Sunday, June 22, 2008

Anbi Part Two

It's the day of the concert and Solbi arrives bringing a packed lunch for all the Shinhwa boys who are all very interested in their relationship. They greet her, calling her Jae Soo Ssi (sister in law) and start their bout of teasing. They ask Andy to kiss her for her efforts and he does after which he gets beaten up by his members. They later suggest that the both of them play the Pepero game with a strawberry... And Dongwan pushes Solbi's head so that they kiss. A scene which is recorded by every single one of them.

Andy then goes on stage and Solbi cheers him on. He even shows her a heart sign in the middle of 'Eusha Eusha' as he had promised her earlier, much to her delight. Emotions are shown in this episode, and Solbi proves to be the wife who is behind her husband every single step of the way.

It's Parents Day and the both of them are out shopping for gifts for Solbi's parents. They get them all couple outfits and go back home to prepare dinner for the parents. Andy's taking charge of the kitchen and he rushes all over to personally prepare a special menu for her parents. He expresses that he's feeling nervous, and when they finally arrive, he jumps up in surprise.

Solbi's parents enter, and Andy's the perfect son-in-law with all his bowing, and his polite gestures. He even kneels all throughout dinner instead of sitting cross-legged, the ultimate show of respect for her parents. Needless to say, they are very impressed and the whole 'family' spends a lovely evening together, taking photos and dancing to Andy's love song.

After they leave, Andy and Solbi finally get to relax and have a small event of their own. Solbi brings out a bag of boyak (Oriental medicine) for his mom and a small handwritten card that she's prepared for his mom. Andy's all touched and hugs her before presenting her with flowers and a ring, to express his thanks to her for all she's done for him. It's a touching moment for them both, and emotions run high that night.

It's the day of their housewarming and the both of them are hanging out in the living room, wondering who to invite to their house. But Andy's more interested in the absence of his ring, asking her over and over again why isn't she wearing it and speculating what she's done with it. She avoids the question, telling him that she has it safe and sound and changes the subject before saying that she'd cook the whole meal because he cooked the meal for her parents the last time.

He supervises her and is sure that she is going to muck up her kimchi chige, but just watches smilingly. Their friends come over, and the atmosphere is pretty high. Except for little jealousy moments that Solbi has with Chae Yeon and Andy. They eat, drink wine, and have cake while taking photos all the while. However, their guest also notice that Solbi's not wearing the ring and question her, but she avoids the question again.

Exactly why is she avoiding the question of the ring? She reveals in her private interview that she lost it. And the cameras zoom in on Andy who's just watching silently.

In his own private interview, he mentions that he hates liars and he cannot understand why a person has to choose to lie. Lying to him, means that the person is just deceiving him and people like that usually don't get second chances from him.

Solbi on the other hand is extremely apologetic and is at a loss as to what to do. She hopes that all the emotions that has been going on between them will not just be erased because of the ring.

They are at the park taking a walk where Andy keeps on trying to get Solbi to come clean with him and explain the whole issue to him, but Solbi's playing dumb and refuses to broach the subject. They go to the amusement park for their mini holiday, where Solbi's trying to be all cheerful and all but Andy's mood is dampened by her attitude over the whole matter. He keeps on trying to get her to talk about it but she keeps on changing the subject, which leaves him feeling even more frustrated. He reveals in his interview that he feels that if they don't discuss the issue soon, more misunderstandings are going to arise and things would just get worse.

More troubles start brewing in paradise when Andy starts throwing tantrums at Solbi, and appears extremely annoyed when she keeps on dismissing him. She apologises and promises to do whatever he asks her to do. He wants to go on a rollercoaster, but she's scared of such rides. But Andy tricks and emotionally blackmails her into getting on one, this seems to be his own private revenge on her.

A very frightened Solbi sits in the rollercoaster and Andy elevates her fear by explaining the whole ride in detail, an act which makes her smack him in the face. The ride starts and Solbi starts whimpering and screaming from fear as Andy laughs and totally enjoys the whole ride. Looking at her crying, he realises that she really is scared and starts to hold on to her tightly, trying to ease her fears a little. When they get off, Andy tries to comfort her a little by acting cute and offering to go home. She on the other hand refuses, and insists that they now do things that SHE wants to do. Andy complies, as he feels guilty over making her go through the rollercoaster ride.

*Photo credits: MBC, Soompi*

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