Monday, October 27, 2008

Hyun Joong's wave, Hwang Bo is Mal Bo. The budding love between the lettuce couple amidst their bets and games

Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo's sweetness level has risen in their couple love (?) .

In the broadcast of WGM on the 26th, both Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo went on a date at the theme park, spending a pleasant day by themselves.

Despite all the attention from their fans at the theme park, the both of them still managed to have their own activities, such as having an 'expressionless ride on a roller coaster' bet as well as played other games together.

Hyun Joong said in his private interview that as the both of them had more drive to win than anyone else, therefore when he wins a bet with her, the feeling of satisfaction he gets is more.

However, he loses in this bet and had to perform a wave while holding on a tree, bringing about much laughter.

Their bets continued as such, and Hwang Bo piggybacked Hyun Joong who complained that his feet were aching. Although she initially suggested piggybacking him as a joke, she ended up doing it anyway, surprising him.

As he was being carried by her, he commented that it felt like he was riding horses in Jeju Island, and he nicknamed her Mal (Horse) Bo.

He also said that she was a kind and beautiful woman, making her smile at his words. The look of closeness and comfort that they displayed between each other pleased the audience watching them.

*Credits: Empas News, DC Gallery*


Anonymous said...

just date already!!!!!!!! in real life!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Chonsa, thank youuuuuuu!!! A daily dose of note from you with regards to our JoongBo couple is much appreciated. Get well soon.

I-am in Angeles

Anonymous said...

honestly, despite the busy schdeule HJ has, i always felt dat he enjoy the outings with HB. he always has this wide happy smile whenever they do silly things. its like time for fun & destress whenever he film with HB.
thanks chonsa, love the pix posted!

Anonymous said...

Yippee!!!The best complement so far our shillang had said to his buin.

thanks for the update

Anonymous said...

ahahaha XD this made me somehow, cringe a good way *snickers*
"The look of closeness and comfort that they displayed between each other pleased the audience watching them."
this is so true, Joongbo never failed to make audience fall in love and feel all warm and fuzzy inside (with their laughter & antiques) even though they're doing the most absolute crazy things on air...hahah..and HJ's saying HB's a kind and beautiful woman...ahhh...are you starting to listen to the fan advice now HJ just grab her? better go for it..I'm praying for ya XD
heh~(not that he'll read this..but a lil' wish from just another person who hope for both of their happiness^^)

and to chonsa, get well soon~:))
be healthy asap^^ and thanks for the article :D


Umi Salmah said...

really??? they real couple now??? can't imagine!!!! but love to read yor post!! thanks

Anonymous said...

This positive comment about them is another dose of medicine for me to start my day. (clap! clap! )

Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

lol @umisalmah, I don't think so they're real behind the reel..but people assume their budding love in wgm is real...but...heh..what do we know right? ;)

Anonymous said...

i hope that they are really couple because i love them so much. joongbo fighting

Anonymous said...

haha i feel all fuzzy and warm inside... they're TOO CUTE!! :D

evelyn168 said...

They were so cute in this episode. I just love how they're so comfortable around each other.

Anonymous said...

They are just getting too sweet for words now. I really believe they should date in real life. Gosh, totally shows that both of them have feelings for each other. Made my week just watching their parts. They have gotten so sweet after that fake farewell episode.

mappy said...

Hi! I'm a Joongbo fan too, and I've been following your blog for updates.. I really wish they'd get together in real life!

I'd just like to ask if Hyun Joong is really going to leave for Hana Yori? I know that he needs some rest and some break but I'd really hate it if the Joongbo couple will leave the show.

Anonymous said...

OMG they're so cute. I hope that when he leaves to film his drama they don't leave the show, and they should do what Alex and Shinae did and take a break. I would hate to see them leave. And they should definately date in real life.

Anonymous said...

thanx for!!!!!i check ur blog everyday for updates hehe i luv this lettuce couple

Anonymous said...

chonsa or anyone havent you noticed the gold watch is on again! recalled back in episode 29 the farewell journey caught my attention the same (couple??) watch the two had on their wrist and again for ep 30 and again they had it while filming wgm throughtout the episodes i wonder is it a gift from fans, or its part of wgm scene or anything. oh i hoped someone can make it clear for me. lol

btw they have the same sony cybershot touch camera hj's T300 the latest hb's T200 im gona love mine too.

yokesoe said...

thanks a lot chonsa..
this ep is really funny.

Anonymous said...

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