Monday, October 13, 2008

JoongBo: 20

Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo walk into a bus to meet up with the Ant Couple, who has planned an Ant Tour for them and the new couples. This is supposed to be something like an initiation tour for the new couples as Crown J explains that they should tell their juniors what being married is like.

HB: Couples will fight! *indicates the Ant Couple*

CJ: There are times when couples fight, there are also times when they don’t talk, and things get awkward.. *indicates the Lettuce Couple*

HJ+HB”: *sheepish*

IY: Are you guys still awkward around each other?

HB: No.

HB: *to Hyun Joong* We’re not awkward right?

HJ: *nods*

Private interview:

HJ: Compared to looking forward to the tour, I was actually nervous that there was going to be such a large amount of people that I don’t know going. Honestly, I didn’t want to go.

They continue on their journey to pick the first new couple out when Crown J reaches for his gold bag, much to Hyun Joong’s and Hwang Bo’s fascination with the gold bag, and takes out itineraries for the tour. They study it as Crown J explains that when they were at the pool, they couldn’t be united as they were the only ones present when he notices that In Young is looking on with a fierce expression. He asks her why she’s looking like that when she starts saying she wasn’t. The both of them kind of sort it out when Hwang Bo cuts in.

CJ: You always look on like that, right?

HB: You’ve been staying with her all this while, why are you still asking that?

CJ: Yes, but even so, it’s still a little scary sometimes! Hyun Joong can’t even say a thing now! *to In Young*

IY: What’s wrong with freshie?

HJ: Oh… it’s like an even stronger force than someone in their 50s!

HB: *laughs*

IY: *glare*

They arrive outside Marco and Dam Bi’s place and are waiting for them as they’re both late. In Young and Crown J try convincing Hwang Bo to call them up and rush them since she’s the most senior one in the group, but she seems reluctant to do it, saying that they should go according to age instead of seniority. Crown J asks Hyun Joong if he’s okay with that, and he answers yes when In Young starts making a fuss at them for being late.

IY: Why aren’t they here yet?

HJ: *deep sigh*

IY: You know that I don’t like being kept waiting right?

CJ: Yea, I do.

IY: Seobang.

CJ: Huh? But this isn’t something that you can mad at me for!

HJ+HB: *laughs*

Crown J gives in and calls them but In Young gets even more irritated when she sees him talking nicely to Dam Bi. She grabs the phone from him and starts telling them to hurry it up as they’re all waiting for her, even the great senior (referring to Hwang Bo), making her pout a little.

Hyun Joong spots them coming and they all get into the act of being mad at them for being late. Hyun Joong is assigned the role of telling them off, which makes him really nervous and says that he will just be mean and rude and Crown J says yes. He looks out the window as they walk into the bus, as the other three feign ignorance.

CJ: Now, Hyun Joong!

HJ: *to himself* Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute….

HJ: AH! *formally* Hello. Wait a minute. *all smiles, not at all fierce* *awkward*

CJ+IY+HB: *exasperated*

HJ: You came late… *tries being harsher* You came late!

HJ: *to Hwang Bo* Why are they just sitting there instead?

HB: *laughs*

CJ: You can do it, Hyun Joong!

HJ: You guys have been this late. *ineffective tone*

CJ+IY+HB: *gives up*

HB: Shillang’s too kind, so he can’t do it.

The three of them take over the roles of reprimanding them, sounding really mean!! Hyun Joong watches on as they talk to them and Hwang Bo explains that he needs time to readjust himself to the surroundings now that there’s new people he doesn’t know. Crown J tells him to relax and be comfortable before they call Hwan Hee to rush them as well. Hwan Hee tells them that he’s ready but Yobi’s still wearing her thermals.

HB: Why bother wearing thermals? You’re supposed to just freeze to death!

Hwan Hee and Hwayobi come into the bus to a much warmer reception, compared to Marco and Dam Bi. They finally set off on their Ant Tour, and Crown J starts acting like the guide, explaining things to them and passing out itineraries. He takes out an Ant Tour sign and tells Hwan Hee to put it in front, against the window. He then tells the newbies to introduce themselves.

HB: *to Hwan Hee* Introduce yourself RNB style!

IY: Yea, do that!

HH: Hello, I’m Hwan Hee. *normally*

HB: Lip sync singer.

Hwayobi begins introducing herself, and everyone is amused by her, laughing at her random comments and at Hwan Hee and Hwayobi’s relationship. She then starts commenting that the ride is uncomfortable and that she thought that it would have been more fun. A while later, Hyun Joong suggests playing 369.

HJ: Shall we play 369?

CJ: What’s the penalty?

HJ: A kiss between the husband and wife.

HB: *laughs*

He looks around embarrassedly as everyone laughs at him.

HJ: I’ve been preparing saying ‘Let’s play 369’ since an hour ago, just in case someone asked me to say something.

HB: *laughs*

They start talking amongst themselves when Hwang Bo tells Marco to change his term for Dam Bi, and he does, calling her Wife instead. He looks at them for approval and Hyun Joong nods, smiling at him.

HJ: He has a completely different character from me…

HB: *laughs*

HJ: He seems like a nice person, I thought that he would get hurt if I didn’t talk to him.

HB: *laughs*

Marco starts saying in his private interview that Hyun Joong’s someone really fun to be with, as he doesn’t talk much and smiles whenever he talks to him, so it was quite fun.

Private interview:

HJ: Marco hyung looks like a nice person. I’m someone who doesn’t talk much, but it seems like he was hurt when it was our first meeting. I look like I’m not paying attention, but I am listening to everything he says. So I’m really sorry to Marco hyung.

They finally arrive their destination, Anmyeondo a.k.a. A Town. Crown J starts his tour guide activities again, and begins telling them that they have 10 minutes free time and that their tour fees were 30,000 won a person to be passed to Hyun Joong. The others start protesting, saying that they were not informed of a fee when he tells them not to chatter and just follow what he says.

They walk off, resigned, when Marco approaches Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo asking if they can play together. He drags a reluctant Hyun Joong away, saying that he likes him. Hyun Joong tries to hold on to Hwang Bo but fails to, so he just keeps quiet, looking really burdened by him.

They all walk off, Hyun Joong still forced to walk with Marco as Hwang Bo talks with Hwan Hee and Hwayobi. Marco asks Hyun Joong if he doesn’t like him and he quickly says no, I do and Marco goes, me too before grabbing on to him again.

Private interview:

HJ: He kept on asking, so it was rather uncomfortable. He seems like a nice person. I do like him, as much as I like Hyung Don hyung, but it’s difficult as I feel that I need to keep responding.

Crown J and In Young stand away from the beach watching and commenting on the couples. The Ant couple comments that Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo are like the exercise couple as everything they do deals with exercise! Hyun Joong finally manages to break free from Marco and spends some time alone with Hwang Bo.

HB: It’s been a long time since we’ve come here, ever since the vacation.

HJ: Mmm.

HJ: It feels like I’ve come to beaches a lot with you.

HB: With me?

HJ: Mmm. The three coasts of our country.

HB: *nods*

HJ: Even Dong Hae, So Hae, Jeju…

HB: That’s true, this is So Hae isn’t it… *puzzled* When did we go to Dong Hae?

HJ: *thinks* Ah, so it wasn’t with you. *smiles*

HB: *glares*

They watch a mini helicopter fly by and he says that he wants the both of them to sit in that, and she asks if only one person can go up a time. They continue hanging out together and she suggests that they write messages to each other on the sand.

HJ: Oh, it’s a poem.

HB: Yea.

HJ: *reads out* The first time you went to a beach, it was with me. The second time you went to a beach, it was also with me. The third time you went to a beach, it was again with me. Your fourth time, go with me too.

HB: *smiles*

HJ: The title of the poem.. “Looking for the beach once more”.

HB: *laughs*

They start dancing and singing to Park Myung Su’s song about a beach before they walk towards what he drew on the sand.

HJ: I drew you!

HB: This?

HB: *laughs* *stamps foot*

HJ: Indo Mahal! (The Taj Mahal)

HB: It does look similar, especially when I have my hat on.

HJ: I even added the dot on the forehead.

HB: Marco Hyung keeps talking to me. It’s uneasy?

HJ: It’s burdensome.

HB: *laughs*

They continue even though the 10 minute break is over, and before going back to meet up with the others, they decide to have another bet. This time the stakes are that the loser has to fork out 40,000 won whereas the winner only has to pay 20,000. She asks for a handicap, and he gives her one and they get ready to start. They begin running when he yells out, and she goes back to him, worried. Just as she reaches him, he speeds off, successfully tricking her!

They run together and he slows down to lose to her. She gleefully says that he has to pay 40,000 as the others watch the both of them in disbelief. In Young tells them that they’re late and Hwang Bo says that they were to engrossed talking to each other that they forgot the time. They then disperse to get ready for the activities later.

The senior couples are left waiting for the newbies again, and Hwang Bo starts saying that she initially wanted to be the nice senior, but she can’t now. In Young starts egging her on, telling her to tell them off when they start deciding what to do. They decide to play games that they’re best at, so that they can win the activities, which are wrestling, long jump and three legged race. Crown J informs everyone that the winners could choose the room they want in their chalet, and that the losers would also carry all the bags from the bus to the rooms, to which Hyun Joong says to Hwang Bo that he wants the biggest room.

Hwang Bo wins against Dam Bi first and wins.

Private interview:

HJ: I’m thankful to her for doing her best. Son Dam Bi looks like she works out, but as expected you can’t do much when faced with skill.

Hwang Bo is supposed to go against Hwayobi, but Hyun Joong is distracted by something in a puddle with Marco. He does go watch her when she starts wrestling Hwayobi though. She wins the match with Hwayobi and is the overall female champion!

Hyun Joong goes against Marco, which worries Hwang Bo.

HB: It’s okay to lose!!

HJ: *serious* *starts*

HB: It’s okay to lose!!

HB: Oh, I can’t bear to watch!!

IY: Why are you shrieking like a hyena??

She watches anxiously as he fights it out with Marco… and wins!!! She cheers for him ecstatically and runs to hug him in celebration, shouting that he’s really cool!!

Private interview:

HJ: She has only said that I was cool once, when I won wrestling. If I lose this, then I wouldn’t be cool anymore, the only time I was cool. Which was why I kept thinking, what should I do? It was between wrestling with the newbie that I wasn’t close to and hating to lose. However, in the end, I decided that I didn’t want lose looking cool so I just clenched my teeth and did it.

Next is the long jump, and Hyun Joong loses to Hwan Hee by 5cm. The last competition is the three legged relay. The both of them give it their all, but the Ant couple were a little slower than Marco-Danbi, so they lost this race as well. The overall winners: the newbies.

The senior couples start lugging the luggage into the chalet. Everyone exclaims at their place, a two storey chalet and starts to fight over rooms. Hwang Bo and the Ant couple start wanting to bag the biggest room for themselves.

HB: Hyun Joong! Come here!

HB: Shillang!! Quick!

HJ: *rushes to see her*

The four couples begin arguing for the room, when Crown J says that the winners can choose whichever floor they want. All of them begin looking around and the newbies insist on the more lavish second floor and they begin rushing for rooms. Hyun Joong, on the other hand, coolly walks into the room that they didn’t want and lies on the bed before yelling for her.

HJ: Bu In! Hwang Bu In!

HJ: Bu In, quickly come! There’s no need to fight!!

HB: *runs in*

They both jump on the bed marking it as theirs as Crown J and In Young come rushing in a moment later.

CJ: We need to do rock, paper, scissors for this.

IY: Seobang, I want to stay here.

CJ: Let’s do rock, paper, scissors.

HJ: I came here first, yet you’re still insisting!

HJ: Chakra! Go do it!

Tired out, the both of them fall asleep on the couch in the living room, before the Ant couple joins them in their slumber. The four of them share the living room, resting after the long day.


Anonymous said...

I like this episode. Poor HJ, failing to hang on to HB when Marco wanted to "play" with him. The fighting for the best bedroom scene was hilarious. Only disappointment was HJ's reaction to HB's hug after winning. Maybe he's just shy.

pinksiren said...

i find it really cute seeing them all sleeping in the living room... they look like kids exhausted after playing all day :-) im looking forward on the next episode though... esp. the heated argument between the ant couple

katty81 said...

this week ep 29 is not wat i want to see but i think they will get better each time i see them in the show....when hj won hb hugged him i thought hj will hug her back but i think he didn know how to react...yup shy...joongbo fighting...ya chonsa thanks for the translation...u simpy the best of the best...chonsa fighting....

Anonymous said...

I noticed that the chair-mat was on HB's lap only after Marco couple was on board. Does this mean there is a deeper meaning behind it? kekeke

Zie said...

Somehow, I don't really like the ep. I do like the JoongBo part but I don't like it when they are with the new couples. HJ became sooo awkward and stuff.. I hope next ep. would be good..

koala157 said...

awww...this ep has so many funny moments...thx chonsa!!

annie said...

for someone who have insomnia and be able to fall asleep in a daylite is a very very rare moment. I think Hj doesn't realize yet that he's very "comfortable" being with his Buin. or maybe he's just closing his eyes cuz nothing to do? well he can read manga. maybe he forget to bring the comics? because he's too nervous being with a new people? or his body is way too tired? aigooo...anyway I'm happy to see their closeness.

Anonymous said...

Hwangbo to Hwanhee 'lip sync singer' ahh i hope i'm not taking this the wrong way but isn't that a bit rude??

Anonymous said...

OMG have you seen the preview for episode 30...the arguements between In Young and Crown J and some disagreement between Son Dam Bi and Marco...hmm i hope its doesn't get blown out of proportions...

Stefi said...

HB is not rude, she is blunt. That was just one of her blunt joke bec she is familiar w/ HH. It seems that HB, HH, Yobi, and Marco have known each other for a long time fr. appearing together at other var. prog. and modeling respectively. If HB said that to SDB (person that she doesn't know well) than yeah, she is rude.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the translations!

i was really dissapointed with this ep. though...
the new couples were sorta irritating because it took a lot away from JoongBo! >:O

can't wait for an ep with just joongbo <33

Gemeinai said...

thanks for summaring the episode since there isnt available with subs yet
when JoongBo were waling upto the bus i first that they look so good could see the closeness still awkward but close to eachother. I like how hJ is sometimes i see things we have in common(other than having the same DOB)..i like how he seems not to be there but he is. And how detail he can be ^^
so i cant seem to like Marco he seems so childish..

Gemeinai said...

i like how now HJ seems to be giving more while before it was all HB...

what happen to playing '369' the game HJ mentioned on the bus? what is 369?

Anonymous said...

i don't like marco maybe i think that he want to be boyfriend with hwangbuin that is why maybe!!! let fight kim hyun joong you much if you want hwangbuin

Anonymous said...

thank you sooo much... i've been busy lately with midterms so i haven't been able to watch WGM for the past couple of weeks. thanks to your blog, i'm up to date with joongbo's section.

Hyun Joong's been mentioning kissing a lot lately...after one little peck and he's hooked! LOL! ;0p

Anonymous said...

Hope Marco is not going to be a pest glad they are on the second floor. He will probably be a pest to Yobi and Hwanhee.

Looks like Hyun Joong loves kisses hope he will be doing the kissing next time. Can't wait to see what will be going on with the bedroom situation since Crown J said he wants to share a room with In Young and that HwangBo not Shillang has to get over her awkwardness. Can't wait for Ep. 30.

At least with Bruin there Shillang will get a good nights sleep I am sure she will fix him up. Did they bring groceries hmmm. Interesting happenings coming up.

Anonymous said...

Love JoongBo. Althought it is not real but they are just adorable keke

Anonymous said...

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