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HwanYobi: 2

Hwanyobi’s back! The new couples are introduced, and scenes from their Chuseok special are shown as they watch in the studio, before discussing their first episode together.

Q: Reactions you received after the program aired.

HH: I actually got a lot of negative feedback. That I, towards a girl..

MC: Was mean?

HH: Yes.

HYB: For me, what’s most important… *looks at MCs*

MC: Are you from overseas? (Her speech sounds accented, Gyopo)

HYB: *laughs* I actually had quite a good feel about Hwan Hee. Therefore, it was like I could forgive him. That kind of thing.

MC: Because it’s Hwan Hee?

HYB: Yes. I understand the feelings of Unni.

MC: Are you happy now?

HYB: Extremely so.

MC: Hwan Hee, are you happy too?

HH: Thank you.

HYB: *glares*

The both of them are lounging in front of the T.V, and Hwayobi reaches for her camera, calling him while she moves it.

HYB: Husband.

HH: Are you awake?

HYB: We’re going on a trip right?

HH: That’s why I’m excited.

HYB: Excited?

HH: *looks at her* Did you eat ramyun before sleeping? (The belief is that if you eat ramyun before sleeping, your eyes will be all puffy.)

HYB: *smack*

HH: Okay, okay, okay!

Private interview:

HYB: My parents asked me if I did anything wrong to him, and I said that I didn’t do anything like that and told them to wait a while longer. That love would come soon. And, although the clothes I wore to the mart were quite funny, housewives seem to like it! They asked where I got them from, but I didn’t say.

HH: I was asked why I was so similar to my dad. There were people who liked it, but there were also people who said that it was rather disappointing. I’m not the kind of person who would just treat people well all the time, I can’t do that. I’ll be myself, but I will take care of her too.

HYB: When I was living alone, there was something that I ate.

HH: Ramyun?

HYB: NO!! What, am I that ramyun girl Im Choon Ae? Do you know that girl who got first place in running just by eating ramyun?

HH: Park Hwayobi? Eating ramyun, and always getting first place in the singing world.

HYB: Don’t you know how long it’s been since I dropped the ‘Park’?

HH: That was then. Now, you’re just Hwayobi.

HYB: Okay.

HH: *looks at hair* You just simply set your hair.

HYB: What do you mean by simply?? I spent so much time setting it, while you were sleeping!

HH: Really?

HYB: Pssh.. *attempts to pinch his lips together with her cleaning tongs*

They sit together and she brings up the thing she used to take again, this time giving him a hint, saying that it tastes really good. He guesses alcohol and she glares at him before telling him it’s coffee.

HH: Coffee?

HH+ HYB: *sits looking at each other silently*

HH: Are you telling me to make it for you?

HYB: No, where is it?

HH: Ah, where’s the coffee?

HYB: What can I expect… I’ll make it myself… *acts pitiful*

HH: *laughs* I got it, I’ll make it for you. *gets up, heads to the kitchen*

HYB: Hang on a second… You’re going to add things into it aren’t you?

HH: *laughs*

The both of them get ready for their trip, and she takes out a Mickey Mouse ear headband, asking him what he thought of it and he tells her that she looks good with it on. Delighted, she goes to see herself in the mirror and says that she’s going to wear it there. He spots her measuring tape and asks why she brought it with her and she tells him that she brought it just in case he gets bored, making him smile and tell her that she’s got sense! He starts playing with it the same way he did when she first moved in, and they continue getting ready for their trip.

HYB: Husband! This bag!

HH: *packing* What about it?

HYB: *runs out* This bag!

HH: *runs to shut door*

HYB: *dragging bag* *sees him* *puts bag down, opens door*

HYB: Husband, what’s with you??

HH: What’s with the bag??

HYB: I have the exact same one as you!

HH: There are lots of people who have the same bag.

HYB: *dreamy* We were meant to be.

Private interview:

HYB: Actually, my stylist went to buy a bag, and she heard that Hwan Hee bought a black one. So she told them to give her a white one, and she came to me and said, ‘Hey, bring this with you, and make it seem like a coincidence!’

He asks her if he can bring a different bag as it’s too small and in her tantrum she pulls her own bag while looking at him, not realizing that the cover of her bag would fall on her hands!

HYB: Ah!!

HH: What’s wrong? *walks towards her*

HYB: Nothing.

HH: What, what, what? *peers down at her*

HYB: The cover…

HH: Be careful! The bag is so clean and pretty!

HYB: *throws head back in frustration*

HH: This bag really is pretty.

HYB: It is, right?

She tells him that she kept something special in her bag, before showing it to him… A bottle of alcohol.

Private interview:

HYB: Actually, I have a nickname. (Not sure what it is) I mix drinks well.

They continue getting ready when he gets a call from Crown J, asking them where they are.

CJ: Where are you guys?

HH: Hyung. At home. I’m all ready, but Yobi’s still in her thermals.

HYB: *throws tantrum*

HH: *laughs* Okay, Hyung, I’ll quickly take her thermals off and get clothes on her. Okay, okay. Five minutes.

In the bus:

IY: She’s the only one who wears thermals.

CJ: Her?

HB: Even I don’t wear thermals!

IY: That’s not our style, is it, thermals.

HB: Why wear them? You should just freeze to death!

Hwan Hee starts rushing her to hurry up when she tells him that she can’t button up. He starts nagging, telling her to lose weight and to stop eating ramyun.

HH: Are you going to be long?

HYB: I’m done! I’m done!

HH: Hey! Come out!

HYB: Ah, you’re too much, really! I’ll be done after I put this on!

HH: *looks at her* Whoa…

HYB: *beams* Why?

HH: Are we going to a party?

HYB: *glares* What kind of party outfit is this??

HH: That’s enough. Ribbons…

HYB: What about the ribbons?

HH: Your dress is going to split.

HYB: *exasperated*

He carries their bags and they finally leave to go meet the others in the bus. They greet them warmly, teasing her by asking if she was going to a reception and if she was wearing thermals under her dress. She tells them that she’s dressed that way because it was her honeymoon, making everyone laugh. They finally set off and Crown J explains the trip to them, acting like a tour guide. Hwan Hee sits quietly, occasionally looking at Marco through the corner of his eyes.

Private interview:

HH: I was surprised because I didn’t expect Marco to come. I thought ‘Oh, he’s here too… Marco’s a tough competitor…’, and I said to myself that I needed to work hard today. If I slacked a little, even Yobi would get hurt, so I had to work hard. I’m usually not like that, but today, I suddenly thought that way.

They continue on their journey and Crown J tells them to introduce themselves. Hwan Hee does his introduction first before Hwayobi.

HH: I’m Hwan Hee. *looks at Hwayobi* We’re well matched.

HYB: *surprised*

HH: We are well suited.

IY: It’s not just your point of view is it?

HH: No. Hey, we’re well matched right?

HYB: Of course we are.

HB: How can you just call your wife ‘Hey!’??

HYB: I chose it! Between ‘Hey’ and ‘Oi’, I chose ‘Hey’.

IY: You like it that much??

HYB: *laughs*

It’s Hwayobi’s turn and she starts introducing herself, as everyone looks on expectantly.

HYB: I’m the new bride, Hwayobi. This (the megaphone) stinks.

Everyone: *laughs*

HYB: I just want to… what was it? Since my husband says that we’re well matched, I want to live together as a well match. *aims megaphone at Hwan Hee*

HYB: Why is everyone doing something else while I’m talking?

HH: No, don’t aim this at me while you talk. Aim it there.

HYB: Okay. Excuse me, Organizer. Why aren’t you..

CJ: I’m listening. I’m listening.

They get caught in a traffic jam when Hwayobi points out that she feels uncomfortable traveling in such an atmosphere, and that things should be made fun. In Young tells her to liven things up when she just laughs and says that she’s not good at things like that. They continue on their journey, occasionally talking to one another till they reach their destination, Anmyeondo.

They get off the bus and head for the sands, where Crown J the tour guide starts telling them what to do and asking them for tour fees. Hwayobi tells him that they were not informed of it, but he tells everyone not to chatter, and just do as he says. They are given 10 minutes of their own time to wander around and the both of them walk off with the others. She tells Hwang Bo that her heels are sinking into the sand and Hwang Bo tells her what to do.

HB: Take them off and Hwan Hee will carry them for you.

HYB: It’s okay.

HH: *feigns ignorance*

HB: Carry them for her!

HH: You carry them for her then. *laughs*

HB: *smacks him with a stick*

HYB: It’s okay, I’ll just walk in them.

The Ant couple comments on them as they watch from the top, far away from the sand, saying that Hwayobi and Hwan Hee looks like a couple that the elders arranged to marry and that she was like the country girl that was brought into the city to marry him.

They walk on the sand together and see drawings in the sand, stopping to comment on them.

HYB: What’s that? I love you? I want to draw things like this too.

HYB: *starts drawing* *tired out*

HH: Hey, hey, don’t do it.

HYB: Why?

HH: *motions to stop with his hands* Do you think you can finish it by today? Do you want to go change first?

HYB: What’s wrong with this?

HH: Your shoes…

HYB: I didn’t know we were coming here!

HH: It looks like they’re sinking to the second level. The whole 10 cms.

HYB: It’s 7 cms.

HH: Yea, 10 cms.

HYB: 7 cms!

HH: 7 or 10, whatever.

HH: What’s this?

HYB: Hus

HH: You’re going to write Husband right?

HYB: *stops in her tracks*

HH: It’s childish. Don’t. What husband, all the way up to here. Aii.. Let’s go.

HYB: *stands there*

HH: Husband, what husband…

HYB: I’m not going to do it!

HH: Okay, okay. Brush your hands.

HYB: *sigh*

They continue walking and talking together and she asks him what his thoughts of the day are. He says that everything’s good, the weather’s nice, the scenery’s nice, the beach is nice.

HYB: Is that it?

HH: Yobi’s nice too.

HYB: OH! *ecstatic*

She starts laughing in delight because of that one sentence of his, and he tells her to go clean her shoes a little in the sea. She does so, but gets a little startled by something in the distance.

HH: What?

HYB: I’m kind of scared of birds.

HH: The birds are scared of you!

They see Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo in the distance, writing in the sands and she expresses her envy.

HYB: I wanted to do that too.

HH: Hey, that couple won’t write things like ‘Husband’ and ‘Wife’.

HYB: Why? That’s Hwang Bu In. Shillang and Hwang Bu In.

HYB: I’m ‘Hey’. Husband. *points to Hwan Hee*

HH: *looks at her*

It’s time to regroup again and Crown J sounds the megaphone, signaling them to return. Hwan Hee and Hwayobi decide to ignore him, complaining about him telling them what to do and the sudden tour fee.

She starts saying that she’s angry with the Ant Tour. Why? Because her clothes are making her feel warm. They walk back, when he sees something in the sand.

HH: What’s this?

HYB: Dog poo.

HH: *laughs*

HYB: This is dog poo.

HH: How is this dog poo?

HYB: I have dogs as pets, so I know. This is dog poo.

HH: How can this be dog poo, you Kaettongie (dog poo).

HYB: *laughs*

HH: Kaettonga, let’s go, Kaettonga. *laughs*

HH: Isn’t that cute? Okay, from now on, I’m Husband and you’re Kaettongie. Great!

HYB: *laughs uncontrollably*

HH: I mean, everyone calls their wives, ‘Darling’, ‘Bu In’, ‘Wife’. But I’ll call you Kaettonga!

HYB: *laughs*

Private interview:

HYB: This may seem strange, but when I heard it, I thought that that WAS my name. I was mad for about 1.5 seconds? Then it started to have a nice ring about it. And since I was born in the year of the Dog, it seemed to suit me.

They regroup with the others and he tells them that he started calling her ‘Hey’ because he had no nickname for her, but since coming here he had the inspiration for one. Kaettongie. Everyone starts laughing and she tells them that she’s fine with it since it seems to suit her well.

They start pointing out that Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo are still walking around, and Crown J says that he had wanted him to help him collect fees when Hwayobi volunteers to help out, saying that she’s good at things like that. She takes out her purse to pay, even asking for a discount since she’s going to collect the fees, making everyone say that she’s had experience with things like this before. Marco asks if they take cards, and she tells him that he can use a card, with a service fee of 20,000 making the total 80,000 instead. He in turn complains to Hwang Bo when they reach that she was trying to charge him 20,000 in interest for lending him money. They break out to change, agreeing to meet again later for the activities.

The newbies arrive late, and Crown J starts teasing her for carrying her bag with her. They start the games, wrestling first. Hwayobi goes against In Young, and seems to be having a tough time, but Hwan Hee keeps telling her to continue, saying that if she can’t beat In Young then she really is dog poo. She tries and tries and finally manages to win, falling down herself in the process, as he laughs at her.

Private interview:

HYB: Honestly, I’m not that strong. Contrary to what I look like, I’m really not that strong. I can’t even open jars well. But everyone had expectations of me, even Husband. He felt like my trainer, encouraging me and telling me to do well. So it seemed like this was his thing. I didn’t know that I would do so well, but Husband looked really happy and I thought ‘Ahh, is wrestling my path?’

It’s now the finals for the women, and she’s to go against Hwang Bo. She starts wrestling her and seems to be having a hard time.

Private interview:

HH: Hwang Bo was using all those moves on her and yet she still wasn’t able to throw her down! It was amazing and fun.

The both of them struggle for a long time before Hwang Bo finally manages to beat her, throwing her to the ground and he goes over to help her up.

Private interview:

HYB: I just felt like crying…

HH: It’s not a game which girls are good at. Yobi was rather depressed. Her expression was rather down, so I felt quite worried for her.

The second game to be played is long jump and Hwan Hee braces himself to do his best. He jumps and lands at 3.55 meters, the farthest amongst them, winning that event, much to her delight.

Private interview:

HYB: It was really cool. Really. When he was running, I was like, wow.. When I was thrown down to the ground during the wrestling, I was drenched with sea water. Could it be that he felt sorry for me, and thought that he needed to do his best for the long jump? Or maybe it had nothing to do with me, and that he just wanted to win because of his competitive spirit. There’s nothing bad about winning, that’s what I felt.

They also play three legged run, and everyone laughs as she adjusts her pants.

HH: Is it so funny that our Kaettongie is adjusting her pants? Please don’t laugh at her.

They start running with Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo.

Private interview:

HYB: I thought he was just going to link arms with me, but he put his arm around my waist! And that made me nervous too. He also asked me if I was okay, and if it hurt when he tied the rope around our legs, displaying his care and concern. But I thought that it wasn’t him caring for me, it was more him being the trainer.

They finish the games, and the newbies are the overall winners. They go to their chalet and look around, amazed at the lavish surroundings. Hwan Hee lies down on the sofa only to get back up when he sees In Young glaring at him.

HH: What’s this? I thought that the winners could choose where to stay.

They start looking at rooms and the four couples begin arguing on where to stay when Crown J tells them that since they won, they can choose which floor they want. The women look around before deciding that the second floor was best, and the newbies rush to stake claim to the second floor. The guys also give the best room to their wives, in an act of chivalry initiated by Hwan Hee.

They sit around the living room together chatting, saying that they think that they will be assigned as groups to play more games.

HYB: Really? That’s okay too.

HH: Of course it is for you. I never knew that you were that strong. Do you wrestle? Have you done it?

HYB: No, that’s not it. I seem to look strong because of my weight…

HH: I’m not talking about your weight. I’m saying that you look healthy.

HYB: Look at my wrists! They’re so small.

HH: It’s about the same as mine. You have big bones.

HYB: *starts comparing with everyone else* *realizes that they aren’t small*

HYB: I’m sorry.

He begins measuring her wrists with his hands and Dam Bi asks why he calls her Kaettongie, and he tells her ‘Because it’s cute’.

They begin unpacking when she sees Dam Bi walking in with a huge pile of clothes.

HYB: Can I wear one?

HH: Hey. You’ll rip it. Please don’t, if you rip someone else’s clothes, you’ll have to pay for it.

HYB: Stop it. *angry*

HH: I’m joking.

HYB: Really, if you say it one more time, I’ll really get mad.

HH: Okay, okay.

HYB: *walks off* *starts laughing*

HH: *smiles*

Marco tells him that life with her must never be boring and he agrees. She walks out again before saying that she wants to sit in the sun for a while. He continues unpacking his clothes when he hears a big thud. She stands next to a broken beach chair…

HH: Hey! How can you break that? *laughs exasperatedly*

He goes out to fix it for her, and she lies down in the sun and he says that her face will burn if she does that. He goes back in, takes his shirt and uses it to cover her face from the sun. He goes to sit on the railings, and tells her to come over as the view is great from there. She tells him that she’s scared and he assures her that he’ll help her, which he does. She sits next to him, nearly slipping, but he steadies her and she sits comfortably next to him.

Marco and Dam Bi join them and they start commenting on her nickname, laughing and joking around, but unaware that Hwan Hee doesn’t seem too pleased about it.

Private interview:

HH: What’s this? Kaettongie’s my name for her, why are the others using it on her? I felt bad that they were referring to her that way. I’d like it if the others didn’t call her that.

HYB: He said this to Marco. He went, ‘Kaettongie’s a name that only I can use, so please stop calling her that’. I was really happy then. I didn’t know that a time like that would have come so quickly. What should I do? *dreamy expression* Really, good fortunes come to those who are patient.


aNNIE said...

Lol.. thank you for subbing for this couple too. ^^
lOVE it when Hwanhee trhew/pushed Marco away to help Yobi.

katty81 said...

thanks chonsa for this post about HH&HYB....coz i watch the wgm ep29 there is no sub yet now i know wat they in this ep....hh did really care hyb in his way...it is sweet tat hh say to marco the nick name onli him can call her tat...this couple is funny in their own way...

Anonymous said...

Although HH's mouth is rather mean, his actions towards HYB is quite caring. I like HYB. She is very 4D, quite hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I think they're so cute together! Even thought their actions with each other are still awkward and weird at times, like Joongbo in the beginning. But like Hwanhee said, they're well matched. ^___^ Look forward for more from these two. Thanks for the translations! Much appreciated. =]

Anonymous said...

I think people harps too much on his teasing. I have a friend who teases his girlfriend all the time like Fany but she whacks him for it and it's really fun to watch. Yobi should whack Fany more when he teases her... lol

Anonymous said...

........... I will be crazy mad if My bf call me dog poop. it's nothing funny at all. Yobi family's watching it too, I'm sure the parents won't be excited to know that Their lovely daughter being call like that. Jokes about ripping the shirt or ramyen are fine but not calling names.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for following them too!! I really appreciate it as they are my next favorite couple after Joongbo!!

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aww thank you! this couple is weird and cute. it's like the guy teases the girl that he likes constantly. kinda reminds me of nodame cantible.

anyway i love reading your blog =D

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thank you for translating this couple, too! they are fun to watch

Jacqueline Tan said...

I loved the comment refering them to drama characters. However, love Hwan Hee who always have his wife in mind. They will do well. You know although Hwayobi enjoy more success as a singer but she really play down herself and always have her husband as a priority. Like she said she is a 'wife' now.

Anonymous said...

Hwayobi is really cute!! love her natural and humble self. and thank you so much for the translations!!!!!! =)

Zambranoqfhs said...

If I see where Wheat has rallied on a given day, to the tune of 5 cents or more, and closed at or near its highest price of the day, I may wait until the next morning and get into it first thing in the morning, ideally placing my order before the market even opens so Ill be one of the first to enter. The contagion will spread for another six months. I just made the mistake of believing her very convincing devil tongue when she said, "dont worry honey he is just a friend", and like a complete moron, without question, I believed her.