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JoongBo: 7

The studio shoot starts with the MCs pointing out that Hwang Bo is sitting next to a picture and starts singing the jingle for the missing persons show. She plays along and says that she came home and all his things were gone and he never came back before stating that he'd gone to Japan for his album promotions. She jokes around by saying that even with his photo she feels awkward and then admits that she thinks of him when he's not around and wishes for him to call her.

They're at the wave pool, splashing and playing around in the waves with Crown J and So In Young. Hyun Joong keeps on holding on to Hwang Bo's vest everytime he sees her flailing around in the water, which is sweet and protective of him. All of them head to the diving pool and Crown J suggests a diving showdown between them. Hyun Joong seems a little wary but In Young's encouraging him to try it once.

HJ: Shall I dive in to pick up something you've thrown in?

HB: *laughs* My husband likes diving for things

CJ: Did you hear that?She said MY husband!

In Young's telling Crown J to dive in but he seems wary as well. He tries to get Hyun Joong to go first and Hwang Bo says that the person who suggested the diving should go first.

HB: What if he gets hurt? At this young age?
HB: Do you want to make me a widow??

She then tells Hyun Joong to show her his best, but Hyun Joong takes a step back. In Young starts cheering for Hyun Joong only to be see Crown J looking at her in disbelief. She starts to cheer for Crown J as well, and he prepares to jump, saying all the while that it's rather scary. He worries that he may swallow water but Hwang Bo immediately retorts that he can just spit it out, there's nothing to worry about. He finally summersaults in and In Young starts cheering loudly.

Hyun Joong takes off his life jacket and prepares to jump in as well when Hwang Bo holds his arm and asks if he's gonna jump. He looks at her and asks, "Do you want me to help you out instead?" and Hwang Bo just starts laughing her head off. She starts hitting his back to prep him up and tells him to call her if he gets hurt. He jumps in, looking really good as he does, and Hwang Bo just watches him in admiration, exclaiming that there's nothing that he can't do.

After his jump, he calls out to her telling her to jump in as well. She's scared to but he keeps on reassuring her that it's ok and tells he to jump in. Crown J tells her to go for it as well as she can create skinship moments with him in the water. She takes her life jacket off, and goes to the diving board wearing only her bikini. Hyun Joong looks at her as she keeps on repeating that she's scared. Crown J senses that she really is scared and tells her not to and she runs back to safety.

Private interview:

Hyun Joong: I didn't want her to dive in. If she had dived in wearing her bikini, she would have totally exposed herself! I don't want that. It's good that she didn't dive in. And even though there were lifeguards at the pool, you can never be too sure what would happen. Therefore the best way was for me to protect her myself, and wait by her side.

They relax on beach chairs and Crown J praises Hyun Joong for being so good at diving even though it was his first time doing it. Hwang Bo starts throwing a tantrum at Crown J for making Hyun Joong dive because he hurt his arm during the dive. Both Crown J and In Young look at her in disbelief as she starts kicking a fuss over a small injury Hyun Joong sustained. Crown J mentioned that it was so small you couldn't even see it and she retaliates by saying that it is clearly visible! Hyun Joong just sits next to her, smiling happily at her reactions.

IY: Excuse me, did you bring your child out with you?
HB: .... Yes.
IY: Oh, the mother is putting medicine on her child...

Hyun Joong stretches his arm out so that she can put on a band aid on his elbow. Hwang Bo then takes out a bathrobe to protect Hyun Joong from the sun. Crown J begins to apply suntan oil on In Young and Hwang Bo follows suit, applying it for herself when Crown J tells Hyun Joong that he should help Hwang Bo as well since they are both husband and wife. Hyun Joong just watches Hwang Bo at the side.

Hwang Bo asks about lunch and Crown J suggest having a bet over lunch. They would play a game and the losers play. Hyun Joong is game and suggests playing 3,6,9 but Crown J has other plans. He suggests going all L.A style and playing beach ball since they are at the outdoor pool and all, and everyone agrees.

They walk to the pool and Crown J mentions that he has to protect his cap first which makes Hwang Bo determined on playing around with it. She tries grabbing it from him twice and nearly falls before she turns to Hyun Joong.

HJ: You'll get hurt... *reaches out for her*
HB: Hyun Joong... *points at the cap*

In Young manages to grab the cap and Hwang Bo snatches it off her head and throws it in the air, leaving Crown J speechless. She goes up to him, acting like she's looking for a fight before running to hide behind Hyun Joong!

(She's starting to go all aegyo with him now and he just smiles and watches out for her. They are starting to resemble a real life couple more and more now, despite the lack of skinship!)

They're at the pool and they both have their own self cheers. The game starts and Hwang Bo just keeps falling into the water! She misses her step all the time and gets soaked through. They lose the game and Hyun Joong holds on to her as they step out of the pool.

They all sit down to lunch together and both Crown J and In Young start arguing about whose food looks better. Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong watch them silently and wait for them to finally sort it out. They begin having lunch and prepare a toast when Hwang Bo and Crown J start their friendly bantering while they are all in the middle of the toast. Hyun Joong holds his drink before slowly lowering his hand, seemingly tired. He starts nudging Hwang Bo and reminding her to finish the toast so that they can all start eating!
Crown J starts advising Hyun Joong on what a husband should do and Hwang Bo asks In Young if she's dissatisfied with all that Crown J has done for her. In Young says that she is satisfied and Crown J's like "If you're satisfied, then why do you... Never mind." He continues advising Hyun Joong and starts bringing up things like fights when In Young purposely drops her fork on the ground to cut him off. Hyun Joong looks at Crown J and asks:

HJ: What do you do at a time like this?

CJ: What do I do? Go get her another one, that's what I'd do!

He continues talking to Hyun Joong when In Young mentions that she has to leave soon for an activity. Crown J starts asking her why she has to go and that why does she have to go when they are having fun. She says that yea, she's having fun but she has to go when it's time to go, an answer that makes Hyun Joong comment that she's like Cinderella. Crown J asks waht should he do and she's like just stay and play with them.

CJ: What do I do? Have an affair with Hwang Bo and make Hyun Joong angry?
IY: Do what you want. *angry tone*
HB: How is it that the both of you can start fighting so fast?
HJ: *choke choke*

Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo just watch the both of them fighting as they eat in silence, the atmosphere strained.

Private interview:

Hyun Joong: Just after Crown J hyung was telling me what to do well so that the marriage relationship would be good, they started fighting within 10 seconds! But I learnt a lot from his words.

Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong continue eating in silence as Crown J and In Young slowly stop fighting. In Young tells Hyun Joong to eat more in a sweet voice and he's like 'Yes!', the discomfort he feels really apparent. He continues to stuff food in his mouth as he watches them wide-eyed, dumbfounded, choking again when it seems like they are gonna start another fight.

In Young and Crown J leave and Hyun Joong watches them leave, his expression seriously that of a child who does not know how to react and do. They both continue eating.

HB: Oh, I'm stuffed.

HJ: I was stuffed, but the food was expensive so I just continued eating.
HJ: They didn't pick up the fork that they dropped...

They reach home and Hwang Bo says that she tired and slumps on the sofa. Hyun Joong brings her her slippers and sits next to her as she jumps up and runs to a box. She takes out her sewing machine and sits next to him when the phone rings, making the both of them jump.

HJ: The phone's ringing.

HB: Go get it.
HJ: Who can that be? Nobody knows our house number...

He answers and tells her that the freckled ajumma from 407 wants them to move the car. She starts laughing when she realises that he's pranking her, it's actually a call from security.

Private interview:
Hwang Bo: Hahaha! The funny thing is that there really is such an ajumma! And he said it with such a straight face! That's one of his charms, bringing me into his own world.

Hwang Bo starts cutting cloth and Hyun Joong wants to feed her a snack when she says that she only eats peanuts. Hearing that he starts his own little project. Threading peanuts into a necklace for her. She starts laughing when she realises what he's doing and asks him where he gets these ideas from. He finishes it and tells her that it's his present for her. And that she should eat it when she's hungry. And to start eating it from the very first nut when he sees her starting from the middle!

Private interview:

Hwang Bo: New shoes? A ring? A peanut necklace's the best of them all!

She presents him with a vest that she made herself, and he's really happy with it, saying that it looks great when he takes it off to her dismay. She asks him why he's taking it off and he tells her because it's nice.

HJ: I'm leaving tomorrow, so I'll wear this to the airport!

HB: Really?
HJ: Yes.

HB: I'll really check and see!
HJ: Check! I'll wear it to the airport.

HB: Really right?

HJ: But before that, use a magic marker and...


HJ: Yea. I'm going to Southeast Asia, so there's that Southeast Asia feel, you know?

She laughs and signs the vest and he tells her that it's like her own label now. Gorgio Hwang Bo.

HB: Wear this and send me a photo text from the airport.
HJ: But I don't have your number...

HB: *laughs*

HJ: Are you going to give me your number?

HB: Yes.

She asks him about his schedule and confirms with him that he's going to Japan after his trip to Southeast Asia.

HB: You're going to be busy, will you think of me?

HJ: When I really miss you, I'll think of you three times and above a day!
HB: Really? Then when will you think of me the most?
HJ: On the days when I come back for filming!
HB: *laughs*

Private interview:

Hwang Bo: It's really fun, our conversations! His imagination's really amazing and I keep wondering what's going to happen next.

Hyun Joong: I want things to be like now; as long as she sees me, she can laugh happily. I want to be a husband that can make her laugh. One should be able to do that.

*Photo credits: Soompi, MBC*


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Anonymous here!
I love that your blog is very JoongBo-centric! They are the only reason I'm watching this show!

They might have started out awkward but I think they'll definitely grow closer with time just based on their personalities. The PD really looked beyond the surface when pairing up these two.

I'm not sure if this is one of Hyun Joong's quirks but I swear he winked at Hwang Bo when he asked her to sign the vest. Is HJ flirting or did he have dust in his eye?! I'm just saying....

I really enjoy reading this detailed blog! Thanks, chonsa!

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thank you chonsa
I really love them they're relationship is progressing slowly (that' one of there charms)

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HJ ah, U'll think of her MORE THAN 3 times a day, simply b/c U'll keep sneezing coz she'll be thinking of U ^^

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thanks for all the comments guys! happy to know that you all are enjoying reading it! it gives me the motivation to keep on posting!

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thanks so much for all the detail! :) oh yer Anonymous #1 you said hyunjoong winked at hb, luk at when he was asking her to jump it the pool saying " its okay" he winks then too!! lol i also think thats his flirt nature ... i love this couple!!! the best for sure

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