Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My thoughts

Hey there guys,

I just opened my blog and was surprised to see the number of comments made on the previous post about Hyun Joong in Hong Kong. Usually, I get really happy to read comments, but this time round, I was mostly shocked and sad to see us Joongboers hurling such fiery statements at each other.

First of all, the pictures of Hyun Joong and Yong Saeng meeting a couple of female friends and getting into a cab together. I don't really understand why this is being blown out of proportion this way. Friends do travel together, and they do go clubbing and do take cabs back to their hotels. I've been clubbing till the wee hours of the morning, and even though my place was a mere 15 minute walk away from the clubbing spots, I always took a cab. Clubbing is tiring! The hours you spend on your feet!

Plus, they were away on holiday so I really wouldn't expect them to walk back to their hotel. Even if Hyun Joong and Yong Saeng weren't celebrities.

They did state that they were all vacationing together, so it does make sense that they all stay at the same place. When you go travelling with friends, would each and every one of you stay in a different hotel? Really?

And, we don't even know where they went after that. For all we know, they went to sample some of Hong Kong's best dimsum places. Or desserts. Or they went to Victoria Peak just for the heck of it.

So why are we jumping to conclusions and assuming that they went and did the wild thing?

As for Hyun Joong not spending Hwang Bo's birthday with her, I doubt that they would actually be able to do that, even if they really were a couple. I mean, they are busy people. And they are under scrutiny. They can't even spend their birthdays with their own families!

And it is unfair to judge Hyun Joong for not being there for her birthday. As many of you guys have said, it's unlikely that she spent his birthday with him too. And nobody said anything then. So why should anything be said now?

Besides, she was scheduled to be with her fans, people who love her, support her and stay with her through thick or thin. If I were Hwang Bo, I'd choose to be with them too. I can be with a guy any time, it's just one person. But to meet ALL my fans at the same time, celebrating my birthday together with me and to show them how much I appreciate them, it's a once in a year opportunity.

I like to think that he did what he did last year. Send her a really nice text that cheered her up when she was feeling depressed during her birthday. After all, with the both of them it's always the smaller things that matter most right? In the words of Hwang Bo, she'd take peanut necklaces over rings and shoes any day!

I really don't get why people are accusing Hyun Joong of breaking the JoongBo dream. What is the JoongBo dream anyways? To me JoongBo means to enjoy each minute with people you care about. To share and care with the world, while staying true to yourselves. They never once stated that they were an official couple, so why is Hyun Joong being given the third degree for 'cheating' on her? Did he even do that?

What exactly did he do?

He went to relax, have a good time with his buddies before getting into a cab and leaving the scene. Is he being judged for being seen drinking? Or for being seen with girls? He has announced to the world that he can drink, bottles and bottles of soju. He has pictures of him with his female friends from school, hanging out and drinking together.

So why is this any different?

Because it was not in Korea? Or because it was during her birthday?

As I said, I don't get it.

I don't want to see this state of war going on here, I mean we all get together because of one reason. That being that we support JoongBo. Meaning we support both Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo. The two different entities.

Remember that there can't be a JoongBo without either one of them.

Many of us became TS after JoongBo. Likewise, many of us became Hye Jung Angels after JoongBo too. There is no need to differentiate and throw knives at each other. Would any of them want to see you guys hurting each other like this? The both of them appreciate their fans the most, and would most definitely not want to see this going on.

As for those who are saying that he owes to her for being so successful and vice versa. I'd like to take a different stand on that statement. I say they owe it to Kang Koong PD. For recognizing a good thing when he sees it. For knowing what would make them appeal to the masses. For giving them a chance to partner up. For giving them the platform to explore so many other avenues. For allowing us to get to know them and love them.

Cheers, Kang Koong PD! I thank you!

While I can understand that many of you guys feel hurt and disappointment, please don't let it get to your heads and cause you to bash each other here or anywhere else.

It's just another news article blown out of proportion again after all.

That's all it is.

Harmony people, harmony.




Anonymous said...

Just what I expect to read from my JoongBo Guro!

- yammy

Anonymous said...

Really love that you said.. I am in 100% agreement with you..:)

cati_21 said...

thank you.....

Anonymous said...

very well said..

Hyunika said...

Totally agree with you C!!! very well said. Tks

Anonymous said...

Well said, Chonsa!!!!
AMEN to that.....Thanks a lot.

GIGI said...

Amen is all I can say. =)

Anonymous said...

Although I'm still in shock ( i have become an avid TS after being a joongber) but i do agree that this does not call for us(usually peaceful group of people) to throw daggers.

I think it's just that so many of us are confused but still love/support HJ and HB (and ss501) so much and we let our emotions get the better of us.

"Harmony people, harmony" just to quote Chonsa here.

Anonymous said...

A M E N Chonsa!

very well said!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Chonsa!

Nicky said...

Very well said it!

Thanks ^_^

Anonymous said...

" What is the JoongBo dream anyways? To me JoongBo means to enjoy each minute with people you care about. To share and care with the world, while staying true to yourselves."

I really get touched by this statement. What u said is so true. I still continue supporting both of them and feel thankful that they once gave us such a great memory of love & relationship.

Pruepieces said...

Love what you said !!

Anonymous said...

totally agreed with this! just what exactly i have in mind. so i just hope some people will just stop accusing HJ for nothing. let the boy enjoy some of his time peacefully.


Anonymous said...

Here is the facts I got from Bidou Island:

1. Fans spoted Hyun Joong and Yong Saeng with the two girls shopping during the day. They signed autograph but declined picture taken.
2. The news (video) showed the 4some were in front of the club and we saw Hyun Joong got in the cab.
DSP came out saying there were total of 8 friends vacationing together in Hong Kong.
3. The same 4 people were seen in Macou casinos the next day. Again, just the same 4 people not 8 people.

My thoughts - if Hyun Joong is indeed vacationing with 8 friends from primary school, he sure did not spend much time with them other than the two lady friends.

Anonymous said...

Well, it sounds like double dating and vacation together.

J_Girl said...

Have they both returned to korea yet?

jackuon said...

YES. THANK YOU, Chonsa! i completely agree with you!

come on, y'all, let's hug it out! *JOONGBO HUG TO THE WORLD*

Anonymous said...

100% agreed to what you said, Chonsa. I don't understand why people who called themselves Joongbo fans just threw dirty accusations on Hyun Joong and started calling him names. That 50-second video made Kim Hyun Joong an instant criminal. Some of these narrow-minded people are even campaigning on hating Kim Hyun Joong! Poor guy! Don't worry Shillang, we have faith in you.

Anonymous said...

There was nothing in the video which was shocking...seriously, people's reactions were childish...The only person who should be disappointed is Hwangbo and actually there is nothing to be disappointed about...if we look at the hints, it seems like he celebrated her b-day the day he got back from Japan as he was wearing that purple shirt and then headed back to be with friends in HK. Hwangbo must have known about this and actually celebrated her b-day with her fans so couldn't go on the trip.

Seriously people, get over it, be mature, and let them be

herbstea said...

Many thanks to u, C. Yr latest post is Jjang. I millionX agree with yr thoughts. I'll believe HJ n JoongBo 4ever. Love Joongbo!!! I rather believe in their PURPLE outfit than that 51 secs stupid n meaninless video.

Esther said...

Dear Chonsa

This is really a very sensible piece of rantings...
I love your train of thoughts and appreciate your urge for harmony amidst our love for the JoongBo.

Love you,
A hugh Joong Bo fan

thanks chonsa; keep it up said...

Anon with "facts" from Baidu: 2 lady friends, 8 school friends, he could have been traveling with the whole world for all I care, the fact is that it was with friends. And I guess it's less common then I think, I don't always celebrate on the exact date with my loved one, friends, etc. regardless of schedule, I just extend it to various different dates. Also when I go traveling with my group of friends (6 in total) we don't always do things together cause we all have different priorities and interests. Sometimes I can be seen with just a group of 3 and other with just one friend. Doesn't mean we're dating or anything. For all we know, those girls are lesbians and YS and HJ just came along for the ride and/or to protect them. Still don't see anything wrong with this. I'll just wait for the day when HJ/HB announce something more concrete, and then when that day comes, I'll still be re-watching their cuts because it makes me happy and I enjoy watching them together.

=p said...

Ditto. You have worded it perfectly.

lai-za said...

@Yammy - I was about to say the same thing. Listen to Chonsa guys. The Guru is right.

Anonymous said...

ditto ditto ditto on what everyone said. i'm glad you wrote this piece for everyone to read. maybe it'll calm the negativity down.

Anonymous said...

some people are just irrational. they think with their heart instead of their mind and that can be dangerous. sometimes you just gotta put all emotions aside, and really deal with the facts from an UNBIASED, UNJUDGMENTAL point of view, no matter how much you agree or disagree with something.

no more he said/ she said.

furthermore, fan accounts can also be inaccurate sometimes. for example, some hk fans thought that the rest of ss501 were there, which they were not.

but whatever endeavors hj and hb choose, we should all support them, whether together or individually. and if you choose to support them individually, they have their own respective threads and forums for you to go to. no need to come on here to bash just one of them. well, that's my two cents on this.

Anonymous said...

you know why this is a big deal to many, HJ did it on HB b-day, had he done it on a different day it wouldn't be much of an isssue. it felt like an insult to HB. that is my take on this 51 sec. vid. he should have been more cautious, çause they have a lot of joongbo fans, or maybe HJ is not aware of it? hmmmmmmm......

Anonymous said...

to the above post....apparently you did not read chonsa's recent blog post. i advised u to read it carefully again.

Anonymous said...

there's no smoke without fire. Bottomline he was not disguising himself likely because he thought he was safe in a foreign land and perhaps HK he is not that well known.

Call it being naive, call it being stupid, bottomline, what he will not do in Korea, he was spotted doing it in HK? Fist rule of idols, never be seen with any females in public. He knows this, cos the past few years, everytime he's been with females and photographed in korea - just drinking or doing something social, he was all over the news - leading to this article "Kim Hyun Joong thinks the press are his enemies".

The fact that he is suspiciously watching all the time not just in that cab picture but thru out his weekend trip, plead with fans not to take their pictures is a clear indication that something went wrong.

For all of you still living in bubble world, please note that there have been ZERO fan account of seeing the other supposed four imaginary elementary friend. It was a double date. YS and HJ probably paid for the whole trip to bring their latest liaisons for a romantic vacation overseas - sadly, got caught.

You know if HJ and HB were really seeing each other, the cranes and everything Joongboers sent to her plus this news is enough to send her heart into self imposed exile. Its already so pressuring. Just as everyone is telling the rest of the Joongboers to believe, why don't they also take a back seat and see what happens next... cos these flighty expectations will only bring her down further.

Sending her messages to her cyworld, emailing her - if there's a problem between the two and an indiscretion did happen, how do you think she would feel at this point.

Grow up. Take a mature stance. Wait it out and one faction - leave HJ if you want but no more harsh words, - the other faction, stop your idealism and instead just be rational, please. There's no such thing as an unending fairytale. The entertainment industry is wayyyy too complex and beyond most comprehension

- took this from ssangchu blogger comments. I agree with the above perspective.

Anonymous said...

clearly that post
was bashing hj more
than anything.

Anonymous said...

If theres any truth to the rumours looks KHJ has completed the 4 vices that makes a guy truly a napun namja - smoking (hollywood bowl), drinking, soliciting and gambling (macau casino sighting) - HAH... not gonna comment on anything else except I have said my goodbyes to him yesterday and deleted every MV, MP3, perdformance videos and all my precious precious ssangchu couple episodes from my PC yesterday.

Anonymous said...

^ actually from my experience within kpop, I'd say a good 95% of fan accounts always state the celeb saying Ok to autographs and no to photos. Just saying. I feel sorry for him though cause his vacation got blown out of proportion. Not believing/supporting is fine, but when people get dramatic and start bashing and name calling without much facts (especially when one sec beforethey were praising) I think is a bit too much. Bottom line is they never promised us anything and we shouldn't demand for things either. Just enjoy it for what it is...they gave me happy memories and I look forward to the future.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Chonsa!!!! Totally agree with you there. Love and support them both, together or separate...that is what a fan is. Neither one confirmed what we all are hoping for, nor have they denied it...until the world!!!

Stop hating...waste of time...loving is so much more better.

SS501 fighting!!!
Hwangbo fighting!!!
Joongboers fighting!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chonsa for one of the most rational posts I've read in days. Reading some of the vile posts on your comments box along with the ones on another website was more shocking to me than that infamous 51-second video clip. It's been a whole series of he said/she said, what one saw/what one didn't see, what one thinks/doesn't think about, what one feels/doesn't feel. The fact of the matter is -- NOBODY REALLY KNOWS ANYTHING AT THIS POINT (except those people involved). I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion, which is the purpose of this blog. But when you hurl insults at each other and make sweeping accusations you not only put yourself in a bad light but also your representation as a fan of your chosen celebrity. HJ and HB may be public figures but no one deserves to be flogged because they are in the limelight. Some of us forget how hard these people work, often spending sleepless nights just to give us a few moments of fun and entertainment. Whether one is a Joongboer or not, a Hwangboer, a Triple S, a Hyunnie, we should individually celebrate our love for each of them. I choose to support both of them STILL -- by buying their CDs, watching their concerts if they come to my part of the world, and in any other way I can. I believe what we saw in WGM was a glimpse of their real selves. And what I came to admire and love was what I saw in each of them as a person.

Anonymous said...

i was hoping all negativity would be restricted to the other article but i guess i was expecting too much *sigh*

some are no longer commenting. they are into leave khj campaign. i wonder from which group they really belong to while disguising as former khj fan. got threatened with the success of persona concert eh?

Anonymous said...

to the anonymous poster - you can bash HJ if you want - but leave bubble and neverending love story saying alone. I know who you are referring to; why be anonymous - we all know who you are.

sorry people, just realized I shouldn't be wasting my time on wastes.

Don't forget the golden rule.

Anonymous said...

NOT a KHJ fan anyway, supported him because of HB. good thing about this is HB will now get my undivided attention and support. we respect you for still believing, hope you'll do the same for us.

Anonymous said...

I really agree with you Chonsa! HJ shouldn't be blamed for a 50 sec video. Come on, ppl just judged him on a video less than a minute long. I really don't see the mistake in this for HJ maybe except for the fact that he called the cab and got on first. Very gentleman of him but that's a totally different issue. To just bash him for no particular reason because why, he went to HK on HB's b-day? Ppl really? What if they celebrated before or maybe at a later date who knows. We aren't them so lets just calm down and support these two whole-heartedly. One day we will all get our answer, whether its a yes they are dating and together for the past years then we'll all celebrate. If it turns out to be false then we can all continue to love these two separately. Think of the joy and love they have given us from WGM, don't forgot. Sometime you just got to believe what your heart tells you and not what you eyes see. Being a high profile celebrity, scandals like this are bound to happen. Just keep the faith ppl and if some of you don't like HJ anymore then don't support him anymore. Don't have to outright bash him, he didnt lied to you or even tricked you. You liked him on your own account ppl.

Anonymous said...

"Just keep the faith ppl and if some of you don't like HJ anymore then don't support him anymore. Don't have to outright bash him, he didnt lied to you or even tricked you. You liked him on your own account ppl."

-AGREED. loved what you said.

tetsugirl said...

i think you speak for all true joongboers, chonsa. <3

on a side note, i have a random question. a couple of comments mention a purple shirt? and i've seen other "PURPLE!" comments before. what is the significance of that color to Ssangchu Couple? @_@ thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

no bashing from me, all i'd like to say is good thing i love HB more.

Anonymous said...

Why should HJ stop going out with his female frens just because the media likes to make a brohaha over it? He has got a life outside showbiz, let him be..

And for those who say HJ let HB down because he didnt celebrate her bdae with her and instead got caught with another gal.. I shall just repeat.. THEY ARE NOT TOGETHER so why is that a crime?

And if the two gals are really their girlfrens.. so be it.. I don't believe in the IDOL CANT DATE rule..

But in any case would you think they are so stupid to bring their girlfrens to Macau (where BOF was filmed) and when they were just caught in HK?? I have serious doubts about the truth of the posting..

Anonymous said...

yep, once again, we see the crazy imagination of antis and non-supporters....out once again to create some elaborate excuses to support their nonsensical reasonings.

but no matter what we do, no matter how many times it's been said or pointed out, irrational people will still remain irrational, stubborn, and unmoved, so i guess all we can do now is to just leave them alone to sulk in their own delusions and miseries.

while the rest of us have been either ...accepting, or even forgiving, but mostly we're all understanding and supportive.

so to those who still believe, to those who still support and love (either hj or hb, or both of them together), keep up the faith and stay positive.

Anonymous said...

can,t look at this 2 guys without thinking of the 51 sec video. therefore i've deleted all links to them. was planning to go with eight people to their persona concert but plans cancelled now. Enjoyed myself when I was their advice to blind supporters....don't support blindly. Cheers.

anmitsuhime said...

Don't put your idols on a pedestal ...if something will go wrong , you're in for a big disappointment ...this is just an example ...
so , for me it's ok to admire their music and other talents as an artist , but for their personal life , no one can dictate them what to do or what not to do ...we are just spectators of the show that is Korean Showbusiness ...or any other showbusiness for that matter ..

kinella said...

well said, Chonsa!!

Anonymous said...

first i want to say honestly i really angry at hj when i saw the vid..
but i talk to my friend and she just said " only 51sec vid and u totally lost your believe in jongbo"..
and i was like, she's right
so to gain back my believe to them i started read jongbo soompi from the first page again..
call me crazy but i still belive jongbo till i heard one of them getting marriage with someone else..
i hope no more rude comment to hj
for those who claim themself no more jongbo, i know u must really love jongbo+hj+hb so much and that make u angry with him..
we never know what really happen in their life right.

Anonymous said...

you're the best chonsa,I hope it will stop this chaos,n bring a brighter smile on all joongboers all over the world....lets just focus on supporting their carrier

renitta said...

100% agree wid u chonsa!!!

Anonymous said...

hey joongboers!! hyunjoong never claimed that he loves hwangbo or have a date with hwangbo. they never like each other, don't pushed them! and please stop angry with hyunjoong because he's with another girl in hwangbo birthday. he is not hwangbo boyfriend. please don't be selfish.

Anonymous said...

i hope no more rude comment to hyunjoong, he has a freedom to choose the girl that he loves, let's support them both but not as a couple. it will be good if they are a couple. but just give them a freedom to choose.

chasw said...

the best comment & thoughts I've read for the past few days chonsa,thank you

Anonymous said...

what's with no longer khj fan crusader? you sound like a broken record saying it over and over

you are no longer a fan, right? so what are you doing here?


Anonymous said...

i love hyunjoong and hwangbo, not as a couple. but it'll be okay if they are and i want to support them individually.

Anonymous said...

There were pictures, YS and Hj were leaving Hk, it is only two of them. Nobody else, just two of them. Wake up Hard Core TS.

Anonymous said...

I love them both and just have to acknowledge that they are two individuals. hope hj can find his partner and so with our beautiful unni. peace.

Anonymous said...

hey, ann then what's wrong with if if only 2 of them in airport!! maybe the 6 of their fiends still in hongkong or have a diffrent plane. did you think they are crazy to leave hongkong together! the fans can attack hj and youngsaeng friends, stop bashing hyunjoong, you hate him because of nothing. he is not hb doesn't have any prove or basis to judged them. just support them individually. and lastly please don't make me hate hwangbo because i know she has a kind heart not like her fans.

Anonymous said...

very well said chonsa!!!!! i agree w/ all the words you said in there... No matter what they became us individual their still the joongbo we learn to love from wgm.

im a joongboers forever!!!!!
no matter what!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well said Chonsa!!!!!!!!!!!

those fans have to learn to just accept whoever hwangbo and hJ chooses in the end and support them!!!

Anonymous said...

We can all choose what we want to believe but bottom line is... none of us knows what the score is between these two people, nor what goes on in their private lives, so we really shouldn't be making judgments based on what we perceive to be true.

Anonymous said...

GO GO GO Chonsa!!! u're so lovely gaL,thanks a lot...^^

i'm so sick read people's bashing to the others.

just ask ur self,

am i A REAL FANS for them?

coz it's so out of my mind when u called ur self a real fans for them n u did this,shinjirarenai!!!


michsann said...

thanks Chonsa.

I love Hwang Bo.
I believe in Hyun Joong.
I believe in JoongBo.

hana said...

BRAVO!!! well said chonsa n a very brave sensible post from u...
stay cool....

Anonymous said...

that's A good post right there..

why no joongboer like u exist in soompi at all?

i mean this thing has been blow out of proportion because some joongboers try to to the damage control by shut people up with positivity full of shit and it make more people angry and frustrate and also some joongboers in soompi act like they own it and tell people who don't think like them to just leave...

and then people start to fight with each others and triple s come along and hwangbo angel come along ..

i sometime find it's funny that

the reason some joongboers thought this video blow out of proportion is not because..

hj does nothing wrong or that's just his friend and they just vacation they said..

but because..
the news was wrong because hj dating hb right now..your people is so stupid to think that it's true..

they are a couple !!!

look at the balloon color!! it's green(WTF???)
they so into the fact that hj and hb are a couple and they just try to hide it from us and he doesn't open the door for the girl he doesnt look interest at all..

a lot of delusional but think that they're cool try to start a cult over there at soompi and that make a lot of people leave the thread...

because they don;t want some crazy ahjumma to label normal people to be an anti because people sometimes not as crazy and delusional like them..

delusional and semi-stalker...

too old to become one? i don't think so.. if u wanna see one ,go to joongbo soompi thread..

Anonymous said...

someone from soompi wrote that

"HwangBo updated the song in her cyworld list...
One of them Young Saeng & Hyun Joong's solo"

soo, why would she just put two of their songs on there? maybe it's her discreet way of supporting them?? something to think about...

Anonymous said...

a crazy weirdo is on rampage here as well ..what filth spew from her ewwww

for someone who declares not into joongbo, you spend more energy about jongbo related thingy

Anonymous said...

To the anon above who stated that JoongBoers are crazy because they associate ballon colors with HB & HJ being together. calling us semi-stalker what about you? Seems like you know everything we talk about on the thread. Who's the stalker now?

Chonsa, thank you. I agree with your post! =D

Anonymous said...

I am not calling joongboer crazy. I am referring to Anonymous at August 21, 2009 8:27 AM

Can you guys sign a nick after posting. It is difficult to call everyone anonymous.

Anyway, I guess that poster is the same who kept on writing anti-joongboer stuff across the sites.


Anonymous said...

I really loved JoongBo in WGM, because they were a sweet couple. Now, I still support HJ and HB, but as individuals rather than a couple.

I feel that we have to be rational. WGM is a TV show and the couples were never dating each other in real life. Some fans seem to be getting confused. Do you still believe that they are dating?

Even during the show, HJ and HB stated that they only spent at most one day a week filming it. Whatever sweetness there was in the show may be genuine, but it was only for the fleeting few months tt they were on the show. There was very little contact between HJ and Hwang Bo after they left WGM.

If you guys really support JoongBo, please try to empathise with them, rather than living in a fantastical world of made-up stories about their "romance". They are not dating each other, but they are both very wonderful artistes in their right.

The entertainment industry in Korea is already very tough. If you're really a fan of HJ and HB, please continue to show them support. And instead of letting your imagination run wild about their so-called romance, please support them in their current endeavours.

I think they are suitable for each other, but you know relationships are not as simple as they appear on TV.

- Ssangchu fan

Anonymous said...

Amen to the SSangchu Fan and to Chonsa~

Guys, it was just WGM, a reality show. Well, yeah, we all loved Joongbo when they were in WGM, but that's over now, face reality. I mean, I still wish that Joongbo was a couple, but I wouldn't go bashing about HJL or HB just because of some scandal that the paparazzi made up. And just because HJL didn't celebrate HB's birthday with her, didn't mean that he didn't call her or text her happy birthday. There's no need to go overboard with arguing and hating just because of that.

If you were a real Joongbo fan (or just SS501's HJL and HB fan), you'd accept the way they are and the way they act.

I wouldn't become an anti-fan just because of this simple matter<3

Haru said...

Very Well said Chonsa!! :). no matter what they do to their respective lives, i'll still support them all the way :) !

livelyf2dmax said...

Hey busy girl!

Hahahaha! "Did the wild thing" that totally made me laugh. But yes, that HK sighting of HJ & friends was totally blown out of proportion. I can't blame Joongboers, such as moi, for feeling a bit sad though. I think it's just a natural reaction. It's like we want and we believe them to be together. So HJ's proximity to other girls posts a threat to that belief. But what keeps me believing are all the things I already know that made me a Joongboer in the 1st place.

Ei Chonsa, enjoy the silence :)

Stay cool.

See ya ard!!!

colloquial said...

Thank you Chonsa.

Anonymous said...

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