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We Just Got Married (WJM) - An Overview

The current cast of We Just Got Married

Variety shows have certainly changed over the years, and I have always been a fan of varieties. More than dramas sometimes. Dramas tend to get a bit old and the plots are usually reused over and over again, so much so that it just becomes so predictable. But things like Xman, Love Letter, Infinity Challenge (just to name a few) were always so happy and funny and just so full of entertainment. What's there not to like?

But I've noticed one thing though, variety shows have started to take on a new form, a.k.a reality. Take for example MBC's latest reality-variety, "We Just Got Married". It's basically a show about "married" couples and how they live their newly wedded lives. Just one thing. They are not married married. They're just make believe married.

In the studio

The concept's interesting, and they are suppposed to be completely real to the show, where there are no scripts, everything's at least 90% pure emotions and they are supposed to keep contact with each other to the very minimum just so that they can really portray their parts to a T.

And that's what's been happening... Or so they claim...

There are instances where you would honestly believe that they were married, especially the famous AnBi (Andy Solbi) couple or AlShin (Alex Shinae) couple. People have put in so much emotion into these two couples, spurred by the "realness" of their relationship. AnBi have that adorable, newly wed couple feel about them whereas AlShin are all about romance and the somewhat perfect marriage. People loved them so much that although they said their goodbyes a little while back due to Alex's growing schedule, they were brought back to the show due to public pressure. The power of the people right?

Criticised for being awful to her husband Crown J or The Ant, is In Young, a.k.a. Ma Nyeo (The Witch). This is one couple that I find rather amusing, they always seem to be arguing over one matter or another and can seem to be so incompatible at times, and yet, perfect for each other. Their love for both the latest as well as limited releases are hillarious at times (especially shoes! They have like a whole factory in their apartment!) and they are really made for each other in many ways. In the words of In Young, they represent the "mania style".

Another couple that has stirred my interest is the older gal, younger guy couple, Hwang Bo and Kim Hyun Joong (dubbed JoongBo). They were so darned awkward around each other when they first started, and although several episodes have passed, they still do have their little awkward moments. But Hyun Joong is trying very hard to try and bring Hwang Bo over to his side, the side where age doesn't matter and neither do his fans! Apparently Hwang Bo has been feeling pressurized by his fans (with him being an idol star and all) and has been restraining herself from being affectionate and seeming overly interested. Despite that however, the both of them seem to be getting closer and almost seeming like a real life couple, especially the way Hyun Joong refers to her, calling her Bu In (or the Mrs.) and the things he says about wanting to earn more money so that she can just stay at home and do the things she wants and loves to do. (How sweet is that?)

There is another couple, Hwi Jae and Yeo Jeong (the older guy younger woman couple) that personifies the typical older male who tries to do everything for his pretty younger wife, but when she says that she doesn't believe that their relationship is DESTINY, contradicting what he's been claiming from the very start, the whole relationship sours as he reveals his ugly side in protest over what she said.

And there's Don Don and Saori a.k.a. the world's most incompatible couple. But they've left the show, Saori to pursue her singing and Don Don's the new MC. As is Park Myung Su as he replaces Kim Won Hee who's gonna film a new drama.

I wanted to write more, but this is starting to look like an essay, so I'll just leave it as it is and well, dedicate individual entries for each couple later!
*Pic credits: MBC, Soompi*

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missauditor said...

how i miss JoongBo a.k.a lettuce couple. read all the memories of them, makes my heart bleed. i always hope the best for them as a couple and individually (when the former is too much too ask for). thanks to you for all your hardwork. fyi, i keep on logged in to ur blog with high hope of any news of them...heart bleed still =(