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JoongBo: 19

The both of them are at home, looking through their list of things that they want to do together before deciding to do Hwang Bo’s number two on her list. Just doing their own thing without bothering about the other.

HB: Let’s just each do our own thing.

HJ: Okay.

HB: For about 20 minutes.

HJ: *pushes her lightly* Try rolling around.

HB: *rolls around*

They sit around together when he asks if she’d want to talk to his friend on the phone. He dials the number and she looks at him, slightly embarrassed, as he tells his friend that he’ll pass the phone to her. She answers as he watches on, a gleeful expression on his face.

HB: Hello, I’m Hwang Bu In.

Friend: Hello.

HB: Shillang said that there was someone I had to talk to on the phone, so I answered.

Friend: Ahh, is that so?

HB: Yes.

Friend+ HJ: *laughs*

HB: Lately shillang hasn’t been very well, please take care of him.

Friend: Ah, yes, we are.

HB: *smiles* Does he ever talk about me?

Friend: He does talk about you quite a bit.

HB: What does he say?

Friend: He said that you were the prettiest!

HB: That I possibly look pretty?

Friend: The prettiest.

HB: Really? *falls back* Can I cry now? I have never heard this from him!

Friend: He really said that you were pretty.

HB: Thank you! Please come over to our house and visit, I’ll cook you something delicious!

Friend: *laughs* Okay.

HB: Thank you!

Friend: Yes.

She passes the phone back to him and cheers with a big “Yeah!” and celebratory dance only to hear him berate his friend for telling stories just because he knew that it would air on T.V!! She starts throwing a tantrum, kicking him as he laughs and continues to chat with his friend as he moves away from the sofa. He ends his phone call and goes back to the sofa to sit as she sits on the floor.

HJ: People…

HB: Be quiet! I know!

HJ: This is what I said.

HB: Forget it!

HJ: I was asked who I thought was the most pretty female celebrity by my friends, and names like Jeon Ji Hyun and Song Hye Gyo came out. But I’ve never met them before.

HB: *smiles in exasperation*

HJ: *looks at her* Hwang Bu In… I think has the most beautiful heart. I think that you’re an honest person, a really good person. That’s what I said.

HB: Let’s just pretend I didn’t hear that.

HJ: Hmm?

HB: I was happy, why did you have to burst my bubble?

HJ: *defensive* But it was a lie!

HB: *angry* Why are you like that? If he said a white lie, then you should have carried it on! Aren’t there are good lies as well? If you come clean after saying a white lie, then isn’t that defeating the white lie’s purpose? Do you get what I mean?

HJ: *indignant* What kind of white lie is this? Is saying that you’re pretty a white lie??

HB: *frustrated* That’s not it!!

Private interview:

HB: I thought that that much was his sincerity. But really he didn’t have to tell me that, explaining the whole truth to me. He really didn’t have to tell me all that!

Hwang Bo pouts as she tells him that she’s not going to bother about him and that they should do their own things. She turns her head to one side and sulks as he sits on the sofa, keeping quiet. He looks around in the uncomfortable silence before trying to approach her.

HJ: Shall we watch T.V?

HB: Don’t talk to me! Why do you keep talking to me?

HJ: *shocked*

She walks off saying that he can do whatever he wants for twenty minutes before taking a bottle of water out to drink. He looks after her, still sitting on the sofa before he lets out a long sigh.

The both of them begin doing their own things, him exercising and her lying down and looking at the list of things his fans sent him. He gets up from his exercise and walks into the kitchen when she jumps onto the sofa, stealing it from him. He sees her from the kitchen, smiles to himself, and gets a drink for himself before he slowly walks out into the living room again. He inches his way to the sofa and sits down on the side, on top of a pile of pillows before he tries talking to her again.

HJ: That’s my place!

HB: There are so many places! Why is it that you have to come and sit here with me like this?

HJ: Then shall we claim land? We’ll use these pillows as markers for how much space we get if we win.

HB: *squinty glare* *small smile*

HJ: Rock paper scissors!

*Hwang Bo wins*

HJ: *moves up* This much.

The both of them continue playing and Hyun Joong keeps losing till he loses his entire space on the sofa! A now happy Hwang Bo chases him away as he gets off, and she stretches herself on the entire sofa. He walks into their room before he brings out a weighing scale and sets it in front of her.

HJ: Stand here!

HB: What’s that?

HJ: Weighing scales!

HB: Can’t I not stand?

He stands on it first and she sees how much he weighs, and tells him that he’s 67 kilos before he tells her to do it too.

HJ: Weigh yourself, I’ll keep it a secret! *pulls her arm*

HB: Why should I?? *laughs* *resists*

HJ: Why? Because we’re husband and wife. *pulls*

HB: Contrary to what you think, I’m a little more that… I don’t want to!!

HJ: I won’t reveal it! I won’t reveal it. How can there be secrets between husband and wife?

He pulls the weighing scales to the middle of the room and tells her to go. She gets up, complaining and heads to the weighing scales when he slyly slips past her and jumps on the sofa! He’s successfully stolen the sofa back from the unsuspecting Hwang Bo!! He watches her gleefully when she looks back and realizes that she’s been tricked and laughingly starts throwing another tantrum as he laughs at her.

She begins preparing dinner as promised and he’s in the convenience store, buying some things. He picks out a bottle of soju and heads for the cashier before he starts looking around again. Finding what he wanted, he picks it out before scrutinizing some more. The thing he was looking for? Band aids. A flashback to when Hwang Bo fell and scraped her knee because of him shows before he walks back to their apartment.

He starts ringing the doorbell incessantly and smiles at her as she opens the door for him. She turns around, smiling shyly as she asks him what he bought from the mart. He helps her bring the food out to the table, starting with a big serving of lettuce.

Don Don in studio: Hate grass! Hate vegetables!

The both of them start preparing their dinner when he tells her that he got her something for her scrape earlier on. She smiles as he takes the band aid out for her and she puts it on, him helping her.

HB: Thank you.

HJ: Sorry.

A flashback to their honeymoon is shown, this time it’s her reading out the part of his love vow where he says that he’ll get her medicine whenever she’s sick, before coming back to the band aid that she puts on.

She gets up and tells him to prepare the meal as she goes into the room and starts dressing up. She puts lipstick on, and more flashbacks of their honeymoon is shown.

He continues preparing the meat as she comes out in a dress, waiting for his reaction.

HB: How’s this?

HJ: What’s this, when we’re eating meat…

HB: Ahh, so tactless.

HJ: But this is better than what you wore the first night; that was like an outfit from some night show.

HB: *smiles* This is better?

HJ: Mmm.

HB: I think that I’ve started liking this type of style after having lived with you.

HJ: That’s right, right? *happy*

HJ: I’ll barbeque this well for you!

HB: Okay… *melancholic*

HJ: Here, ssangchu.

HB: The reason why we’re Ssangchu.

Scenes from their honeymoon flash back again, when they were eating lettuce wraps for the first time, and his strong pronunciation.

HB: We’re having this during both the first time and the last time for us.

HJ: Mmm. Then here, just like the first time, with a spoon *hands her a bottle of coke*

More scenes from their honeymoon, this time when he asks her to open a bottle of coke using a spoon. They reenact their first dinner together and he encourages her on to open the bottle with a spoon. She tries, and succeeds again!

Private interview:

HJ: Ah, she wasn’t rusty at all. I think she knows the angles now.

HB: Ah, I would be able to do it even a hundred times! It’s not difficult. Whenever he asks me to open a one, I’ll go and open it for him. *laughs*

He then takes out a bottle of soju and pours her a cup as she does for him too.

HJ: After this, like within three hours, you’ll be like ‘Hey, Kim Hyun Joong!’ *slurring*

HB: *laughs*

HJ: *still slurring* You try doing well too! Where’s the ring in the side dish?? Won’t you do things like that?

HB: I won’t be like that!!

They both raise a toast to live their next few decades the way they originally are and clink their soju cups together.

HJ: But seeing that you’re older, I need to turn to the side and drink. (the polite way of drinking that younger ones do in front of the older ones)

HB: Don’t do that! Let’s drink looking straight at each other.

However, she turns to the side and drinks as well, which is what wives usually do when they drink in front of their husbands. They finish their first drink together when he suddenly slurs and goes ‘Hwang Bu In!’ making her laugh.

The both of them eat in silence for a while, each deep in their own thoughts when she calls him.

HB: Shillang.

HJ: Mmm?

HB: Even though it was just make believe, really sincerely, it was rather fun. I’m thankful, and I’m sorry for anything that I did wrong. I had a happy time.

HJ: It’s like that for me too. I don’t know if I did anything wrong, but I’m sorry. I was rather happy. I had a happy time.

HB: I had a rather happy time too.

HJ: If one day, I really date or do get married, I think I will think of us now.

HB: That’s right, that’s right. I think so too. I’d think ah, marriage life is different. And at the same time think, oh, so it can be like this too! I think it would be like that.

HJ: No, for me, whether it’s make believe or real, I’m going to be live like this!

HB: No matter who I meet in the future, if we live like this, I will be happy. Therefore, live well. Live well, you have to be happy.

HJ: *sighs* *looks at her*

Private interview:

HB: Really, if I get married in the future, I think I will reminisce a lot. I will think of it when my future husband treats me well, like when he buys me medicine when I’m sick. I’m am sorry towards my future husband but I don’t think I can not think back and reminisce.

The both of them are still sitting down, having dinner together when he reminds her that she has to do the kissing mission.

HB: I don’t feel like doing it after having eaten samgyeopsal! (three layered pork)

HJ: It’s okay. Then shall we have a peppero game with the samgyeopsal?

HB: *laughs* It’s too short!

She starts to move towards him when he says that he’s getting nervous. An obviously nervous Hwang Bo says that she thinks she needs another drink of soju and he pours her another glass willingly.

HB: We’re supposed to live each day like our last!

HB: Ah, I’m going nuts.. *drinks*

HJ: I’m going to drink! *drinks*

The both of them stay put for a while, nervous and he starts wiping the side of his face, which makes her laugh. They continue sitting there, Hwang Bo asking ‘Nerve wrecking, right?’ and he agrees as he starts nibbling on a lettuce leaf. She starts fretting when he yells ‘Go!’ and begins chewing on his leaf.

HB: I’ll go sit next to you.

HJ: Mmm. *chews fervently*

She slowly moves closer towards him and he munches on the leaf, seemingly nervous as she approaches. Suddenly her phone rings, startling the both of them and she starts thanking the disruption!

HJ: Who’s that?

HB: Shin Bong Sun.

HB: Bong Sun ah…

SBS: Yea?

HB: I’m at the moment when I’m supposed to kiss Hyun Joong on his cheek.

SBS: Ah, really?

HB: But just as I was hesitating, you called right at this very moment!!

SBS: Just do it!

HJ: *shocked*

HB: Greet shillang.

HJ: Hello.

SBS: Oh, brother in law.

HJ: Yes, yes, yes.

SBS: Hello.

HB: *laughs*

SBS: When you want to change your wife, then can I be next?

HJ+ HB: *laughs*

HJ: *speechless*

HB: There’s nobody I can trust!

SBS: *chatters*

HB: *takes phone back* Bong Sun ah..

SBS: Hey! Why are you simply taking over the phone as you please??

HJ: *shocked* *speechless*

HB: Really, thank you. I’ll call you after I’ve succeeded.

SBS: Okay.

The both of them are alone again, trying to prepare for what is about to come, her chattering non stop and him just taking deep breaths to calm himself.

HB: Isn’t there anything you want to say to your fans?

HJ: There is.

HB: Say something.

HJ: My dear Triple S friends. You’re all doing well right? We’re going to kiss now. Please understand me. If you all leave Oppa after this, Oppa’s going to get mad! *cute*

HB: *laughs*

HJ: Ah, I don’t know. You guys decide for yourselves. You guys have boyfriends too anyways.

The both of them start getting nervous again as the moment creeps up on them. They start fretting as they prepare themselves and they shout ‘Fighting’ as they encourage each other on. She finally puts her hands on his face and leans in to him as he seemingly pulls away, nervous, with his eyes closed before just waiting. She leans closer, and puts her lips on his cheek and pulls him towards her!! He jumps up after she pulls away and she says ‘You pushed yourself on me!’.

HJ: Our beautiful ending.

HB: You have a mark on you.

HJ” *pulls hair away from his face* *reveals a huge kiss mark on his cheek*

Private interview:

HJ: I thought of it as a final present. I was rather nervous so I just pushed myself in. I wanted to do everything, since it was the last time.

HB: I think he thought that I would have just done it lightly. I actually wanted to leave my mark on him, but before I did that, he pushed himself towards me. I think he was probably embarrassed himself and wanted to finish it up quick.

They begin talking about their lives after the show, saying that he should be able to speak to her informally even after they’ve left the show. He tells her that she’s the first senior to whom he’s spoken informally to and says that since he’s lived with her before, he’d be able to continue speaking informally with her if she asks him to. She tells him that she’d like that so he’d better work hard at speaking to her informally.

HJ: Noona, annyeong.

HB: I’ll say annyeong too.

HJ: If I don’t see you at show, I’d take it that you retired!

HB: *laughs*

She’s in the kitchen again, preparing something for him. He looks up at her as she brings it out to him.

HJ: What’s this?

HB: *tastes*

HJ: *looks at her* What’s that?

HB: Water strained from boiled onions. *gives it to him*

HJ: *drinks* Ahh..

HB: *looks on* It tastes better than you expected right?

HJ: Yea.

HB: From now on, you’ll be able to sleep well.

HJ: Why?

HB: This is the best for insomnia.

HJ: This onion thing?

HB: Live well.

HJ: Oh.

HB: If you keep living like now, you’ll do well.

HJ: Noona too, stay healthy. I hope you become someone like Helen Keller, like now. You’ll receive good fortunes.

HB: I have received good fortunes. I met you.

HJ: Right. *somber*

HB: Go well.

Private interview:

HB: I felt that way too, but as it was the last time, I think it had more meaning to it. I’d like it if he was comfortable with me without any doubts but if he usually doesn’t do that, then I’d hate it. I’d think, ‘why is he like that?’. But now, I don’t think it’s a problem as to what you like or hate. I think that today was mostly about what we felt.

HJ: I’m like that too, but I’d like it if I could express words of love more easily. There are times when you need words like that, even for me, but I couldn’t do that. I worked hard, and so did she. And although it isn’t much easier for us, I think that we would be able to improve at least 2% more than now.


MC LHJ: You didn’t know right?

HB: No.

MC LHJ: Did you guys speak about it?

HB: We haven’t spoken at all today!

MC HD: Last present, last vacation. Honestly, I’m a rather puzzled.

HB: I did the best I could for the mission.

MC LHJ: But your tactic of pulling him towards you was fantastic!

HB: That’s not it! *turns to Hyun Joong* Why aren’t you telling them??

HJ: I was about to tell you all..

HB: Forget it! Why didn’t you tell them?? *throws tantrum*

HJ: It’s not that she pulled me to her, it’s that I pushed myself towards her.

MCs: Huh?

HJ: Compared to the one receiving, it’s more embarrassing for the one giving. Because I thought that it would be embarrassing for her, I thought that we should, together… together like that, work hard together.

MC HD: This is the evil side of an injection type education.

It’s finally time to choose whether to stay on as a couple or to each go their separate ways. They are the first couple to choose and they close in on their private interviews where they can either say ‘I love him/her’ or ‘I’m sorry’.

HB: Ahh.. this is ridiculous.. *ponders* I love him *said it in a low voice while not looking at the camera, smiling* Looking at him today, I hope that he has the same feelings as me.

HJ: Hwang Bu In? I think she’ll say ‘I love him’ like this (follows her manner of saying it). I know, she’s someone like me. I’m 100% sure. The moment she says ‘I’m sorry’ I’ll leave the studio, kicking. Honestly, I’ve never even said this twenty times since birth. When I was a child or at kindergarten, I’d say it when I was told to… *shy* So all I need to do is just say ‘I love her’? Yes. I love her. *smiles shyly*


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