Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hey guys

Hey there guys, hope that the week has been good for everyone, and that next week will be great as well! It has been a long week, and I think the toll of everything has hit me, I'm down with a cold and with the scratchy throat and itchy eyes, I'm not really in the position to do anything at the moment. I will be putting up the JoongBo episode by tomorrow I hope, however I think I will have to put up HwanYobi a lot later than the others. Sorry about that guys!

I will be posting news and such about them though, just small articles for now. Bear with me for a while guys! Thanks!


viperpen said...

get well soon, dear chonsa!

we don't want you to miss the fun on our joongbo couple, right??

Joongbo fighting!!!!!! ^^

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chonsa.
Get plenty of OJ & rest.
Hope you will get better soon.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

take a good rest =D and get well soon!!! =)

pinksiren said...

get well soon dear! rest well! :-)

Anonymous said...

Get well first Chonsa. Don't worry about posting and such for now. Take lots of Vitamin C. Your health comes first.

Thank you for all you do for us Joongboers!

aoktoga said...

Get well soon my dear chonsa. Just take your time to have lota rest. Thank you for all everything you do for us.

Anonymous said...

hope you will feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Chonsa, thank you so much for all your updates. Just take care of your health, we don't mind waiting. Hwaiting!!

MaureenKaren said...

Get well soon dear... ^___^

I really appreciate all of ur great works for always updating information & subbing the parts about our beloved JoongBo couple.

JoongBo FIGHTING!!! ^0^

Chonsa FIGHTING!!! ^___~V

Anonymous said...

I hope you get well soon. But don't stress yourself about the subs. Take your time.

piggy's word bank said...

get well soon
you should take care of yourself =)

really appreciate your works, Chonsa!

Dany said...

get well soon!!
Health is more important than anything else ;)

Zoie said...

Hi, Chonsa, don't worry about it, we can wait, take care of yourself, and thank you so much for all the hard works!

Anonymous said...

aw chonsa

and i cant thank you enough with all the work and effort you make for us joongboers :)