Friday, June 27, 2008

Hyun Joong on MBC's Live Topic Focus

Hyun Joong was chosen as one of the candidates in MBC's Live Topic Focus, which was the current choice of younger men among women in Korea today. Some of the other candidates include Lee Seung Gi and Hyun Bin.

Hyun Joong was praised for his warm smiles and cute, 4D personality which he showed in WGM alongside Hwang Bo. In an interview conducted in Japan, he said despite it being a make believe marriage, he would want to do everything that Hwang Bo wanted to do and thought about. He also said that his thoughts were that as he gave out his sincerity he would also be able to receive sincerity in return.

They also commented that although the both of them started out awkwardly, their charms could now be seen and that the both of them looked good together as a couple.

They had a live vote on the streets where many women participated in voting for their favorite younger man. One lady commented that she liked Hyun Joong because of the cute personality he shows in WGM.


christina said...

again...thank you for the yah!

Anonymous said...

than you so much ^_^

Anonymous said...

it's me, Muize (i think i have an account here but i can't remember -*-)
thank you so much for the translation..sigh... the more he talks the more i can't get out of my imagination of them being together arg!!!!
...he's so good...HB unnie what about you?
See you at soompi!

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