Sunday, June 22, 2008

Anbi Part One

One of the original couples when this variety first started and they were probably one of the most anticipated couples of the lot, especially with Andy being a Shinhwa member and all. Solbi on the other hand is probably most well known for her personality and quick wit which she has showcased in many other varieties that she has participated in. But Andy's rather quiet (unless he's with his members) and Solbi's rather loud. Then again, opposites attract right?

They both meet on the day they move in, where they already seem rather comfortable with each other, okay, maybe more on Solbi's part than on Andy's. They talk casually and Solbi manages to use Eric as her pawn in making Andy somewhat jealous. It's more of a getting to know each other kinda stage at this point in time and they have cutesy moments together as they set their house up. They pose for photos dressed up in animal costumes and have small harmless disagreements on the arrangements and decorations of their place. Andy shows the world how particular he is about cleanliness here, with his constant folding of clothes and his continuous nagging about clearing the mess up. Solbi also demands a princess styled bed, and Andy makes her one, as an event provided that she makes lunch.

And she does. Jjajang ramyun. Plus white rice.

They share the hearty meal and Solbi cleans while Andy finishes the bed. He also prepares a White Day event for her, surprising her by suddenly jumping out from a refrgerator box like a Jack in the Box, clutching a lolly with a ribbon tied around his head. He also proclaims himself as her BIG present before singing her his title track 'Love Song'.

Their first night in the apartment is also cutesy, the both of them doing facial packs for each other and posing for photos with their faces as white as paper. She makes him an omurice breakfast before they head out for a day of exercise.

Their chosen sport? Pool. Also known as pocket ball in Korea.

Solbi manages to get Andy to carry her up to the pool place and she feigns ignorance over the game. When in actual fact, she is extremely good at the game and plays it at least once a week. Andy, the kind sport, patiently teaches her the rules of the game and the techniques as he displays his skills. Which are VERY VERY good. They place a bet on the game, the loser has to kiss the winner, and Andy agrees.

Bad move. He lost.

Solbi's grinning like a Cheshire cat and Andy's trying to wriggle his way out of kissing her by faking it. He uses a pool ball to 'peck' her cheek and kisses air instead. But Solbi's smarter than that and manages to get a real smooch from him. They place another bet on lunch, Solbi loses this time and pays for their Jjajangmyun lunch. They continue their unfinished Pepero game (using jjajangmyun) and they both already seem like a couple. Very natural and chummy. She then asks him to get her a coffee, and he braves the rain to get it for her.


When they get home, Andy starts nagging about the clothes again and Solbi's excuse is that he does it better than her. She presents him with a couple outfit and insists that he changes into that. Which he does. Appearing with short, really baggy pants. She mentions that her clothes don't fit her either and they realise that they've worn each other's pants instead...

Andy folds the clothes on the floor, Solbi flips channels on TV before they both settle on watching WGM. Their next mission? Making kimchi. Something that Andy cannot live without. A fact he revealed in the first episode. Another small fact? He loves women who can make really good kimchi. And Solbi claims that she can.

With the help of her mom of course.

She pretends to go to the toilet and asks her mom for instructions on how to make kimchi. And Andy seems to notice her disappearances a lot as well as her rather unorthodox ways of making kimchi. Totally unconvinced, he gets down and they both start making it together. Or actually Andy starts making it and she helps out here and there.

But! There is an event planned for Andy, she broils meat for him while he's fixing her ruined princess bed. And when he's presented with the meat and soju for dinner, he's impressed beyond words and says that she's touched his heart today. They share a lovely dinner for two, filled with laughter, sincerity and revelations. He opens more of himself to Solbi, which is something she welcomes since she's been saying that she's always had a thing for him ever since she was younger.

Oh! And she manages to speak with Eric! But she quashes his doubts over her feelings by telling Eric, the supposed object of her affections, that she's interested in ANDY. Which sends him into fits of laughter.

The next day shows Solbi preparing a packed lunch for Andy and the Shinhwa boys (it should be men, I know, but they are so much like boys still! In every sense of the word!) with the help of her mom who came over to her rescue. She makes kimbap, mi yok guk and salad as well as a special drink for Andy, before heading off to the venue of their concert.

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