Friday, October 3, 2008

SS501's Hyun Joong and Jung Min to debut as actors

SS501 member, Park Jung Min, to debut as an actor.

Jung Min will debut as an actor through the musical 'Grease' scheduled for November. Jung Min follows Hyun Joong in debuting in the acting field.

An official from DSP, SS501's agency, said that Jung Min will be debuting in the musical 'Grease' in November, whereas Hyun Joong will be appearing in KBS2's version of the drama 'Hana Yori Dango' in December, in which he was cast as one of the leading roles.

In addition to that, the shows in Japan which were scheduled for February next year will be postponed due to the involvement of the members in acting activities.

SS501 will be releasing their new album in October, marking their activities in Korea after a long while.

*Credits: Newsen*


Anonymous said...

HJ already debuted in the acting field some years ago. But HYD will be his first as one of the leading roles. I hope he receives some acting training before filming HYD. Looking forward to it.

blurryfella87 said...

yeay chonsa! this means i can see more JM on screen!!~

kinella said...

jungmin will work in a musical=theatre not cinema

good luck guys, especially JM whose dream was to be an actor

Anonymous said...

HJ is receiving acting training.
I think he has been preparing for his role like ever since the rumours came out. His hairstyle, reading the mangas etc