Thursday, October 16, 2008

JoongBo in a flash

Another day with very little updates from me. Is it just me or is this week just really SLOW?

1) Hwang Bo is participating in an autumn special concert, together with other singers such as Solbi, DBSK, FT Island, DJ Koo, Wonder Girls, Crown J as well as many others. This is to be shown on MNet, on the 16th at 7 p.m. Korean time. (Yayy!)

2) Another picture of Hyun Joong's Converse Ad. He looks kinda strange trying to feed a
duck milk... Hmmm...

Will edit this post if I find anything else interesting!

P/S: It's finally Thursday.. When is Sunday coming again??

*Credits: Empas News*


Anonymous said...

YES! this week seem very slow without much news on JoongBo? even stargirl777 who usually have insight info regarding the studio cuts and stuff has not post much in soompi and ofcourse thank you so much for ALWAYS finding news and articles about this couple to put. Thank god it is finally thursday and sunday is coming soon. To me, this week seem slow and like the calm before the storm but hope the storm will be us crazily spazzing about JoongBo (how comfortable they have become and how lovingly and all csi moments) in coming episodes

Joanne said...

"It's finally Thursday.. When is Sunday coming again??"

lol, honestly i think about that every thurday.

Anonymous said...

i just watched HB's performance on this special concert, she was amazingly awesome and singing so good !!!!