Friday, October 10, 2008

Hyun Joong: I dropped out of school because of my love for the guitar

Hyun Joong, who was hospitalized last month due to a sleeping pill overdose explained the incident when asked at an interview.

He said that he had always found it difficult to sleep, and he was also undergoing stress because of the Asia Song Festival as well as the University Song Festival. He also had WGM filmings at 6 a.m and since he was still unable to sleep even till early morning, he took sleeping pills three times (two pills each time) to help him. However, as he felt ill after taking the pills, he went to the hospital. He says that he is healthy now.

Hyun Joong, who has been shooting WGM with make believe wife Hwang Bo, has been gaining popularity everywhere. He has also been cast as Rui in KBS2's Hana Yori Dango and has been busy practicing acting and the violin. He says that as his schedules have been very busy, he has not been able to see most of the WGM broadcasts.

He also said that as people have high expectations of him, he wants to give everything he does, be it acting, singing or modelling, 100%. However, he gets stressed as he doesn't have enough time to prepare completely for his tasks. He added that although it was unreasonable to do several things all at once, he really wants to do everything well.

Hyun Joong has been bringing laughter through his unexpected, random words in WGM. He displays that his relationship with Hwang Bo which was initially awkward has now developed to becoming closer as he is now able to joke around with her. He also said that despite being in a make believe relationship with Hwang Bo, there are times when he thinks that he is in fact married to her. Fellow singers, colleagues and family states that that is the 100% real Kim Hyun Joong and that the way he appears in the program is the way he usually is and talks. Netizens have also compiled and passed around 'Kim Hyun Joong's Analects'.

He said that ever since he was young, he used to read 10-15 volumes of books a day. He said that he found reading very fun in elementary school and used to just read from the moment he opened his eyes at 6 a.m. till he finished school. He was also good in his studies, excelling in mathematics and science related subjects and even competed in the Olympiads when he was in junior high school. However, this changed after his first year in junior high as he no longer found studying interesting. He had fallen for the guitar.

Hyun Joong fell for the guitar and rock music after listening to Seo Tae Ji in 2000. Despite what his teachers said, he dropped out of school after his first year in junior high. He rejoined classes one and a half years later, and graduated from high school. He is currently a student in Kyeonggi University, although he is usually absent from classes. He also said that one might wonder if he would graduate from University, and that he was wasting his time. However, he said that he still wants to go for the sake of graduating.

Being a member of an idol group was also not his initial wish.

When he was recruited by the agency in 2004, he was told that he would be part of a rock band. However, he was told to dance at a dance school and that at the time, he had thought of leaving. He said that he had taken classes to learn the bass and that he was a bassist for a band. He also said that plays the guitar by ear and not by looking at the scores.

He added that dancing till he is 33 seems just right and after he ends it as a dance singer, he would want to dabble in acting, as well as spend the rest of his life with music be it on programs, clubs or in theatre.

However, his debut with SS501 in 2005 was worth is as it made his mother happy.

Well known for his goood looks, he said that his mother's wish for him was that he graduated from high school. He also said with a smile that although he wasn't a particularly good son, she was satisfied with him. His older brother of two years is in the hotel line.

Hyun Joong created laughter with his random answers.

When asked if his personal life was affected in any way, his reply was that it wasn't very affected. He said that he goes to the movies and shopping at Dongdaemun wearing a black mask. He also stated that he gets angry if the fans follow him, therefore the fans do not follow him around.

Noting that SS501 reached the second place in the Oricon charts, he was asked what their Japan activities were like. He replied that activities in Japan were convenient as it was systematic and that they took good care of the singers. He also said that they were even given Shin ramyun and kimchi during their practices.

*Credits: Empas News, Yonhap News*


annie said...

teheeheeeheee,.,... I can't stop laughing and smiling and I'm in my office. People will think that I'm in love or somethin'
Yeah I love Joongbo for real..

and your blog is my number one. thank you for all your lovely uypdate. can't even have a words to describe how wonderfull you are. yeah Chonsa. you are wonderfull

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I think I'm not only addicted to Joongbo now but also with your blog, hehehehe. The first thing I do in the morning or upon arriving home from work is to open your blog for Joongbo updates. Again,THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

evelyn168 said...

No we know what's going on through HJ's mind. I feel so sorry for him. He's so busy and yet, he wants to do his best in everything. I really hope that he balances out between his health and career.

I also wish him good luck in HYD. I think he has the potential in him to play Rui really well... Also, guitar and violin are quite similar, so I think it's easier for him to learn to play the violin... My hope is that he doesn't drop out of WGM because of HYD... If he's too busy, maybe HB can fly over to visit him again. My dream episode would be HB flying over to HYD filming site and while she's there, she'll help HJ remember his lines too... I hope she can read the lines of Shizuka and practice with him...

I'm glad his mom is proud of him cause I know his parents weren't too happy when he first went into the music industry. I guess it's all okay now.

Anonymous said...

if WGM does an alshin to Joongbo, I think it might not be so bad...since he's hella busy and really, he needs to think of his condition first before giving it all.... can wait for you HJ ah...
but perhaps that's just me...maybe both heart will grow fonder of each other if they do that...but since he just have WGM with HB till the end of the year, it really saddens me...unless they pursue the relationship outside shooting...i do think that they hv a chance....or this is just another wishful thinking...*sigh*...mannn, this reality show really does suck all emotions from one person... :/ it sucks...but that's how I come to love it...damn :P.


Anonymous said...

awwww he said that he does think that he's really married to her at times!!! that's the best!! :DDD gooo joongbo! :D

Anonymous said...

all i can say is that HJ is a "Superman " , doing all these activities ! i just hope he can remain healthy with all these busy sked ... Health is wealth , they say ! God Bless you HJ and Hb, and Chonsa , for all these infos !

Carmen said...

thanks a lot for the news of Joongbo~I'm addicted in watching yr blog everyday and also addicted to Joongbo after i watched WGM.Hyunjoong is so cuted and such a good man.It's great if they'd become a real couple,hwangbo is a good wife.Love Jonngbo and love yr blog.Waiting for the coming Ep. tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

yessss. This site is ridiculously addictive! ^^ ahhhh what am i going to do once everything comes to an end!

DJchan21 said...

So... if ever I am in Dongdaemun shopping or at the movies and I happen to bump into a guy wearing a black mask, it might be Hyunjoong??! ... what if it's a mugger? *gasp* Now I don't know whether I should kiss him (if it's HJ), or hit him with my bag and run(if it's a mugger). Aaiiyyaah! so confusing! Bwahahahaha!

Red Carrot said...

Hope to run into him some day.....^__^ but don't get mad if i am shocked seeing you, Okay? Joongie..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the news I enjoy every bit of it

I can tell he thinks he is married to her sometimes, so does HwangBo.

I hope he can have restful sleep he needs to take care of himself.

I can tell he don't like fans following him some of the pictures at Everland showed his mean face when he was being stalked. He is not one to get angry.

Also when does he have the time to go shopping, school, SS501, WGM, HYD, violin, acting lessons he needs a lot of rest in order to do everything well.

Anonymous said...

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