Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Sunday Night Lineup

TNS Media

Good Sunday Part 1 (Family Outing): 27.5% (Nationwide), 28.5% (Seoul)
Sunday Sunday Night Part 2 (WGM): 13.5% (Nationwide), 14.6% (Seoul)
Happy Sunday (Schoolympic, 1N2D, KKTSS): 12.4% (Nationwide), 12.4% (Seoul)

AGB Nielsen

Good Sunday Part 1 (Family Outing): 24.1% (Nationwide), 24.5% (Seoul)
Sunday Sunday Night Part 2 (WGM): 13.6% (Nationwide), 13.5% (Seoul)
Happy Sunday (Schoolympic, 1N2D, KKTSS): 12.4% (Nationwide), 12.4% (Seoul)

*Credits: Soompi*


carpe diem said...

Wow Chonsa, so many updates! But I am not complaining. I like it! Haha.

And wow at Family Outing. WGM is more than 10% behind.

evelyn168 said...

What can I say? The new PD sucks!!! Also, they made a bad choice when they added 2 new couples instead of 1... There's less time showing our fav couple so ppl would rather watch it online later now... The PD needs a wake up call...

young yoda said...

the ratings keep slipping...what do they expect when they give bring in new couples, script it so that it's the new vs old couples, continue to reduce the time given to the original couples

hope the pds learn their lesson before it's too late

thanks chonsa

Anonymous said...

new pd is suck. they should kick out marco/sdb, they are too boring and add more joongbo. i am very sure the rating will be high if they do that. look at joongbo fans, they are so lovely that take cares the whole cast. new PD should see and learn from that

Anonymous said...

SIGH....the rating has drop again...this is lower than the last ep...well anyway thanks chonsa for the update...