-ish.

the "I don't like that picture" line.
it was first for HwangBo not HCY's :))

does Plabarb stand for "Plastic Barbie?"
wasn't HCY labeled as Barbie Doll of Korea? am i right?

well. thanks for this review. i enjoyed your comments.

T said...

Aah, this is great. You guys are some of the only people talking about this drama that I actually agree with on almost all counts. And I'm glad that you're not letting love for Hyun Joong cloud your assessment of his acting skills.
I'm so with you on Min-ho being way better than Jerry Yan(DaoMingSi). It's my first time, too, wanting the girl to end up with the leader.

~ rianus ~ said...

i'm super duper agree with you guys!!
Jandi+Joon Pyo is love <3