Monday, August 3, 2009

Hwang Bo's Arisong

Hwang Bo announced the release of her single in the UK on the 2nd.

Hwang Bo's agency announced that Hwang Bo's latest mini-album 'Arisong' which was released in Korea on the 18th, would be released as a digital single first in Europe.

The club version of Arisong, which was first released on the dance music site in Europe two weeks ago was placed at number two on the single charts, and was made into a remix by musician Postino.

[I'm not too sure of this musician, he doesn't sound familiar to me at all... :(...]

Arisong is recorded entirely in Korean, but was mixed and digitally mastered in London so as to improve on the quality of the music. The cover of the album was also shot in New York.

A representative from her agency also stated that they had plans of releasing the mixed version of Arisong in Korea as well as there was an increase in the interest in house music domestically.



Anonymous said...

Way to go Unni. Love you. Praying for your success.

wildhoney said...

hwangbo's song is #21 in the juno charts!
the song is really good!
go, hwangbo!

libragirl said...

go go Hwangbo! I heard the song. it's really catchy and good! am excited to hear the other ones she'd be releasing.

Anonymous said...

YAY!!! Hwang Bo fighting! Can't wait until the full mini album comes out on the 18th. Just two days after her b-day.

tahrehsi said...

I love it... and I can't wait til her new album comes out. ^__^

feliciana11 said...

Good luck to you HB...Praying for your success you deserve it...Muahhhhh..

feliciana11 said...

Good luck to you HB...Praying for your success you deserve it...Muahhhhh..

yokesoe said...

Good luck to Hwangbo.we always love and support u.

Anonymous said...

Hwang Bo fighting! Loving her latest single! Hoping for lots of success in this album!

Anonymous said...

oh my! HB unnie's getting the buzz the same as her 'shillang'! now who's saying she's not good enuff for HJ oppa, back off!

Anonymous said...

i know you'll make it...^^
love from me n my mom
*to the world!!!*

Anonymous said...

the more i listen to the song, the more i love it and hwangbo soo much ! She really did a fantastic job on singing this song ~

Vane said...

I'm all day singing Arisonghae, Arisonghae lol
and my family just looks at me like saying hey!what r u singing???
I wish the best for her!