Saturday, October 25, 2008


I've had a really, really long (but fun!) day and just came back to find news. Haha, being the tired and rather lazy me, I've decided to just compile everything into an update again, haha!! Forgive my lazy bone, I do realize that it's been a rather often occurrence lately. Plus, I have yet to do Hwanyobi's summary, I know. I will soon, I promise. Hehe...

1) SS501 participated in the Asia Aid Concert held on the 24th. This concert aims in raising funds to help countries around the world suffering from poverty and disasters. Other participants include DBSK, SG Wannabe, Lee Ji Hoon, Chae Yeon as well as others.

*He's doing more charity work now, haha!*

2) Hwang Bo attended a fashion show for Seoul Fashion Week together with Park Jung Ah on the 25th. Point to notice, her serious expression throughout the show.

*My two favorite female artists!*

3) WGM has been pushed back to 6.55 p.m. Korean time due to the broadcast of the professional baseball game- Korean series.

*Remember the change in time guys!*

*Credits: Empas News,,*


Anonymous said...

glad that you're back
waiting for another news
PS: i always check your site everyday and for the previous days I wonder what happen to you because there wasn't any post

Anonymous said...

youre so awesome. thank you so much! cant wait to watch tonight

Anonymous said...

Is it all the way WGM air time will be 6.55pm korea time....or just after this week or....the end of pro baseball game *series*?


Anonymous said...

wow hwangbo is so pretty even with a serious look in her face. love it!

Anonymous said...

Actually I felt that too..hyun joong is recently more involved in charity stuffs. Though I am not a fan of him before, but when I am searching through old vid, I have yet to see such news..I wonder if it is due to hwang bo comments that she wants to do charity work with her husband in the future...hope so..

hanang. said...

hwangbo looks soo pretty in hereee
*below blog*

Anonymous said...

been wanting to comment this for so long! point out too that hwangbo is very attractive being serious oh the girl is already to point-10 out of-10

oh chonsa dear, i found this video in youtube titled 'Hwang Bo singing Mature and Getting Hot Live' uploaded by a user name "seoulchonsa" well the video rocks scroll down the comments i smelled joongbo in it or is it part of wgm or you know anything put it in as story or no and sorry me if being far too behind i know and we all know that you knew better. ;)