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JoongBo: 21

All of them walk towards their new destination, the war game area, dressed in their army wear and marching off, as the background music suggests that they are on a mission for the nation. It’s somewhat like a war movie and there is this air of seriousness as they approach their destination… when In Young starts complaining, bringing the mood back to WGM. They all enter the war game area and take their stations, as they strategize their game with their partners.

HJ: Even if I die, don’t panic. I’ll lift my arms up and say DIE as I leave…

HB: If I die you’ll be sad right?

HJ: Yea. I’ll make the sound for you. AHHHHHHH!!

HB: *laughs*

The game is about to start and she begins to hide behind him, telling him to stay with her and watch out for her. The moment the game starts, he runs of saying ‘Ah, I don’t know!’ leaving her chasing after him, yelling for him to stay with her as she was scared. She then begins to crawl on the ground, telling him to follow suit as there were people aiming at them. They crawl around together for a while, before she starts aiming for a shot at someone when she gets shot herself. Hyun Joong, seeing her fall begins to yell.

HJ: Bu In!! Maintain your consciousness!! AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Captions: You can’t die!!*

HJ: *points gun to self* I want to die too.

He starts looking around aiming, and she gets shot again and runs out of the shooting area. He runs in the opposite direction, before he too gets shot and runs away from the scene as well, coming up to her.

HB: Did you get shot too?

HJ: Yea. This totally hurts!

HB: It’s really painful isn’t it?

HB: So we’re dead now?

HJ: Mmm.

HB: It’s okay to die at this. *acting cool*

HJ: I couldn’t manage alone, I was too uneasy.

HB: *laughs* How will you live without me?

The both of them watch on as the others play, and see how the game proceeds. Hwan Hee and Hwayobi end up victors of the game and after a round of applause, they head to their next destination, the spa.

All of them sit in a circle in a hot spring, Crown J really proud that he arranged this, but Hwayobi starts complaining that it’s too hot making him a little flustered. They sit around for a little while more before moving on to the Jacuzzi pool. Crown J takes out a camera and starts snapping pictures of everyone as they pose, of course for a price of 1000 won a shot. They happily pose with ‘V’ signs when Crown J starts kicking a fuss saying that they should do the ‘A’ for the Ant Tour, to which they comply with.

Crown J then tells them the game that they are going to play in the pool. The couples are to play catch around the pool, with the husbands carrying their wives. They prepare for the game when Hwan Hee jokingly points out to both Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo saying that they’re both a male team, to which they just smile in response.

They start racing around in the pool and Crown J and In Young start catching up with them as they try to rush away, but to no avail. In Young touches Hwang Bo and they move to the side, watching the other couples race away. Hwan Hee and Hwayobi win this round again as Dam Bi falls into the water while they were racing.

Crown J suggests a reversal of roles this time, the wives piggy backing the husbands as they run around the pool. They get ready and everyone starts cheating by moving up a little before they decide to play fair and start at their proper stations. They start and the race is close, Marco and Dam Bi inching near them before they manage to speed away in time, and Hwan Hee and Hwayobi manage to touch Crown J and In Young first, kicking them out of the race.

Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo get closer to Hwan Hee and Hwayobi, in the most peculiar stance ever, Hyun Joong with his legs in the air and the both of them using all their means and strength to push themselves forward. They reach the Ant couple, and the Ant couple starts yelling at them to look at the camera, taking couple shots of them and shouting that each shot was 1000 won. They manage to touch Hwan Hee and Hwayobi and it’s now a race between them and Marco and Dam Bi.

In Young serves as the director, telling them how to pose while Crown J continues taking photos of them.

IY: Unni! You look old, look more fresh!!

HB: *puts on fresh expression*

Seeing that the girls are really tired out already, Crown J tells the girls to leave the battle to the guys. Grabbing his chance, Marco begins to rush after Hyun Joong who quickly swims away as fast as he can. Exhausted, he stops and starts walking again, and Marco jumps for the kill, rushing to him as Hwang Bo screams “No!! No!! No!!” from the side. It almost seems like Hyun Joong’s a pet about to be eaten by a monster and Hwang Bo’s the owner screaming and trying to save it but it’s too late. Marco wins as Hyun Joong’s too exhausted to continue running from him. Marco is all happy and Hyun Joong plays it cool again.

HJ: You’ve all worked hard! *clap clap*

Marco hugs Hyun Joong and Hyun Joong leans against the sides of the pool, covering his face.

Private interview:

HJ: It’s definitely cheap. 30,000 won. In Seoul, even just to go to a spa, it costs 12,000 won. In the end, I felt as though I was Park Tae Hwan. Although it was a pity to have lost, I compared the hospital fees to the 30,000 won and I gave up.

They all sit down to their dinner of prawns and oysters, as Crown J begins his tour guide activities again, asking everyone to eat as they must be hungry.

IY: But why does it feel like we came for training? Being starved then fed.

CJ: That’s not it. It tastes better this way, this special dinner.

HH: Excuse me, we’re having our meal, the prawns, like shells…

CJ: *cuts him off* If you have any complaints, please direct them to Miss Seo In Young!

IY: *glares*

HB: What about refunds? Who do we go to for refunds?

CJ: No refunds allowed.

HB: This package is kind of…

CJ: We’ve already completed two parts out of three, why are you talking about refunds? Please just give us tips!

Private interview:

HB: I knew that they didn't, the Ant Couple, even though they collected it from us.

They sit around as they wait for their food to cook when In Young comments that everyone is so dressed up. Hwan Hee replies that it was because they all thought that they would be having a good dinner.

IY: But, Unni, you really need to dress up for freshie. You have to for the rest of your life. Use eye cream from time to time too.

HH: The mood here is really great…

IY: You’ve aged after a few laps!

HB: It was really tiring! Extremely tiring!!

They sit and chat as they wait for dinner, and after a while the food’s finally cooked! Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo busy themselves preparing and bringing food to the rest and In Young starts teasing Hwang Bo again.

IY: Ajumma! Can I have a Sprite please?

HB: Okay. I’ll use a spoon to open it for you!

IY: Aunty, you’re really pretty!!

HB: Oh, I hear that all the time!

IY: Then please give me the Sprite for free!

HB: Of course I’ll have to since you’re so pretty.

IY: *laughs* So natural!!

IY: Hyun Joong, do you like living with an older woman?

HJ: It’s not too bad at all.

IY: Honestly, you didn’t like it at first right?

HJ: No, that’s not it.

IY: So you just didn’t think much of it right?

HJ: Yea.

HB: …………..

IY: After having lived with her, what do you like about it? I’m curious.

HJ: After living with her, she’s a good cook which is good.

IY: Because she treats you well?

HJ: Yes.

IY: And there’s no such thing as you going hungry… But the both of you look compatible now. You guys were really awkward with each other in the beginning.

HJ: *holds out prawn to feed Hwang Bo*

HB: *laughs* I can really eat this right? *eats*

HJ: I wanted to check if it was cooked.

HB: *covers face* *laughs*

HJ: *to Marco* She says it’s cooked, help yourself.

They begin talking again as they eat dinner, laughing together and basically having a good time together, and the conversation leads towards Hwayobi’s individual charms, which brings about lots of laughter.

Private interview:

HJ: Honestly to use Kaettongie (dog poo) on a girl is kind of…If it was Pink Poo then… Since she’s good at singing… R&B poo?

Hwang Bo asks Hwan Hee what he thinks Hwayobi’s charms are and he keeps silent for a while before saying that he actually thought that she wasn’t good, much to her indignance. He says no, and she asks who was he talking about when Hwang Bo butts in and goes, ‘Me! Me, me, me, me!’, making everyone laugh before the conversation is directed to Hyun Joong.

IY: Hyun Joong, you said that Hwang Bo is like an onion right?

HJ: *silent* *looks at her*

HJ: Someone whom the more you peel, the whiter she gets. (meaning to say that she’s kind, sincere, pure)

HB: My heart?

HJ: Mmm. And someone whom you can see the tree rings of. (meaning to say she’s aged.)

HB: *exasperated laugh*

HJ: I was joking. *massages shoulders*

SDB: Unni, don’t you get hurt?

HB: Get hurt?

SDB: When he does that…

HB: I’ve already gone for an operation.

Everyone: *laughs*

HB: I’ve already gone for an operation. How much hurt I’ve received!

IY: But now you guys are a lot better.

After dinner, all the couples go their separate ways to have some alone time together. Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo are left alone in the living room together.

HB: Why did we come back home?

HJ: Just because. We’ve been to the beach so many times.

HB: That’s true. We’re always at the beach. Even during the honeymoon.

HJ: We’ve done almost everything there is to do at the beach. It’s time we gave the chance to others.

HB: *smiles* To the other couples?

HJ: Mmm.

They sit together on the couch as he suddenly peers down to her feet. Noticing, she quickly pulls them out of sight, but not before he’s noticed her chapped feet.

HJ: Your feet are all chapped.

HB: Yea, don’t look!

HJ: Let me see.

HB: I don’t want to! Why are you still looking?

HJ: It’s like a something’s drawn there.

HB: I need to go for a pedicure.

HJ: Okay, next I’ll give you a manicure.

HB: *laughs* Really??

They sit together around again when he asks her if she wants a massage and she asks why. He tells her just because she’s tired and she tells him that her arm’s a little uncomfortable so he says that he’ll massage it for her. While massaging her palm, he starts talking to her about her skirt.

HJ: Why did you wear such short skirts here?

HB: *smile* You hate that right?

HJ: Mmm. Absolutely.

HB: *smile* There are times where I want to look pretty too.

HJ: You can wear long skirts and look pretty too.

HB: *smile* I guess you’re right.

HJ: It feels good right?

HB: Mmm.

HJ: *fake Thai accent* I accept Korean money too.

HB: *laughs*

He then tells her to get up and lie on the floor as he wants to give her a back massage. She starts laughing, a little baffled but does it anyway, and he comes up to her with a blanket, covering her on the floor before sitting on her back. She starts giggling, and he tells her to relax and breathe out, before he starts cracking her back. Startled at the sounds, he tells her that it’s okay to have the sounds, and after he’s done, he gets up saying that she’s all done and that her back cracked quite a bit.

She gets up, walking a little awkwardly and goes to sit on the sofa with him again, this time she tells him that she’ll give him a massage. He immediately turns to face his back to her and she starts.

HJ: Ahh.. as expected, one by a native feels different.

HB: *laughs* *falls on his back*

HJ: Even just your hands have an effect.

HB: Let’s talk about how married life is after saying farewell.

HJ: How married life is after saying farewell?

HB: Mmm.

HJ: Oh..

HB: What I thought was that we may just break up after saying farewell.

HJ: I’m sorry (in Korean).

HB: *laughs*

HJ: If I can’t say that, I might as well just use English or Japanese. I am sorry!

HB: I’m sorry (in Japanese).

HJ: *reassuring* No, how could those words come out then.

HB: *smile*

HB: But why didn’t you say that?

HJ: Me? Hmmm… Just because. I felt that it was a pity if it were our last.

She then gets up and asks him to relax as she wants to crack his neck. Extremely worried he tells her not too, and when she insists, he asks her if today really was going to be their last, making her laugh.

HJ: I’m really scared of this.

HB: No, don’t worry.

HJ: Hang on, I keep stiffening my neck.

HB: You can’t.

HJ: I can’t?

HB: Just relax. *cracks his neck*

HJ: Ahh… *massages neck* Hang on.

HB: Let me do the other side, it feels really good after. *cracks neck again*

HB: Feels good right?

HJ: Oh… *about to touch hair when she grabs his hand and begins cracking them*

HJ: *surprised look*

HB: *cracks his hands*

HJ: *accusing glare while she cracks his hands*

HB: All done.

Crown J and In Young head for the deck and chat before the both of them hatch up a plan to trick the rest. They decide to stage a fight and pull a hidden camera trick on the others.

Everyone comes in and they sit in the living room, gathering to play Jenga. Crown J begins explaining that this game was going to be the last highlight of the night and everything when Hwayobi gets up and begins moving a chair around, creating noise. They all look at her and she says that she wanted to sit near her husband.

They begin playing and the Ant couple begin picking on little things such as how to arrange their Jenga blocks, starting to get their tense mood together. Everyone notices their strange mood, and starts to worry as the both of them start acting really annoyed with each other. The game proceeds with everyone trying to lighten up the situation but the both of them are still strained with each other.

Hwayobi ends up dropping the first tile and she tries to lighten things up by trying to bargain with an aegyo, making everyone but the Ant couple laugh. The mood between the both of them becomes even more strained as they bicker about the game, and everyone tries to lighten it up and they play another round when they begin to pick a fight again.

IY: Just do it!

CJ: *looks at her*

IY: What? Ah, how anno

CJ: Anno what? *fed up*

HB: *tries to lighten it up again*

IY: I don’t want to play.

CJ: Just fit with the mood.

IY: What did I do? Did I say anything?

Everyone looks around, nervous and worried as the both of them begin to argue. Hwan Hee and Hwang Bo both try to calm things down, but Crown J gets up and goes off, telling the cameras to stop filming and tells her to come into the room with him. She goes with him and everyone just watches them, stunned.

In the room, the both of them are silently laughing as they pretend to have a huge row. Everyone outside tries to figure out why they began fighting, when Hyun Joong asks:

HJ: Are they fighting because one person said to pull this one out but the other one pulled a different one out?

HB: *laughs*

Crown J slams a door, startling everyone and Hwang Bo seems convinced that they really are fighting. The both of them begin talking really loudly, voicing out their supposed dissatisfactions with one another when Crown J says to just end it and she agrees. Everyone hears their argument and gets worried as things seem to worsen. Hwan Hee gets up to check on the both of them, and both Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo watch on, identical expressions on their faces. Marco follows suit and the both of them tries to calm things down, before Hwayobi goes in to check on In Young as well.

Hwan Hee and Marco bring Crown J out as he starts saying that he wants to end it all today, and that he’s tired of everything. Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo sit together, seemingly worried as to how things have suddenly become when In Young comes out, bringing out the ramyun incident and stating her dissatisfactions. Hwang Bo tries to clarify the whole situation, when Hyun Joong gets up, putting his hands on her shoulders indicating that he was going to go after Crown J as it seemed like this fight was for real. They look at each other for a while before he leaves, and she concentrates on In Young, feeling that it’s real this time and not what she initially thought it was, like her situation with Shin Ae.

The guys talk outside for a while before they go back in again, and the girls try to calm her down too as they hear the guys coming in. She gets up to leave and the guys try to hold her back when Crown J calls her.

CJ: Hey, In Young.

IY: *looks*

CJ: *yells* Ant Tour make believe event!!!!!!!! *hugs In Young*

Everyone: *SHOCKED*

HB: Ah, this is so annoying!!! *laughs*

Private interview:

HB: I really didn’t know. Initially I was suspecting… Really, these two people… are the best at fighting.

HJ: Next time… The last time I said that if it happened again next time, I’d not know if it were real or fake and ruin the whole thing, but see, I fell for it again. I’m really not going to fall for it again next time. I really thought that they were fighting, and even said ‘Hyung, why are you like this’. I feel wronged, I hope that these things stop.

They all sit around talking about the fake fight when Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo begin saying that they really had no idea and Hyun Joong wonders out loud why he fell for it again and that he must be pretty silly to fall for a fake fight again. They end the night with laughter, and the Ant Tour… was a success as they fostered closer relationships with both the old and new couples.


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