Tuesday, October 28, 2008

JoongBo: 22

Both Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo head towards the theme park in disguise, hoping to be able to have their date together without being recognized by the public.

Private interview:

PD: Do you think Hwang Bu In will like going to the theme park?

HJ: It's not your average theme park, this one even has a safari so it's of a different class. I think she would like it.

HB: Oh, what do we do? I think we'd get recognized!
HJ: Nobody knows, nobody knows.
HJ: Ah, I'm not Kim Hyun Joong!!
HB: *laughs*
HJ: Ah, the guidebook.
HB: *flips the book*
HJ: *peers around* Really, nobody knows!! I don't think anyone can recognize us!

They walk into the park as he keeps on saying that nobody knows him at all despite the growing crowd following them. He keeps on insisting that they have not been recognized and pretends to be Crown J instead, doing the 'A' sign and starts saying random sentences in English. She pretends to be In Young as well, before she asks the crowd if they recognize them.

HB: Do you know who we are?
Crowd: YES!!

HB: See, they all know.

HJ: Everytime I come to the theme park, I always start off with the scariest ones!
HB: I do think it's fun to ride the scariest ones, but honestly, it is rather frightening isn't it?
HJ: I won't get frightened.
HJ: Shall we have a no expression bet as we ride the scariest ride?
HB: Our lives are filled with bets.
HJ: The one with absolutely no expression wins! Whoever expresses fear even once, it's a Churros!
HB: Okay!

He spots an ice flush stall and says that he wants to eat that before telling her that he's going to go try get free ones. Surprised, she tries to hold him back but he goes up to the worker and asks for free ones anyway.

HJ: Hello!
Worker: Hello.

HJ: Can we have the ones that you've already poured out before they melt?

Worker: You can, but these are for display...
HB: Okay. Come, let's do rock, paper, scissors.
Worker: They're 2000 Won.

HB: 2000 for one? Okay.

HJ+ HB: Rock, paper scissors!

Worker: *watches on* *amazed*

The both of them head towards the monkey section of the safari when he starts acting like a monkey, trying to get their attention, before they go to see the other animals. Lee Hyuk Jae comments in the studios that they look more like European beggars than celebrities!!

Hwang Bo sees the squirrels and exclaims that they're really cute when Hyun Joong says that he'll take a picture of her. She poses with him before asking who's cuter.

HJ: This is totally cute!
HB: Who's cuter? Me or him?
HJ: Him.
HB: I know the answer, yet I still ask... *exasperated*

He spots meerkats and starts acting like one of the characters from Animal Kingdom, making her exclaim that he is still like a kid in a zoo.

They run off to the roller coaster ride and begin discussing their no expression bet.

HB: This should be easy for you?
HJ: Why would it be easy for me?
HB: Since you usually live your life with an expressionless face anyways.

HJ: I don't think I can hide my feelings of fear.

HJ: The loser has to take a photo of themselves doing an embarrassing pose in front of everyone.

HB: Then we'll have to ask someone who has the most expressionless face.

HJ: We'll ask the counter person about that.

HB: Okay.

They sit in their seats as they prepare for the ride when they hear that the height of the roller coaster is the level of a twenty storey apartment, making them look up in shock. He checks her seatbelt, saying that they have to live before they prep each other up and he starts teasing her again to release the tension.

HB: One, two three..
Together: Fighting!
HJ: Two, two, three...
HB: Fighting!
HJ: You're only supposed to do it when it's after 'One, two, three'!

HB: *laughs*

They start the ride and the both of them are nervous, as he starts yelling prematurely before he goes ,"Okay! No expression!!" and the both of them start. They continue fretting when the ride finally starts and they both begin screaming!! They scream together when he suddenly changes his expression, trying to be expressionless whereas she's just holding on to her head, screaming and breathing hard as she tries to compose herself. She manages to maintain an expressionless look for a while before she succumbs to the screaming again. The both of them try their best to keep a straight face, to little avail.

Private interview:

PD: What's so nice about winning over your wife?

HJ: I don't know. Because the both of us have a strong drive to win, so when I win over her, the feeling is a lot more satisfyng.

The ride ends and he starts telling her that he didn't manage to contain his expression twice, looking really pleased with himself before he freaks out when he spots a dragonfly. Unable to decide who did the bet the best, they agree that the one that has no expression in the picture wins. They then head off to the counter to see their pictures on the screen as they come in at the end of the ride, and she starts jumping around happily because she wins!!

HJ: That's not it!!
HB: *to the counter woman* Who has no expression?
Woman: Hwang Bu In.

HB: Right? Nice!

HJ: Isn't it me?
HB: You're the loser!!

HJ: That's my usual expression!!

HB: *laughs*
HJ: That's my usual expression... Okay, okay, I lost.

HB: *happy*

She starts looking around for a place for him to carry out the mission and decides on a tree in public where EVERYONE can see. She tells him that he has to a do the wave twice as he holds on to the tree with a greasy expression, making him cover his face in embarrassment. However, a bet is a bet and he agrees to carry it out when she decides to make it even more embarrassing for him.

HB: Everyone!! Look here!!
HJ: *yells!* Why are you disrupting others as they carry out their business?!?!
HJ: *hides from embarrassment*

HB: We should collect money for this! It's not something you can see every day!!!

HB: *squats to take the picture*

HB: Okay, One, Two, Three!

HJ: Ahh... really... *does it*

HB: *snaps picture*

HJ: *runs away, embarrassed*

The both of them walk together when she asks him if he wants her to piggyback him. He starts playing with her asking if she wants a piggyback ride from him when she says that she offered but he's not going to accept right, and he starts preparing himself for her to piggyback.

HJ: Piggyback me.
HB: *laughs*
HJ: Why? My legs hurt... *aegyo tone*
HB: *laughs*
HJ: Just for 5 meters.
HB: *gives in* *exasperated*
HJ: *climbs on to her*
HB: Hang on a second! Why does it feel like you're climbing up a horse??

HB: Come on up.
HJ: Really.
HB: Mmm.

HJ: *strangles her*

HB: *brushes his hands away*

HJ: This is how I get on!

HB: Okay.

She straightens up and starts carrying him, really unbalanced as he hangs on to her for dear life before he starts screaming at her.

HJ: Let me off! This is scary!!
HB: *starts running*
HJ: Let me off! Let me off!! This is scary!! Let me off!!! Let me off!!!

HJ: What's this?? It's really like horseback riding in Jeju Island!!
HB: *falls to the ground*

HB: Ah, I'm seriously losing my mind because of you.

HJ: Let's change 'Walking tool' from now on.

HB: To what?

HJ: Mal Bo (Horse Bo).

HB: *laughs*

Hyun Joong then says that he'll piggyback her too and she climbs up the little fence to give him a taste of his own medicine and sits on him like a horse, making him fall!

HJ: You're heavy!!
HB: I've lost again...
HJ: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'll carry you.

She gets on him again and he starts acting as though she's really very heavy, before asking her how many kilos she weighs. She starts pretending to lasso, and he takes a few steps before falling again, and she gets off before saying that she can never win with him.

They walk past water fountains and start playing with the jets of water when he suggests a lunch bet with her, the both of them are supposed to see who can touch the water. He tells her that he'll stay where he is and that she can jump up to touch the water, but of course he cheats! Unable to touch the water, she decides that she'd drink it, surprising him as he discourages her by saying that she'd hurt herself. She does it anyway, and gets her whole shirt and face wet as he runs off laughing at her. She chases after him and spurts water in her mouth at him before walking away from him.

PD: Your point of view is now well matched (with him).

HB: It was always that way, just that before I used to think that I should act more the noona role as I was older.
Then somehow, I forgot about doing that, and it matched more. So I thought that it was better to just show my own self.

The both of them begin playing the spinning cups game, and he spins them faster and faster as she laughingly screams out at him that she's getting dizzy. They pose to take photos together as they spin around in the cup, before finally getting out and he asks to see the photos they took.

HJ: What's this?? *picture of his chest*

HJ: Bu In! You're supposed to take a picture of my face, why did you just take a picture of my chest??

HB: That way it has more feel!

HJ: Skin amidst chaos!

Feeling hungry, the both of them walk into a chinese restaurant for lunch. They sit together chatting as they wait for their food to arrive, and she brings up the other SS boys.

HB: The brothers-in-law are in Korea right?
HJ: Mmm.

HB: How are they? Good?

HJ: Yea, they're good.
HB: I promised to make them good food when they come back here, so shall we invite them over for dinner?
HJ: *hesitant* Okay.
HB: *smiles* You don't want to?
HJ: No, it's just that if you were to cook dinner too, it'd be too tiring for you wouldn't it? So should we just get them to bring over chicken and all?
HB: But I think it'd be better if I cooked.
HJ: *looks at her* *nods*
HB: Then again, hearing that you were thinking for me... I'll cry once more. (meaning as she's touched by his thoughts)
HJ: *looks at her affectionately*
HB: *tilts head and looks at him, smiling*

The food arrives and he pours a huge amount of pepper powder into his noodles, as she watches on in disbelief and disapproval.

HB: Why do you eat so unhealthily?
HJ: Me?

HB: Everyday! Overly salty, sweet! *frowns*
HJ: *surprised* This is my secret for my health. *smiles*

HB: *frowns* I mean, everyone asks me. When you have eye bags under your eyes, everyone asks me if I take care of you or not.
HJ: Who?

HB: *exasperated* Me! Me! Me! Me!

HJ: *smiles*

She keeps asking to check with the other boys if they were free that night to come over, and he makes a phone call to Kyu Joong, waking him up.

HJ: Hello?
KJ: Hello?
HJ: Kyu Joong, it's me Hyun Joong.
KJ: Mm.. .
HJ: What are you doing now?
KJ: I just woke up...
HJ: What?
KJ: I just woke up...
HJ: Oh, you just woke up. Hey, later... with Bu In.. come over to the house.
HB: Brothers-in-law, come over.
HJ: So what time are you coming?
HB: You have that older brother poise when you speak to the boys.
KJ: I'll go over when I'm done.
HJ: Okay.
HJ: They're coming. After they finish their work.
HB: Who is coming with him?
HJ: Hyung Joon.
HB: My two favourite younger brothers-in-law?
HJ: Mmm.

Private interview:

HB: When I was in Japan, I talked a lot with the younger brothers-in-law, and they asked me to introduce girlfriends to them. Although this could have just been said jokingly, they were my husband's younger brothers therefore I felt that I shouldn't be the only one living well. So I thought of a good method.

HB: The brothers-in-law don't have any girlfriends do they?
HJ: Mmm.

HB: Do you know what kind of girls they like?

HJ: Yea.

HB: Then Hyung Joon...

HJ: Pretty girls!

HB: Pretty girls.. and Kyu Joong?

HJ: Kind girls.

HB: *hesitates* There is no such girl in this whole world...

HJ: There is! You are one of them. You are the representative case.

HB: *beams*

They continue eating as the previews show the arrival of the brothers-in-law at their place next week. Excitement mounts!

*Credits: DC gallery for caps*


Anonymous said...

cant wait!cant wait!

katty81 said...

hi chonsa hope u r well...thanks for the translation of ep31....OMG i cant wait for ep32....hb is the one can pair up with HJ...keep on fighting....HJ&HB.....chonsa firghting too....

Anonymous said...

Buin is pretty and kind. Wow!!!that was the sweetest comment that HJ had said to HB so far. My heart flutters and never stops smiling.

Hope your feeling better Chonsa. Thanks again for the summary.

Anonymous said...

youre so awesomeeee :) thankss

the.silhouette said...


but it sucks that their cut is so short, and they didn't air alot of stuff, like hwang bo doing the wave or hyun joong really giving her a piggyback ride. or all the other stuff on your previous post where you had pictures of this date. i wished they showed more. .

Anonymous said...

^^^ they mayb air it nxt week, just wait :D lol im hoping
I think that last comment hyujoong made though was only about hwangbo being a kinds girl... not pretty im afraid if you wach the clip again. Because hwangbo only said there no such girl in the world after the *kyu likes kinds girls*comment and not after the pretty girls commment (sorry to bring down spazz mode but you know atleast he said she was the epitome of kind!!!)
Next week Im veryyyyyyy excited to see kyu<333 and hwangbos wearing his scarf!! Sorry i just love the fact hb is getting close with him, seeing as i love them both individually!! :D :D :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chonsa!!! I'm glad you felt well enough to work on the JoongBo summary. I'm looking forward to more of our lettuce couple. I see that HJ can now look straight at HB's eyes when he's talking to her. HJ looks like he could use some rest and plenty of sleep though. Or, maybe he thinks of his buin all the time and has a hard time getting to sleep. hehehe HB looking prettier during the interview.

JoongBo fighting!!!

I-am in Angeles

Anonymous said...

Hi Chonsa!

Thank you again for this. I am always checking your website for your posts. By the way, have you heard of the "curly scandal"? they were referring to it at the soompi joongbo forum, the link to the site was posted http://gall.dcinside.com/list.php?id=married&no=98562
thought you might have a first hand info about it...

annie said...

thank you for the awesome caption. they just blend in so well now, like a chocolate and milk. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Finally , a sweet comment from HJ to Hb , without the usual joke after .... I've said before that HJ needs to compliment HB for her good character and he did it this ep !
Love my couple so much that I can't wait for the coming eps ... the days are dragging so slooooowly !

Thanks for the summaries , chonsa ! Take care !


Anonymous said...

Yay! They have gone another Step further in their relationship Againz~! Love dem ~! JoOngBo Fighting~!

Thanks for ur translations! Appreciate it~! =)

Fan frm Singapore!

Anonymous said...

the preview of the next episode where hyunjoong is the statue again! he sat on the side stoned upon hearing buin's mystery female guests lol just dont hope its ahjummas from the infinity girls that would be terrifying! i just wished that anyone in the studio complementing hwangbo yeopo(pretty)!!

during her interview fresh and pretty the most adore her and chonsa, ;))
its night and they dressed up oh on a date after that perhaps?

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