Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I just realized that I haven't announced the winners of the MV Contest! My sincere apologies, too many things have happened and it just slipped my mind...

Anyhow!!!!!!! Back to business!!!!

Both Shar and I discussed this very carefully before coming up with this decision... And we're proud to announce that the winner of our choice is......



Now, for the popularity category....

The winner is....

LION HEART!!!!!!!!


Now, on behalf of Shar and me, I'd like to say a very big thank you to everyone who participated by submitting entries and by voting for their favorite MVs! It was fun organizing the contests, and although it didn't go as glitch free as I hoped it would have, I'll think of this as the practice round, and will look forward to the next round of contests we organize!

I'll be contacting winners via email as soon as possible, so watch out for your emails guys!

Once again,

Thank you!!!!!!!!


Chonsa and Sharry


Katty1981 said...

thanks C for posting the winner of the mv contest...fighting!!!

lai-za said...

Thanks for posting the winners guys!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the winners!

Thank you Chonsa and Sharry for coming up with things that sustain our JoongBo spirit!!!


michsann said...

thanks chonsa, sharry & to everyone who voted ;-)

i really wish Hyun Joong will sing Lion Heart in one of his future concerts in Japan.

Anonymous said...

congrats to the winners! and kudos to all the participants.

i hope you come up with more fun activities, chonsa & sharry. =)

Anonymous said...

hehehe thanks for organizing these contests~ all the participants did a really good job and I really enjoyed reading the fics and watching the MVs... I'll look forward to future contests ^o^

bettyforever said...

Thank you for posting the results.

Congratulations also to Michsann for winning the poll category, have known you and followed your works thru soompi.

And to Chonsa & Sharry, I can’t believe my entry won. I am happy that dahaengyida was chosen. I find it satisfying doing something I like to do (MV making), for the 2 people (HB & HJ) I want to do it for, thank you very much.

And just like the rest of us JoongBoers, I will look forward for more fun activities/contests that the 2 of you would come up to.

Now for the love of JOONGBO. . . . Fighting!!!!

thereishope1901 / bettyforever1960