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JoongBo: 8

It’s the day they’re moving house for the second time and Hyun Joong is waiting outside for Hwang Bo. She shows up in a truck and he looks at her shocked. She laughs at the look on his face and asks him if he’s embarrassed by the truck before telling him to get in. He does, although reluctantly, and stares out the window at their old place.

HB: Remember the first time, when I picked you up in a convertible?
HJ: I was waiting for you to come in that!!

Hyun Joong asks Hwang Bo where they are going and Hwang Bo explains that they are moving because the house was too far and too expensive and it was difficult for her.

HB: I’m down with a cold today, which is why my voice is like this.
HJ: Your voice when you have a cold is better! You sound more like a girl!

Hwang Bo notices that he didn’t shave that day and says that he looks good even with a moustache. He tells her that he’s been distressed by three things lately; he lost his phone and his shaver plus he spilt his hair rinse!

They arrive at their new place and Hwang Bo pulls out the mission card from the postbox. Their mission for the day: to make memories. She tells him that moving and exerting their strength is going to be their new memory. She then tries to stuff the card back into the postbox when Hyun Joong asks her why she’s sticking her gum there, commenting that she’s kinda bad and she laughs and says that it’s not hers.

HB: I didn’t call for any movers.
HJ: It’s ok, I can call them now!
HB: *laughs*

They enter their new apartment and Hwang Bo asks him if the place is okay. He looks around and starts bringing up his big tub that they had at the old place, and mentions swimming pool. She looks at him, astounded, and says that they can go out to swim. They walk about the living room and she asks if he’s satisfied with the place and he says yes.

Private interview:

HJ: It seems that Bu In’s economic situation is not too good lately. Even though we used up a lot of water, if we start saving now, it should be fine.

He suddenly looks around terrified. Why? A bug flew into the set and he’s freaking out. Hwang Bo comments from the studio that he hates bugs, and he asks the cameraman to help him catch the bug as he watches its every move.

They start decorating their apartment and he places their love vows on top of a board. Hwang Bo hands him her blown up photo (the one that she used to hang by her bed) and he says that it’s like some photo of an Indian goddess or something before hanging it up above the piano.

HB: We’ve been living together for almost a month now. What do you think you’ve been keeping to the most?
HJ: Living positively.
HJ: I went to Thailand and lost my phone. I only thought about it for a minute, then I laughed.
HB: ...............

They continue decorating and moving furniture into their place, but the sofa gets stuck in the door. Hyun Joong pulls and tries to fit it in before asking “Do we need a sofa?” making Hwang Bo burst out in laughter. They finally manage to maneuver the sofa into their apartment and he trips and falls with the sofa.

HJ: I think we need to get help from the neighbors.
HB: Don’t call any of the neighbors out. There could be girls staying next door.
HJ: I miss the freckled ajumma from 407.

Private interview:

HJ: She's like some kind of general. I thought that the sofa would not be able to go in, but I just followed her instructions. It’s because I followed whatever she told me to do that the sofa got in.

He sets up the coffee table and puts their love vows under the glass, saying that this was like their own display at their museum. Hwang Bo laughs and says that if that was placed there, then even when they fight, the moment they see this… She was about to continue on a more romantic note when he cuts in and feigns breaking the table in anger, making her glare at him for spoiling the mood with his jokes.

She sits down and asks him if he knows why she went to sleep at 5 a.m the day before, and he asks why she slept so late. She pulls out a scarf that she handmade for him, and puts it around his neck.

Private interview:

HB: I caught a cold. I made the scarf whenever I could because I was running out of time, and it was then that I started to catch a cold. But it’s good that I managed to finish it.

Hyun Joong displays the scarf together with their love vows and Hwang Bo reminds him about something that she was supposed to listen to. He looks at her apologetically and says that he didn’t have the time to practice. She looks a little down, but says that she wasn’t anticipating because she knew how busy he was.

HJ: But! I have something for you.
HB: What?
HJ: I got you something while I was in Thailand.
HB: Really? *beams*
HJ: Yea. Thailand’s pretty cheap! (shopping)
HB: You got this for me? *all smiles and laughter*
HJ: Yea. This is good for wrinkles!

HB: *pouts*

HB: So you didn't practice playing the piano at all?
HJ: Of course I did play. Compared to before, I can play it with more feel now.
HB: *laughs*

She asks him about playing the song again and he tells her that he'll top it up a notch with more feelings, and starts playing for her, stopping midway again. He then tells her that since he couldn’t play the piano for her, he’d sing her a song.

HJ: I’ll sing “Dahaengyida” (means something like thank goodness/ thank god)
HB: Why? Lucky for you that you married me?
HJ: Yea.

He starts tuning his voice, asking her to hit the notes on the piano for him. She hits “Do” and he starts tuning his voice, making her laugh when she starts coughing. He looks at her worriedly and asks “Does it hurt?” before he begins singing only to stop halfway because he cannot remember the lyrics! He then asks her to look for the lyrics online for him using her phone and begins singing but stops halfway again, saying that the lyrics keep disappearing! She starts laughing and tells him what to do and he starts from the middle this time, just in case it starts disappearing again, making her laugh again.

HB: Run your hands through my hair once. (after hearing the last line of the song)
HJ: Oh, you did your hair! *pats head*
HB: *laughs shyly*

(It’s nice to see the both of them here, they’re really becoming closer to one another, and for once Hwang Bo isn’t paranoid about what his fans would think!)

She pulls out an inflatable swimming pool and starts pumping air in it while Hyun Joong takes out his camera and asks to take a photo of her, since he’d be going to Japan soon.

HB: *unhappy look* Are you that happy because you’re going to Japan?
HJ: Yup!
HB: *falls over, laughing*
HB: Be careful! I can go to Japan you know!!

She begins telling him what not to do in Japan when he takes her photo. Surprised, she asks him if he’s taken her photo and he says, “Yea. Of your shoulder.”.

Private interview:

HJ: (to the PD) I have my passport photo with me, I’ll give you one. I think Hwang Bo Bu In would get lonely while I’m in Japan, so enlarge this for her. This is the first time I’m giving it out while showing feelings of like. As in giving it out and saying, always look at my photo whenever you think of me. I’m not the sort of person who just gives out their photo!

Hwang Bo says that she’s hungry and Hyun Joong tells her to finish pumping air into the pool and he’ll go buy food. He gets ready and she tells him that since he is wearing his winter hat he can wear the scarf she made him. He pulls it out from under the glass before deciding that he should also wear the vest that she made him and goes to get it.

HJ: Bu In! I’m really sorry but my dog peed on this and now your signature’s all gone.
HB: Really? *looks* Omo!
HJ: Can you sign it again for me?
HB: Ok.
HJ: Sorry. My dog’s not housetrained…

He continues getting ready and she’s on the floor, watching him when she starts laughing.

HB: Shillang, I’m sorry… but you look like a beggar from the back!

He goes out to buy the food and she continues pumping air into the inflatable pool when she gives up and starts blowing air into it herself, exclaiming that it’s faster this way. He walks into a convenient mart and picks out a couple of packets of ramyun, and goes to pay before asking the cashier to take a photo of him holding on to the ramyun, wearing the scarf and vest she made for him.

He walks out of the mart and wanders around, looking lost before asking a policeman for help. He continues walking till he reaches a pharmacy. Hwang Bo lies next to the blown up pool when Hyun Joong walks in towards her. He tells her that he took photos and shows them to her before taking out the medicine he bought her.

HB: *smiles* I thought you said that my voice sounded nicer when I have a cold.
HJ: I didn’t say that you sounded nicer. All I said was that you sounded more like a girl. I didn’t say that you sounded nicer.
HB: *laughs*

She takes the medicine he got her, looking really touched that he bought her medicine.

MC Hyung Don: It’s little things like this that really make women touched.
MC Lee Hyuk Jae: Then why didn’t you do that before?
MC Hyung Don: Aahh…. Aahhh….

Private interview:

HB: It was gentle of him to do that. It was like what he wrote in his love vow, that he would buy me medicine if I fell sick. I felt really thankful to him when he did that for me.

*Credits: MBC, Soompi*


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Thanks so much. For a second there, I thought I was going to die waiting. Okay, time to read.

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She still remembers what he wrote in his love vow.
You've put so much effort on this couple so thank you thank you so much!
Love ya, Muize.

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Thanks for your translations! I'd been checking for this episode's summary several times today :) Really appreciate what you've done.

I didn't realise HJ had taken a photo of HB's shoulder. It makes sense though. He probably wants a shot of her tattoo. That's one of the things that makes his Bu In cool too!

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Thank you so much. now i know why Hwangbo was sick. aww. n so that's why Hyunjoong was scared? haha.
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but i totally agree. they're so lucky to be paired with each other. match made in heaven for that matter. keke.

Thanks again for the summary. you rockz.^^

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thank you so much i thought i was gonna go crazy waiting for subs to come out! btw what does shillang mean? thanks for all the hard work!

chonsa said...

shillang means groom, it's a term that wives use to refer to their husbands.

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Those women seemed having a great time, that's perfect because having fun makes us feel different and relaxed.

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