Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hyun Joong: Hospitalization reports unfounded

Hyun Joong's agency has come forward with regards to the news that he was hospitalized, explaining that the reports were unfounded.

News that his scheduled event in Thailand was to be rescheduled to August caused much concern and interest as to the reason why it was postponed to a later date, as the media had reported that Hyun Joong was admitted to the hospital due to fatigue.

However, the agency explained that Hyun Joong only received out patient treatment on the 8th for his back pain, and that the rescheduling of their event to August was due to the fact that there were complications that arose because of the flight bookings.

Hyun Joong was also unable to get his much needed rest after the filming of KPN, and he is now resting.

Hyun Joong will resume his schedules next week with the filming of a CF, and will be practicing with the rest of the boys in preparation for their upcoming Asia Tour.

*Credits: Nate.com*


hanitha said...

he needs hwangbo buin to look after his health, no doubt about it..

Anonymous said...

FINALLY!hes resting!thank god
I hope hes alright

Anonymous said...

According to allkpop, DSP said that HJ goes to the hospital daily to get injections because he's so tired. How is that healthy/acceptable!?

Please rest, HJ, because poor Buin will worry herself sick over you.

Anonymous said...

Why do I feel uneasy about this? Are they hiding something from the public? The news were conflicting.

I hope HJ is ok. I hope his back pain not as terrible as Alex's where even sitting up is painful.

Get well HJ! You dont have to hurry, we will patiently wait for you.