Friday, June 20, 2008

JoongBo: 1+2

Individual entry number one. Decided to write about my current favorite couple, JoongBo, first even though I should start with the original cast, but what the heck.. It IS my blog after all, so what I say goes! :D!!

Wedding photo

They both made their appearances in episode 9, alongside Hwi Jae and Yeo Joong, to somewhat mixed responses. Many people said that they were extremely awkward with one another and were somewhat boring, but there were others who found the both of them to be an interesting addition to the cast. Hyun Joong is well known for his weird, 4th dimensional way of thinking and Hwang Bo famous for being a one of the guys kinda girl, someone who would laugh out loud instead of hiding behind her hand, twittering away like a bird. If you think that this combination is strange enough, wait till you add in the 6 years age difference between them. Hwang Bo stands proud at 29 years old whereas young 23 year old Hyun Joong struts to his own beat most of the time.

They meet for the first time at their honeymoon spot, Jeju Island and Hyun Joong is surprised to see Hwang Bo driving up to him. He was expecting someone younger, more his generation and instantly becomes formal with her (as is expected in the Korean culture). Hwang Bo however states that it's like she's won the lottery when she was paired up with him. They drive towards the hotel, and he's already displaying his deadpan humor with her:

HB: Can you drive?
HJ: Yes.

HB: Good, you drive then. The guy should be the one driving.
HJ: But I just finished a MV shooting session... and I'm kinda tired...

HB: *faints*

He drives anyways, and on their way they exchange little bits of information with each other. Hwang Bo's actually older than he guessed and he tried to save himself by saying that she looks younger than she really is, but come one... How's that supposed to make a woman feel any better??

Hwang Bo on the other hand, starts acting like her usual self and is actually rather proactive in this episode. She laughs her loud, masculine-ish laughter and seems to not want to act like a feminine, new bride at all. But somehow, it feels like Hyun Joong is appreciating her honesty and smiles when he sees her like that. He later states that he thinks that she's a really cool person and he likes the way she laughs.

Funny scene No:2:

HB: You better earn lots of money!
HJ: OK! I have two activities this month!

They arrive at the hotel, and she's trying to get him to wear couple shirts with her. He, on the other hand, protests saying that he doesn't like such blatant PDA.

HJ: It's embarassing...

HB: Are you embarrassed by me?

HJ: No, not you. Just the shirts...

HB: They're not couple shirts! They're similar shirts!

Can you already see that they are actually really suited for each other? :D

He asks if he can change the shirts so that they don't look like couple shirts anymore, and she just sighs and agrees. Another formal moment here when he's like "Erm, excuse me but..". She starts rolling all over the floor and exclaiming "We're married! Stop saying things like that!!"


They then head out to the boat for a round of fishing, and Hyun Joong brings manga with him... To Hwang Bo's exasperation. He then starts teaching her how to fish, and they both wait... and wait... and wait... For 6 whole hours, and nothing....

They go back in and there's bread and wine waiting for them. The captain (I presume) presents them with sashimi and in an effort to redeem himself, he's like "There's not much fish in the waters today, huh?" Hwang Bo starts laughing while exclaiming that he's embarrassing! They eat, drink a love shot and she tries to reduce the age gap strain by asking him to speak informally with her.

They then return to the hotel and he asks her to go back and rest a bit while he prepares a barbeque for her as she must be hungry since she didn't really get to eat much. He also asks her to wear a dress...

HB: You want me to wear a dress for a barbeque?

HJ: Well.. I'll be doing the work, all you have to do is relax and eat...

HB: Ok...

She goes back and dolls up, and he gets everything done for her. Then he calls:

HJ: Hello?
HB: Hello?

HJ: Is this Hwang Bo's phone number?


He tells her to come and when she does, he looks at her in disbelief and says that he can't believe that she really wore a dress. Isn't she cold? In his personal interview, he states that he never expected her to wear one and when she did, he felt like a little servant boy next to her and that maybe he should have changed into something nicer while he was making the barbeque.

They eat and more quirky sides of Hyun Joong come out, and he promises to try to speak as informally with her as he can. He also asks her to open a bottle of coke with a spoon... They talk about how to refer to each other and he's decided to call her Bu In (the Mrs.). At this point in time, she hasn't decided on anything for him yet.

Back in the room, they're changed into house clothes and Hyun Joong's reading manga on the couch. A mosquito flies by and he thwacks it with his book. And starts a mosquito killing spree. Hwang Bo tells him to stop before she starts to kill them as well. They find out that he didn't close the door... which explains all the mosquitoes...

Private interview:

Hyung Joon: I felt like I was protecting my Bu In everytime I managed to get a mosquito. They would have sucked her blood! And when I managed to get 10 in under a minute, I felt like I had protected my entire family! But when she asked me to stop, I felt dejected...

She helps him with his facial care and the both of them write love pledges to each other. He swears to always be by her side, to take care of her and to be like oxygen. She laughs at his cute and childish statements, and he's like, "Well, I can't be nitrogen can I??"

They seal their pledges with lip marks; she has her fun putting lipstick on him and he's so compliant, giving in to whatever she asks.

It's morning, and Hyun Joong wants to prepare breakfast for her. He goes out while she's in the bathroom. She comes out, completely unaware that he's gone out, and starts searching for him all over the place. When she doesn't find him, she sinks down on the couch thinking that he must have left her alone. The moment he steps in she starts asking him where he went and he said that he had to go out to cook the ramyun. They are not allowed to cook in the room.
They share a yummy breakfast of ramyun and he looks at the weather before saying that if they went fishing again, he was sure that they would be able to catch something. She refuses to go and says that she wants to take photos instead. He then asks, "Shall we go for a walk on the white sands then?"

Sucking ice lollies they stroll down to the beach where Hyun Joong confesses that it's first time walking on a beach with a girl. Because of one reason. He's freaked out by the beach ever since he watched 'Jaws' as a kid...

They play together on the beach, she asks him to chase her like one of those corny scenes out of a movie, fully aware that he hates all things corny. But he complies in the end. They play in the water a little, and she takes photos of him as he draws out "Wife Hwang" on the sands. They then take a photo of the both of them to commemorate their honeymoon.

*Photo Credits: Soompi, MBC*

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