Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm back!

Hey guys sorry for not posting for a while. I have been so busy its ridiculous. Changing careers is not as easy as i thought. But then again its always fun!

As u are all aware Hwangbo has had her comeback and all of the performances have been HOT!

She has been getting a lot of negative press because her performance dress is the same style as shakira's She Wolf outfit.

To me they both carry the outfit completely diferent and netizens are over reacting as always.

for those of you who have not seen Nodaji, Its sooo Funny! Hwangbo is cute and fun as always and the rest of the cast is Hilarious as well. And for us that are Hwangbo AND Kara fans, the moment where hwangbo was acting cute unnie with nicole was priceless!

I will be posting links to download all of hwangbo's performances in regular and Ipod, MP3 format on my goodies blog so u can go there and download ass son as they are up!


Esther said...


Nice to have you back.

And, all the best with your change in career.

You have said it, what is not easy is always fun.

Have fun.

A big fan of your blog

tx said...

i cant find the show..:(

Anonymous said...

Always thank you for the updates. Goodluck in your career.

Noel' said...

YaY! HwangBo! Shes in such great shape. ^^

Anonymous said...

yayyyyyyy nodaji is out and watched :]]]

me happy.

@ tx: look up "nodaji" in youtube. it's there xD

Amanda said...

What is Nodaji about? Can't seem to find it on google..

UnTouch@bLe ^guRL said...

SS501 Are coming to malaysia!!!!!!
unfortunately.....i can't be there in KL coz......huwAAa...working!!
anyway..i do hope u wiLL get the juiciest news eVer whiLe there arE in malaysia doing their DVD photo shoot aNd also fan meeting here.
anyway, i am just informing....and as i u don't know. i am sure u know already! hehehe..silly me.... ><

algelic said...

I love Hwang Bo's performances! So hot!

By the way... I found some new Hwang Bo pictures. I think you should make a post about them!

Haru said...

Yey! your back..!! Updates!! ahh.. im very... well.. i don't know about HB's stage outfit. her wardrobe stylist needs some scolding. im particularly disappointed with artists who have no originality, rip off's etc.. not Hwang Bo's fault though.nevertheless, she still look stunning as ever.


Which reminds me of one of SS501 earlier MV. forgot what song was it, but the concept of the MV is similar to Backstreet Boys "As Long as you love me"

Anonymous said...

tq chonsa!

that's called fashion and its not a crime to have the same idea or interest.. HB looks dashing just like shakira did...