Friday, June 20, 2008

JoongBo: 3+4

It's moving into their new house day and Hyun Joong is mightily impressed with the apartment. It's luxurious and it even has a semi swimming pool sized bath tub. Which he says would cost a bomb to fill, he'd have to accept an activity just to pay for bathing in it once. And he is rewarded with Hwang Bo's pummelling.

Having seen their new place, the both of them settle by the tub and talk about their awkwardness with each other, and Hyun Joong promises to try and make it more natural between them.

It's from here onwards that I feel that he's starting to put more effort into making them more comfortable with each other.

He partially plays 'Bogoshipda" by Kim Bum Soo for her and they make a pact. He'll play the entire song for her once she finishes knitting him a sweater. They unpack, and he starts laughing when he sees her stash of clothes:

HJ: Isn't this from your Chakra days?
HB: No, it isn't! I use them when I go out during special events!

HJ: Aaah... It seems like it'd be a good armor during war!


He unpacks his stuff, and shows her his list of things to do when he's married. The one thing that he's sure he can do a good job of: making a lot of money. But then he confesses that out of the two appearances that he did that month, he couldn't get paid for one of them because it was organised by a friend!

He then shows her his guitar collection before asking her for a favor... He's lost the keys to one of his guitar cases and asks her to use a spoon to jack the lock open for him!

HB: Why did you marry me??

HJ: For a comfortable life!

She reluctantly complies, but with proper tools and voila! The guitar case opens, much to his delight.

They start preparing food for their guests and he's impressed by her cooking skills. She tells him about bell peppers and that yellow peppers are more nutritious than red and green ones and teaches him how to slice mushrooms. They talk about the guests and he says that he wants Rain to come (there's supposed history between Hwang Bo and Rain - a small indication of a jealousy game here!) and she replies him saying that there's no schedule for rainfall today. He childishly glares at her for a while and when she protests he claims that he wasn't glaring, he was merely checking on her, making sure she was doing a good job.

He tries to cook but ends up freaking out when the oil starts splattering in the pot. She watches him as he tries to remedy the situation... by placing a saucepan over the pot...

Hwang Bo prepares a small snack for Hyun Joong when he tells her that he's hungry, not realising that she's left out quite a lot of ingredients. He silently eats what he's given, saying that it's good but when she says that she's left out some things, he lists down exactly what she left out. Emphasizing on the most nutritious yellow peppers...

He apologetically leaves early for an activity, but not before making fun of the fact that she's imprinted a 'Scream" face on the dustbin cover! She cleans and prepares the house for their housewarming alone, but states that this was a feeling that she rather enjoyed. It made her feel married, the way she was waiting for her husband to return home from work.

He comes home bearing gifts. Energy drinks...

Plus he's pleasantly surprised with all the work she's done, even fixing the dustbin! They start setting the food and drinks, when the bell rings and he freezes. Her friends have arrived. He warily opens the door and is greeted by 3 older women. They walk in and he rushes off, busying himself in the kitchen.

HB's friend: Do you not like us coming here?

HJ: ................... *smile*

He remains uncomfortable as they talk with Hwang Bo, and he becomes the compliant waiter. The both of them sit together and answer little questions about themselves and for a couple that is supposed to be awkward and lack communication, they sure react the same way and say the same things all the time...

HB's friends: Is that your first skinship?
HB + HJ: Hmmmm...............

Hyun Joong shows them the house and leaves Hwang Bo with her friends in the room as he goes down to prepare the food for them. Hwang Bo has a little heart to heart with her girlfriends, who in turn tell her to go with the flow and just accept him as a man.

Favorite quote by her friend:
"Just because a man is young doesn't mean that he's not dependable, and an older man doesn't necessarily mean that he's someone you can lean on."

They are all downstairs when the bell rings again. This time it's Hyun Joong's friends, his members from SS501. They walk in with a box of mangas for Hyun Joong, much to his delight and to her disbelief. He shows them around the house and settles in the bedroom with them, where he takes his first relaxed breath for the night. They too have a heart to heart, where he states that it was taking a while to get used to his new life.

HJ: Try calling her sister in law, you'll see how awkward it is.

YS: I can do it, I'm sure I can!

HJ: Go ahead!
YS: Jae soo ssi! (Sister in law for those who are either older or the same age as the groom)
HgJ: Hyung soo nim! (Sister in law for those who are younger than the groom)

YS: How old is Jae soo ssi anyways?

HJ: ...29
YS: Oh.. that does make it a bit awkward though...

They head down after hiding long enough, and Hyun Joong's boasting to his friends that his wife can open bottles with a spoon. When he hears Hwang Bo calling him, asking him to help her open a bottle of coke. He rushes down, jumping over the banister and opens the bottle with a spoon for her. Chivalry at its best!

They all hang out by the tub, drinking and eating when Hwang Bo's friends ask him to sing her a song. He agrees, saying that he never sang her a proposal song and asks his members to join him.

HgJ: Why are you dragging us in this? You should do this yourself!

HJ: I'll pay you....


They stand in line, Hyun Joong up front and start singing 'In a Rush' accapella style when Hyun Joong declares out loud at the end of the verse "I Love You Hwang Bo!"

Everyone cheers out loud and starts chanting for Hwang Bo to hug him. She's blushing like crazy and he's just grinning and looking all bashful, anticipating...

*Photo credits: MBC, Soomp*

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