Monday, June 15, 2009

SS501 Solo Projects 1

Hey guys!!! Since most are eager to hear about the boy's solo MV's and the Mini MV Drama here is some news.

There will be preview's all week of their solo songs, starting with Kyu Jong, Hyun Joong, Baby, Saengie and last Jungmin. (Aaa I have to wait till Friday!!!)

Here is Kyu Jong's preview.

AAAA THE MANLINER!!!! He looks too good!!!

I will keep updating as the rest are released during the week.

*Credits: 501dong*


Ashley said...

I'm telling you - if the whole MV is as hot as this part is, we're all going to burn away!! Why so hot, Kyu? :)

jadeopal said...

gee, this guys are getting good, getting hotter..:D whewww! But the eyeliner's too thick:)

Anonymous said...

hahahha... the second i read the article, i knew it was sharry (and her obsession with horsey)

i'm in the love-hate relationship with the manliner.... kyu looks really good, but something is seeting me off... XDDD

"wuss" up? uhh... english problem again ,dsp?

Anonymous said...

KYU!!!! my KYU!!!

this guy is getting hotter by the day! not that im complaining..

Kyu fighting! DoubleS fighting!

so we'll be seeing more manliners!

Anonymous said...

I love you KJ but his look in this MV just pissed me off! WTF is wrong w/ their stylist and crew? He looks like a dyke who just came out from the closet and says, wassup?!