Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hwang Bo, Crown J: Everyone please get married too

Hwang Bo and Crown J, who are currently filming WGM, recently participated in an charity event planned for married couples to be.

Hwang Bo and Crown J, who are models for the casual brand FUBU, participated in the FUBU Creative Festival held on the 26th, a charity event organized for wedded couples to be with the theme "Everyone, please get married too".

They had their faces painted on and wore jeans, and had a charity auction which was held in front of 5000 college students and citizens.

Both Hwang Bo and Crown J said that the reason why they participated in the event was mainly becuase they wanted to show their appreciation to all the fans who have been supporting them in WGM. They also said that they hoped that the youth now will be able to have a healthy love and marriage as well as lead happy lives.

*Credits: Empas News*


evelyn168 said...

Wow... CJ and HB are so happy with their married life.. They just want ppl to be like them, happily married... Haha...

Anonymous said...

just wonder if HJ starts to film hyd yet ??

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if neone know why both hwangbo and hyun joong arent in the studio filming? I heard that its going to be like that for episode 31 and 32!! :( WHATS GOING ON???