Saturday, August 22, 2009

Quick updates

Hey there guys! Sorry for the long silence, been rather occupied (as usual!) with my real life. Thank goodness the weekend is here! Quick round of updates!

1) Hwang Bo's latest variety programme is debuting on the 23rd at 6.45 on MBC. Here's to a great new start!

2) Hyun Joong was scheduled to attend the Gucci 09FW Collection on the 20th.

3) Photos of Hyun Joong as well as the F4 boys taken by SOFF in Japan will be released in South Korea. This photo album will also feature a F4 DVD.

4) The video as requested by Rispas. Hopefully things will calm down and everything can finally come to an end.



Anonymous said...

Hi Chonsa,

I think i read somewhere that he was not in attendance, the Gucci 09FW Collection. And also not able to find any of his pic during the said event. But me not so sure either.

jackuon said...

Good Luck, HwangBo! Hope your new show is a big hit! :D (also, love that pic!)

btw, what is SOFF?

Anonymous said...

hi chonsa!

which HB show is this? not nodaji?