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JoongBo: 5+6

Both Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong stand there, all shy and bashful and not doing anything when the guests start taking things into their own hands. They ask Hyun Joong to sing her a solo song. He agrees, all the while expressing his nervousness as he had never sang for her before. He turns to his members for support before serenading 'I love you' to her, and she's just beaming away, although blushing at the same time.

In return, she sings for him too. 'As long as he's with me'. The lyrics are sweet and he listens intently as she sings, and there's this unspoken moment between them for me. It's like they've connected.

Private interview:

Hwang Bo: Although it would have been nice to have received a hug from him, that being our first skinship and all, I'm glad that he didn't hug me. It would have seemed forced and would have taken all the meaning out of it if he hugged me because of what the others wanted. But the song he sang for me made up for it. It was better than a hug. Really.

The two groups of friends are mingling well with each other, and they decide to have a game where the losers have to walk into the pool. The three SS501 boys pick up papers from a hat, and the one with the Melong (:P) face has to jump in. Unlucky Kyu Joong draws the Melong, and stuffs it in his mouth in his poor attempt to hide the truth. However, he's told that if he does it, he'll get a wish granted by Hyun Joong and immediately gets up and heads to the tub.

KJ: If I jump in, they won't edit it out right??

He jumps in in style, performing an impromptu CF with a canned drink. His reward for being game? He asks Hyun Joong to carry Hwang Bo and walk around in the pool. Hyun Joong looks at Hwang Bo before taking her hand saying "Let's go". The guests go wild cheering and everyone anticipates their little performance.

He carries her with ease and starts walking about in the pool, grinning away as she hangs on to him for dear life. She relaxes after a while and starts playing with the water, and just when they're about to come out, he pretends to drop her. She grabs on to him and he laughs out loud, pleased that his little prank worked!

Private interview:

Hwang Bo: It felt good. It was just like we were really married.

Hyun Joong: It's the first time I've felt this way. The feeling of "I'm really married".

It's the next day and the both of them are sitting on the sofa, Hwang Bo knitting his sweater and he's reading his manga. They discuss the day ahead of them:

HB: Aren't you going out today?

HJ: Today? No.

HB: Me neither.

HJ: Really? Good, then let's just stay at home, read some manga, cook up ramyun and sleep!

He then asks her how her current condition is. She has that exasperated laughing look on her face again before replying that she's happy now that she's not living alone anymore. She asks him what his current condition is like and he says that he feels that his eyes have been wide open for most of the week. It's been four days since he last slept. She then says that he should rest then before he interrupts her saying that he has one motto in life. When you have the time, you've gotta make most of it and play to your heart's content.

HB: I used to be like that too when I was younger.

HJ: Really? Is it difficult for you now that you're older?

HB: ..................... *glare*

HJ: I'm joking! Joking!

He gets up to get the mission card and reads out that they're supposed to spend a one day holiday together before asking what they should do at home. She looks up at him and says that they don't have to stay home and that they can go out. She suggests going to the outdoor pool and he tells her that he's never been there before. Excited, she throws her knitting down and bounds up the stairs, leaving him looking after her on the sofa.

They arrive at the outdoor pool and he looks around, wide-eyed like a child, asking her what this and that is. Although she's surprised that he's never been there, she's excited as well, and they both head towards the changing rooms.

HJ: You didn't bring a bikini or anything like that right?

HB: Why? You don't like that?

HJ: Yeah.

HB: Why? It'd be embarrassing?

HJ: No, not that... *trails off*

HB: Nah, don't worry. I won't wear a bikini.

And she appears. Wearing a bikini. Although she does have a cardy on, somewhat covering up most of her skin. She waits for him outside and he comes out, walking towards her. Before stopping and taking a long look at what she's wearing. She asks him if he doesn't like what she's wearing and he just keeps quiet for a while.

HJ: Lots of young kids come here to play...

HB: Mmhmm, and?

HJ: It's too rated 19....

HB: It's a swimming suit! And I'm at a swimming pool! What's rated 19 supposed to mean??

HJ: No, but everyone else is wearing normal suits!

Private interview:

Hwang Bo: He's more muscular than I thought! I had always imagined him as a kid, a tall, skinny kid. But when I saw him today, I saw a masculine side of him.

He then tells her that there's something he can do that he's really proud of. He can swim underwater for a really long distance, and no matter what she throws in, he'd be able to get it back for her. She starts laughing as he goes on and on about how good he is at that. They arrive at the poolside and he asks her if she can swim. She says yes and asks if he swims. He tries to reply her as he stabs the umbrella into the 'sand' before he realises that it's not actually sand. He stares at the ground in disbelief:

HJ: Aigoo, this isn't sand...

HJ: I wanted to stick this in there...

And Hwang Bo just laughs and laughs at him.

They begin warming up and he sings the exercise song as they warm up. He then tells her that he wants to do something for her that would really make her relax. She's wary as he takes her life jacket off and asks her to fold her hands around her neck before proceeding to lift her up and crack her back...

HJ: It's relaxing right? Right?

HB: Yeah...

HB: *mutters* Of all the exercises in the world...

They then go to the pool where Hwang Bo throws her goggles (at least I think they're her goggles) and tells Hyun Joong to fetch them for her. He's like, aye, that's too near so she throws them even further. He takes his life jacket off and splashes his way to the goggles, only to come back up after a few seconds. She starts pointing towards her goggles and he seemingly tries explaining why he couldn't get them when the siren rings, signalling that a wave is coming their way, and they both get thrown around in the water as the wave hits them.

Private interview:

Hyun Joong: I wanted to get her goggles for her but the waves were splashing at me so I couldn't. Next time when we go into an indoor pool, I'll get whatever she throws in. I'll train myself up for that.

PD: Would you pick up whatever's being thrown at you?

Hyun Joong: Only if Bu In throws it. If I picked up anything, that'd make me a puppy right? *smile* I wanna be Bu In's puppy.

The waves keep coming at them and Hwang Bo keeps getting thrown around, so much so that Hyun Joong starts holding on to her life jacket and covering her mouth so that she doesn't swallow any water. He pulls her towards him everytime he sees her flailing about in the water, and it kinda seems like he's collecting seaweed from the sea because he grabs her by her nape and she just helplessly gets pulled to him.

*This is probably his way of protecting his wife against the evil waters that threaten to make her choke, just like when he was protecting her against the mosquitoes that would have sucked all her blood dry when they were on their honeymoon. *

They head back to shore, she looking all tired out and him still energetic. Which is rather depressing really, considering that he had had practically no sleep for 4 days!

HB: I'm tired... It's because I'm old that I'm tired... Aren't you tired?

HJ: Nope, I'm young that's why.

HB: *glare*

HJ: I think you need to rest a bit, you look kinda off color!

HB: *laughs* Are you going to look for a pretty young girl while your wife rests?

HJ: Bu In, I really think you need to rest...

HB: Why do you keep on asking me to rest when I'm perfectly fine?!

HJ: It's because your face seems off color!!

HB: It's just that all my makeup came off!!

Finally giving in to her husband, Hwang Bo lies down on the beach chairs as Hyun Joong asks her if she's tired. She admits that she is and asks if he has a special service for her. Like his energy drinks. He ponders for a bit... before offering to massage her legs. She freaks out, and refuses to claiming that she's ok, but he still wants to and says that older people have to massage their legs!

Hwang Bo asks him for water and he goes off in search of water and brings her back pool water. She's rendered speechless and jokingly opens her mouth and he splashes the water on her playfully. But it lands on her face and he quickly rushes in to wipe her face, apologising and saying that he was only joking.

She wants to play the catching game again, only this time she catches him instead. He agrees and asks her to place an ice cream bet, where the loser has to buy the winner ice cream. She agrees and they both start running around in the water. Hwang Bo loses breath and sends her army of children after him instead. But they don't manage to catch him either and he wins the game. He eagerly comes up to her and demands for his ice cream and Hwang Bo throws a tantrum at him saying "Fine! I'll get it for you!".

*Their first mini fight, awwwwwwwwwww..................*

They walk together to the drink stands, him shading her with an umbrella, when she spots beer and gets all excited. But then she restrains herself and says that they probably shouldn't right? When he tells her that he doesn't mind at all and he was just thinking about it. They both suggest sharing a beer in unison and walk off with their drink happily in search of a place to rest.

They sit and there's just silence. Awkward silence. She tells him that she hates these silences the most and he tells her to think of something else. He points in a direction saying that he's spotted Jung Min spitting water. It's a stone horse fountain, and the both of them end up laughing. He then starts talking to her about Chakra days and how he thought that she was Indian.

HJ: You even had that stone stuck on your forehead!

HB: I didn't even audition for Chakra! They came up to me, and told me to just do it. And they stuck the stone on my forehead and I became an Indian woman.

He starts laughing, saying that she really suited Chakra and he started imitating her dances. They finally seem closer than before as they shared their drink, their snack and little stories about themselves.

Later on in the day, they bump into Crown J and In Young, who are also there for the day. The two couples chat before deciding to spend the rest of the day together. Crown J suggests swimming and they're all game. As they head towards the pool, the siren goes off again and Hyun Joong reaches for Hwang Bo and pulls her in the direction of the wave pool.

*Photo credits: MBC, Soompi*

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