Monday, June 23, 2008

Hwang Bo's surprise visit to Japan

Hwang Bo went to Japan to cheer for her husband Hyun Joong who's currently holding activities there.

On the 23rd, Hwang Bo and the production team of WGM made a surprise visit to Japan where they obtained permission to enter SS501's hostel to prepare a surprise party for him when he returned from a TV appearance that day.

The visit was kept absolutely secret from Hyun Joong and nothing regarding the visit was released on the internet and media sources. The reason for this is so that Hyun Joong would be given the extra push needed to bring their relatioship closer when they both meet.
What say you? I think this is to capture his exact emotions when he meets his Bu In unexpectedly in Japan! Excitement all around!
*Credits: Newsen, Soompi*


Anonymous said...

Oh i lovee youre blog...and especially the news about Joonbo but when ,,,is hwanbo going to visist him in japan is it epesode 16 ?? or 17? really wanna know ,,,but thanx for youre post's

Anonymous said...

aww i cant wait!!! gonna be amazing to see hyun joongs face when he finds out his buin come all the way to japan to surprise him YAYYYYYYY! lol sorry too excited. but i got a feeling its gonna air ep 18 coz 16 + 17 are probably jus them moving in to the new house and stuff .... usually one recording can last 2-3 weeks airing

chonsa said...

yea, it's probably gonna air on ep 18 and 19. i'm pretty sure that they'd drag the japan encounter for a couple of episodes. maybe even three. hopefully they have lots of screen time together!

R-Oobina said...

aawh 18 or 19 i can't wait that long ..Nandee...but what the heck for them ill do everything....sooo im going to endure it.....cant wait soo exited thanx chonsaa lovee youre blog

Anonymous said...

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