Sunday, August 2, 2009

SS boys in action!

The boys finally in action together in a concert held in Seoul on the 1st of August, the first of their many scheduled for their Asian Tour!



~harry~ said...

Our SS501~
1st Asian Tour is starting~
How excellent they are~

Anonymous said...

in pic.7 << she is very very very goodluck -*-

Anonymous said...

did anyone see the concert clip on youtube of KHJ practically stripping while performing Please be nice to me?!!!!??? holy cow!!
AND that chick def got her feeel on!!! :( hahaha

Anonymous said...

omg khj got seriously built again!!! so glad to see it!!!! Hopefully u know who gets to see it too!!

Esther said...

I am so looking forward to this concert on DVD!

N O N A said...

omgggggg, cant wait to see this