Thursday, October 30, 2008

WGM- Alshin leaves WGM, no other couples to be brought in as replacements

Alex and Shin Ae will be leaving WGM in November. WGM PD, Im Jong Ah, stated that they had already filmed their farewell episode, which will be broadcasted in three weeks.

Alex will be promoting his album with Clazziquai in November whereas Shin Ae is scheduled to start shooting her drama with KBS2.

Alex had left the program once in May due to personal reasons, and Hyun Joong- Hwang Bo were brought on the show as replacements to the Alshin couple.

The PD also said that it was okay for one couple out of five to leave the show and that they would work on a four couple WGM. She also said that there were no other couples who were either going to leave or join the show.

*Credits: Daum News, Go News*


Anonymous said...

Does this mean our JONNGBO couple doesn't leave the show for a long period of time ? I really hope we get to see them still by January next year...and that JEJU filming won't be their own farewell ep. Really hoping !

Thanks chonsa !


Anonymous said...

so happy to hear that our JOONGBO wont be leaving WGM for now. I think the PD should just concentrate on 4 couples or less and give each couple ample air time for the audience to follow their "married life" and make it more "real" with less cuts. Hopefully they will have Buin visit her shillang during one of his drama shoots. That will definitely bring their ratings up. Ha Ha Ha

Umi Salmah said...

they leave sad.... ya !! joongBo still in show huh....relieve
i'm gonna miss those couple too!!!!

Anonymous said...

AlShin leave....
I'm so sad.
AlShin was so nice together and brought us so much nice atmosphere.
Summer vacation epi with our JoongBo was nice and a lot of fun.
Our HJ must learned much from Alex!
I will miss them.
and now i feel like next will be our JoongBo........

cross my finger
I wanna see our JoongBo as long as possible. at least wanna see first Christmas for them!!

Anonymous said...

aihh..why must good things come to an end...I really love all of the regular couples...if only the pds kept things they were...but again, things that had been going on personally around just can't help it but to let her go...oh man...i hope the coming episodes to come for jooongbo will be enough to make it up...I love alshin and I love Joongbo too...


sub said...

omg!!! this is such a shock! AlShin fans would be in rage, i tell 'ya.
the selfish me isn't feeling anything but relieved that joongbo is safe together up till now.
but's sad to see one by one leaving, not that i'm rejecting changes.
but the two new couples are darn boring (well, to me)...esp hwanhee-hwayobi....sorry to their fans...just my personal opinion.
Crown J n Seo In Young is a fun to watch, but it's getting a lil redundant on their progress/action in the show.
Alex-Shinae was my first fav in the show while CJ-SIY was my close 2nd fav, before Hyunjoong-Hwangbo appeared that is-and took over all my interest n love from other couples. haha.
but it's still a lil depressing to see them go, what more with the PDs always occupying them with the babies n all most of the time, espp lately. i mean, why bother bringing them back just to make them boring?
well....i guess i should complaint less n be grateful more. since i still have my loves.

Thanks for the news, chonsa.

Anonymous said...

Awww..I like Alshin couple too. I don't know why they are keeping Marco-Dambi because SDB is going to leave to US soon for her film, right? Rating is going to go down again when Alshin leaves, so sad :(

Anonymous said...

Awww..I like Alshin couple too. I don't know why they are keeping Marco-Dambi because SDB is going to leave to US soon for her film, right? Rating is going to go down again when Alshin leaves, so sad :(

Anonymous said...

SigH...before JoongBo, Alshin was my fav couple...sad news...i'll definitely miss them ..the ratings might suffer again due to another old couple leaving the show, since most are not happy with the new couple.

when the time comes that our JoongBo will leave WGM, i might suffer from separation anxiety!

mappy said...

I just read coolsmurfs' blog and there were definitely many fans in uproar over AlShin leaving the show..

Well, as long as Joongbo's still on the show, I'm cool.. though I have to agree that the show is really becoming a little dull with the original couples leaving one by one.. The new couples haven't given any impact to the show yet. HwanYobi still needs more spice to bring about great fan club.

I hope Joongbo doesn't leave. If they do, I'll be just like die-hard AlShin fans that have stated that they won't watch WGM anymore because AlShin is leaving.

Anonymous said...

Well, happy to hear that our Joongbo couple is not leaving yet..Hope they'll stay 'til Christmas-spending their first Christmas together...sigh..For sure I will be depressed (!!) once they leave..and I don't know what will be the cure for it yet.

Thanks C..

Anonymous said...

oh another rating bringer is leaving.. I am happy to read that PD says no other couple leaving but being it said by MBC PD.. i am not going to bring myself to clouds nine or anything since they always tend to change things as they like AT LAST MIN.. I will just tell myself to enjoy the sweetest and great JoongBo without hoping too much BUt i am definitely looking forward to this sunday episode..

Anonymous said...

nooo!!! im gonna miss alshin sooooo much!! T_T theyre were my second favorite cuople....ToT
at least joognbo is staying longer...thank god!!

Alexandria said...

I'm kind of glad that they are leaving.

Please hear me out.

I just don't think this is where they need to be right now. WHY they had to film through all the personal tragedy that Shin Ae was going through is BEYOND me. Everyone knew about the deaths. WGM should have respected her grief and given the poor girl a week or two off. My heart was breaking for them. To watch the two of them in pain (Alex through his back and Shin Ae her heart) I felt like a voyeur. The PDs should have let them get better and come back rather than putting them in episodes while only airing 10 minutes worth of scenes.

I love them, and will miss them, but I think given the treatment of their airtime and other factors, this was the best descision for them to make. :)

anttt said...

wow.. this is definitely the end of WGM. sadly to say~ joongbo<3

Anonymous said...

at first i felt also so sad to hear this news.
But now i'm also kind of glad that they are leaving.

They decided to leave for many reasons. But then they can work their real job as singer for Alex and actress for Shine. They can be defenetely good friend.From now on i'm really looking forward to seeing their activity in their feld. Fighting~!Alex and Shine~!

and same as JoongBo.
They are not leaving now.But considering their health and work,the day will come someday.
That time i will be glad and chear them to leave WMG.
They are really talented.I wanna see their success more and more.
I feel HJ can be good actor and HB can release her 2nd album.I really looking forward to seeing the day~!

any way leaving is not the last.
Leaving is the beginning!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sad hearing this news, I first liked them then they left then fell in love with JoongBo, one of my most favorite episodes was their Vacation at Hauendae(?) beach. They brought ouot the best in each other. I believe there's still more instore for this couple. AlShin fighting! JoongBo Fighting!

Anonymous said...

First Anbi and now Alshin :'(.
I'm only watching Alshin, JoongBo and Ant couple cuts now :/

Damnit >____<"

Papertini said...

As soon as Joongbo leaves, I leave. Hwanyobi is not good enough to hold me to this show...goodbye stinks! :_(

maika said...

i first fell for AnBi . they left . then for AlShin . and now they're leaving . what's gonna happen if JoongBo leaves too ? Damn! WGM goes to nothing . ant couple isn't fun for me anymore . Hwanyobi will do . MarBi . i dont like them . waaa .

Anonymous said...

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